Sara Lee Australia
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Dessert sorted.
Sara Lee is the best way to celebrate St Patricks day.. to be sure, to be sure ;)
You want a piece of me?
Feel like quiet night in? Sara Lee is the perfect company to join you whilst you relax and settle in.
Have you tried our award winning Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cheesecake? We've given you the excuse, now you just need to enjoy it.
Spoon, fork or spork? Which is the RIGHT way in your household?
Have you tried our all new, award winning crunchy cheesecake range? You won't stop at just one...

Sara Lee Australia
You heard it here first! Our Crunchy Cheesecake range WON Product of the Year for the entire dessert category. We know how we'll be celebrating
Don't skimp on dessert this Valentine's Day, spoil your loved one with a Chocolate & Orange Crunchy Cheesecake.
That feeling when you don't skimp on dessert. Have you tried our Crunchy Cheesecake range? Which is your favourite flavour?
Skimp on your dance moves, but never on dessert.
Did we skimp on the list? What other towns would you add for our Obama lookalike to pronounce?
Skimp on your pet lookalikes, but never on dessert.
Skimp on your jokes, but never on dessert.
What will your first dessert of 2017 be?
Skimp on your celebrity Season’s Greetings but never skimp on your season’s eatings.
It can look the part, and act the part, but when it comes to dessert, make sure it tastes the part.
Some things just sell themselves.