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Estrella is still working on her manners. (photo: Deric Wagner)
San Diego Zoo
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Lights, camera, animal action. ZooKeeper Rick and our animal ambassadors paid a visit to Hollywood Today Live. Check out all the on-camera cuteness: [ Link ]
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Veterinary technicians are vital to animal care. Help us thank them for their talent & dedication. ➑
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The weekend forecast calls for rain, so grab your β˜”! No crowds & unusual animal activity make rainy day visits totally worth it. Share your tips for visiting in the rain. (#tbt by Mollie Rivera)
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An unusual species has moved into Lucy & Orion's Skyfari West exhibit.
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Get your gerenooki on this Valentine's Day. (photo by Deric Wagner)
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When you just can't seem to get comfy... (video by Liz Sauer)
Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. β€” Dalai Lama ( Mike Wilson)
Tatqiq is making new strides in her fitness training & contributing to valuable research.
Have a wu-underful night.
(photo: Mollie Rivera)
True or false: The mountain lion has the largest range of any terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere. ( Paul Manaig)
With nearly 3,000 species, from air plants to pineapples, bromeliads are a beautiful bunch. Learn more: [ Link ]
A day at the Zoo always goes by too fast.
Caturday Stoli. Shaken, Not Stirred.
(: Deric Wagner)
Moving on up! The new home for our African s is taking shape.
This one is for all the cat guardians who struggle to get their house cat into the carrier: [ Link ]
Baby Estrella is our Wild Wednesday "star" ⭐. Hint: turn the volume up for bonus squeaks.
Valerio is today's Tongue Out Tuesday winner. (: Craig Chaddock)
Squirrels are the rebels of the animal kingdom. Rules mean NOTHING to them. ( by Liz Sauer)
Moms everywhere can relate.