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#ToughLove #YediyurLake #BioDiversityWall
Thanks for the pictures Rakesh Rav :)

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Thank you Reema :)

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Happy World Puppy Day :)

#Adopt #Adopt #Adopt

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Facebook Office :) Samyukta Hornad
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‘FIRE’ – ‘Film Industry for Rights & Equality’:

Our new association & necessary step in making Kannada Film Industry (KFI) a safe, healthy work space for all its members.

[ Link ]

Thanks Sunayana Suresh
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Happy World Gubachi Dayyyy! :)
Come to Yediyur lake this 23rd March and be a part of Baanadi Marali Baa Gudige project and check out lots and lots of birds in the first bio diversity bird wall. :) Also, you can get free sparrow nests. Love from Eco brain and Watchers India trust. Seeee youuuuu :) #WorldSparrowDay #worldenvironmentday

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#Forward #2

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#Shuddhi is a good blend of real-life n fiction put together so seamlessly by Adarsh Eshwarappa and team. Gripping. Love love loved the ending, the cinematography and the music. Great job you guys! All the very best. :)

Shashank Purushotham Sanchari Vijay Ajay Rao Shuddhi
Dashing through the snow... #snowbiking #OvernightSnowfall #Midnight #Adventure #TBT
Yediyur Lake :)
23rd March

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Thank you Sunayana Suresh

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Thank you Tejaswini Kranthi
Mayartha Photography
It's so hard to be humane in the world today. But this is the kinda of movie that will make you think... Cry... Laugh and then leaves you a better person. You will want your kids to watch it and then they will make their kids watch it. The world needs more of this. Thank God for good cinema and good people. I had the privilege of watching this movie... I couldn't stop crying and laughing the...
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Ladiessss! :)
Thank you Shilpa Ganesh ma'am!

Malavika Avinash Radhika Pandit Sunayana Suresh Priyanka Upendra Nabha Natesh Ragini Chandran Harshika Poonacha Sri Vidya Murali Sangeetha Jo Akul Samyukta Hornad
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Killing me softly from inside out.
Who's your poison?

#SamyuktaDoodles #Poison #KillingMeSoftly
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pick flowers over fights.

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Sooo, February just March-ed away waiting to see if April May. Let's see. :) #Gunda

Photography: Lohit Raj

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