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Have you seen our new giant crane exhibit? ????
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Sibling spot cleaners. (video by Maureen O'Duryee)
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Kenny isn't your average crab, he's a little (coco)nuts! As the largest living arthropod in the world, coconut crabs are also called robber crabs because they're known to steal things from people on the beach.
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Turn up the volume for #NationalPuppyDay! Singing dogs use their tuneful howling to communicate. Share a photo or video of your pooch in the comments.
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Caption contest! We'll turn our favorite into a meme. (: Mollie Rivera)
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We're tickled pink with the start of spring.
Check out the decorative touch on this hummingbird nest. Martha Stewart would be proud. (photo by Ion Moe)
Parenting is hard, but everyone lends a hand in colobus society. A new infant at the Zoo means our group is practicing their skills.
My, what big teeth you have! Can you name the species? (: Liz Sauer)
Join us for fun under the sun during Yaycation presented by National University. [ Link ]
Koalas sleep 18-22 hours a day to conserve energy. These Aussies are koalafied nap experts. #NationalNappingDay
Just a few black & white pics of black & white bears. You're welcome.
It's Caturday! Let's celebrate with a shot of Stoli (the lynx) . : Deric Wagner
With his hipster hairdo, elfish ears, and the face of a wrinkled (yet adorable) gnome, Ajani gets all the attention he deserves.
Throwing it back to 2012 and 2 bundles of jaguar joy. As jaguar numbers decline, each birth in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) helps to establish an assurance population for animals in danger of becoming extinct.
Ramil is a sharp snow leopard. He came to the Zoo in 2014 with a chronic eye problem and was trained to receive daily eye drops for treatment. Unfortunately, his condition progressed to glaucoma and topical medications were no longer effective. To ensure Ramil's comfort and overall health, veterinarians removed his left eye last month. We're happy to report that Ramil has been recovering...
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Klip klip hooray! There's a new klipspringer calf in the Kopje.
The world is a much better place when we all work together. Resolve to do one thing for wildlife today and every day. What's your pledge?