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Create, translate, and navigate without limits. Hello #GalaxyTabS3 with S Pen.

Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Mobile USA
03/23/2017 at 21:40. Facebook
11/10 would set as lock screen. #GalaxyS7
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See what vacation is like from a kids-eye view.

What a Child Actually Sees on Vacation
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Redefine what you can do with one device. Introducing the #GalaxyTabS3.

Galaxy Tab S3
Memories may fade, but your contact list will haunt you forever. #GalaxyS7edge
Bub’s helping you meet your fitness goals. A+ doggo. #GearFit2
Which side are you on? #GalaxyS7
| GIPHY transforms GIFs to art in their VR museum “MoGa.”

Giphy Just Launched a VR Museum of GIF Art - VRScout
Gotta store ‘em all. #GalaxyS7
Historic graffiti spot “The Batcave” is being transformed into an art hub.
Ain’t no betrayal like a Netflix betrayal. #GalaxyS7edge
Music stored *on your headphones*= next level. #GearIconX
☁➡ | Residents of Lima, Peru solve their water shortage their own way.
Late night work or… nah. #GalaxyS7edge with Easy Mute.
Just roll with it. #Gear360
Want to learn more about the White Helmets? Ride along with them in VR.
It's a big world out there. Experience it with the Daily 360 from The New York Times and the Gear VR.