Shout-out to our silverback stud, Winston. Tag your main man in the comments. : Helene Hoffman
Live on the edge this Caturday. (: Penny Hyde)
Unique animal behavior and less crowds aren't the only benefits of a rainy season visit. The World Gardens are exploding with color and life. ☔
Happy Valentine's Day, no matter who you choose to love. ❤ (: Mike Wilson)
Shout-out to our world-class staff for taking amazing care of our family.
Wildlife gurus, name the species. #WhatIsItWednesday (: Mike Wilson)
The cubs have names! Meet Tombi (means "girl" in Zulu) & Ilangha (means "sunshine" in Zulu). : Todd Lahman
Guess who is now viewable in the nursery from 9am-5pm. ????
Sweet dreams San Diego. (: Jess Spence)
Izu's not really digging his windswept mane look. (: Todd Lahman)
*rawr* (: Anita Ross)
Our little "batman" has a name! Say hello to Lucas. ???? (: Jess Spence)
Good news for grandma Vila. After a challenging exam, doctors say her heart is doing great.
Mama on duty (: Mike Wilson)
We need volunteers! Put your passion for wildlife to work. Details: [ Link ]
You need more in your life. (: Ion Moe)
Our little bat man now weighs 73g and is eating a mixture of puree & formula. (: Julie Anderson)
There’s a new “miracle baby” at the nursery—and this time, it has wings.
The Swahili word for lion, simba, also means "king," "strong," and "aggressive." (: Paul E.M.)
Last year we burned over $1 million worth of rhino horn to send a strong message to poachers and consumers--wildlife trafficking will not be tolerated. [ Link ]