There’s a new “miracle baby” at the nursery—and this time, it has wings.
The Swahili word for lion, simba, also means "king," "strong," and "aggressive." (: Paul E.M.)
Last year we burned over $1 million worth of rhino horn to send a strong message to poachers and consumers--wildlife trafficking will not be tolerated. [ Link ]
The Safari Park is closing early today due to extreme weather conditions.
It's a whole new world for Taj the explorer.
A "jewel" was added to our rhino family. Help us welcome Taj!
Leslie has a tight grip on life. (: Todd Lahman)
Can you handle the Caturday cuteness? : Debbie Beals
A recent survey found that cheetah populations are in steep decline. Be a hero for wildlife & join our fight to end extinction.
Spend lunchtime with our spunky spotted sisters.
Catch up with these cute kittens tomorrow! We'll be live at noon.
The family is one of nature's masterpieces. - George Santayana (: Jenny Loren)
There are many theories about the function of a caracal's ear tufts. Can you name one? (: Dorothy Sutherland)
Like we said, Leslie is a handful. (: Todd Lahman)
Before we bid farewell to Vine, here are some 6-second memories we won't forget.
Stick your neck out for wildlife in 2017. Name one way you plan on helping wildlife this year. (: Jenny Loren)
We can't say goodbye to 2016 without recapping some of our most memorable moments. Cheers to the new year!
Throwing back to Vila's 59th birthday bash a few months ago.
Isoka is 1 of our Cheetah Run stars. He came to us in 2014 with his brother Okubi. Their mother is a King cheetah, which is a rare genetic variation giving cheetahs a larger stature and stripes. Since Isoka and Okubi are only half King cheetah, they don't have stripes but they are large and have interesting markings. : Mike Wilson
Thanks for joining us in the fight against extinction to ensure that faces like this never disappear. Happy Holidays!