Take it all in, then get back to the game. #PAXEast2017.
Color, brightness, contrast, and a perfect picture quality at almost any angle. This is the QLED TV. #SAMSUNGxCES2017
This is the thinnest, lightest, and one of the most powerful PCs we've ever made. We call it the Notebook 9. #SAMSUNGxCES2017
The calm before the crowd. #SAMSUNGxCES2017 Day 3 starts now.
Game on.

Stop and stare. #SAMSUNGxCES2017 Day 2 starts now.
HDR + anti-glare + advanced cooling = a serious gaming machine. This is the Samsung Notebook Odyssey.
smsng.us/Odyssey #SAMSUNGxCES2017
Sleeker. Slimmer. Smarter. Meet the POWERbot VR7000.

[ Smsng.us Link ] #SAMSUNGxCES2017
Welcome to #SAMSUNGxCES2017. Look around, tell us what you're most excited for.
We've got a *lot* to talk about. Be here tomorrow at 2 PM PST. #SAMSUNGxCES2017

CES 2017 Samsung Press Conference

CES 2017 Samsung Press Conference

Recall Update: We’re investigating every aspect of our manufacturing, engineering and quality control processes. Here’s where things stand: [ Smsng.us Link ]
Top-Load Washers Safety Recall: We are launching a voluntary recall in collaboration with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Your safety is our top priority. See here for all details on the recall program: .

Important Information Concerning Your Top Load Washer

The #Gear360 view of #RyderCup was out of this world! Congrats on re-claiming the title, Ryder Cup USA.
What a week at the Ryder Cup! Thanks to all who stopped by the Samsung Experience. *golf clap*
We’re here at the Ryder Cup and ready for some match play. We’ll keep you in the loop all weekend! #Gear360