Santa Monica Pier
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ROGA this Saturday! Getting your mind, body and soul worked out this week is Cristi Christensen. PS, Please remember to bring your own mat.

RSVP: [ Link ]

8AM RUN: Meet at the top of the Pier ramp
9AM YOGA: All the way at the end of the Pier

Full ROGA schedule:
Your ROGA pals can't wait to see you this Saturday!

On the off chance that you don't spend St. Patty's Day eating salad and doing jumping jacks, ROGA returns Saturday (Run + Yoga = ROGA with Sara Falugo) morning with a redemptive series of FREE yoga and run groups. I know it's a stretch (yoga puns), but we'll save you a spot.

Great views, great peeps, no judgment, just fun.

Full lineup...
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Vintage VW rally happening now @ the Pier before STEAM machines 2017 innovation fair. Come lust if you're in the area!

This Sunday 11AM-4:30PM is the 4th Annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest and innovation fair at the Pier. Come learn, play and make a day of it at the Pier.

RSVP & Info: STEAM machines 2017
Wanna see a robot put on a bandaid?

This Sunday 11AM-4:30PM is the 4th Annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest and innovation fair at the Pier. Come learn, play and make a day of it at the Pier.

Come see 11 teams battle it out and get your mind blown by a panel of innovators from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Valve virtual reality and more! Oh, and of course there will be robots!

Free! More...
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Welcome to LA’s 4th Annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest and celebration of S.T.E.A.M. - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Launching at 11:00am, S.T.E.A.M. will entertain, enlighten, and mesmerize in three ways: a Path to Innovation Panel hosting brilliant galactic and scientific minds, an Innovation Exhibition presenting a wonderland of experiential and groundbreaking...
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STEAM machines 2017

Need a last-minute Valentine's idea? Come test your love at the Pier!
Shopping can get sooooo boring. Except when it's.....ODD. Come peruse the independent artisans, pop-up shop-keeps, vintage wares and funky stuff at the Odd Market at Santa Monica Pier. Curiosities, bites, music, and all the usual Pier fun beckons.
Tomorrow, 6-7PM! Pro/Con at The Pier – To Legalize or Not? (Prop 64)

Since there's nothing more awkward than talking to your dad about this, we brought America's Dad, Alan Thicke from Growing Pains, to sit you on his knee and help you figure it out. If it gets weird, you can always go play a little catch in the yard afterwards. Ironically, he’s Canadian.

MODERATOR | Alan Thicke Official
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Teton Gravity Research is back at Front Porch Cinema with their newest ski and snowboard film, Tight Loose. Come celebrate 21 years of massive air and shredding the gnar from India to Alaska in the most spectacular mountains on earth. Get pumped on the trailer HERE [ Link ]

Bonus Freebies! Everyone in attendance will get a free lift ticket to Crested Butte Mountain Resort (valid...
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Yes I'd like to go to college. Wait, how much? You mean every year? But it'll pay off in the end, right? Learn more tomorrow at Pro/Con at The Pier – Cost of education: Is college worth it?

MODERATOR | Maureen Langan
A former PBS and Bloomberg TV journalist, and now host of a weekly radio show on KGO in San Francisco.

PRO | Michelle Herczog
The immediate Past President of the National...
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A crystal ball and a bunch of David Bowie wigs? What could that be for?.....(exactly)

Tonight! Front Porch Cinema - Labyrinth, 30th Anniversary
This Friday: How much talent can you pack into one film? Directed by Jim Henson, produced by George Lucas, and starring an intensely-gazing crystal-ball-flinging David Bowie alongside a young Jennifer Connelly. Prepare yourself for 80's weirdness, epic puppets, upside-down stairs, silly suspense and your recommended dose of vitamin B-owie. Deets: Front Porch Cinema - Labyrinth, 30th...
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Get smarter? 4 free?

Election Training Continues this Tuesday: RSVP @ Pro/Con at The Pier – Death penalty time to repeal? (Prop 62)

Oooch, unpleasant topic. Totally with you, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't understand it. I know it's way easier to go watch Top Chef and you've got laundry to fold, but we'll get through this together, sweaty palms and all.

Moderator | Senator Ben...
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This Friday: There's nothing more romantic than gazing into the night sky and seeing the Deathstar twinkling in the distance, preparing to destroy our planet. Come see Harrison Ford & Carrie Fischer match wits with new gen stars Oscar Isaac and Lupita Nyong'o in the most recent chapter of everyone's favorite space odyssey. Deets: Front Porch Cinema - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Science stud...
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TUES, 6-7, FREE, West End of the Pier. RSVP - Pro/Con at The Pier – GMOs should we care?

PRO/CON is the newest non-partisan debate series to make us a little smarter before the elections

MODERATOR: Kamy Akhavan, President of, a nonpartisan research organization serving 25 million people.

PRO: Dave Murphy, Founder and Executive Director of Food Democracy Now, a grassroots...
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Ok LA food fans. The man, the myth, Pulitzer-prize winning food writer Jonathan Gold is coming to chow down with us and do a Q&A at tonight’s free Front Porch Cinema - City of Gold screening!

Stare at him while he eats a taco. Watch as his superhuman taste-buds reverse engineer the molecular composition. Will he find delicious Salt & Straw ice cream too salty? Or fantastic Filipino fusion...
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LA FOOD FLICK FIESTA: Free screening of City of Gold + Salt and Straw ice cream + media darling Guerilla Tacos + buzzy Filipino fusion Belly & Snout this Friday! Deets: Front Porch Cinema - City of Gold
Ready for real talk?

PRO/CON is a non-partisan debate series designed to better inform public discourse on ballot measures and current issues. supplies experts from both sides of the issue and a neutral moderator to facilitate discussion and reinvigorate the art of critical thinking.

Marijuana: To Legalize or Not?

MODERATOR: Alan Thicke, 7-time Emmy winning...
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Pro/Con at The Pier – To Legalize or Not? (Prop 64)