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Happy ChanuCAKES and Merry ChristMASS!
Gain muscle instead of fat this holiday season.
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I was able to fix my air squat. One of my proudest achievements of 2016

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Struggling to eat your veggies?

Here are 3 Ways to Sneak Veggies into your diet...

I like reason number 2 ... well, 'cause I got instant breadification!

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I work on my mobility and weaknesses a lot. I take my training seriously and always strive to become better. I know what I want to achieve, and I'm mentally strong enough to overcome any obstacles along the way.

Banded SA ER // Banded SA horizontal abduction // shoulder dislocates // auto-assisted shoulder stretch //
3 x [10 SA seated arnold press 20lbs // HBH 45s //...
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Easy Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

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Leg & Core workout:

3x10 Seated Straddle circles (cw & ccw)
3x10 Sliding Pike Ups (I used my rowing machine)
3x10 Air Squats
3x10 BB Front Squats
3x20 DB Front Rack Deficit Reverse alternating Lunges

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Building a foundation. That means consistently doing movements that will help you achieve your goals.

Prostretch calves & hams // SA banded horizontal abduction supinated grip // Inch Worm to Yoga Pose //
Seated piriformis stretch// SL Glute Bridge // SL RDL // SA OH reverse lunges // Pistol Squats

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OmiGosh! It's BSN Christmas!
I'm excited to have a NEW WARDROBE for my social media videos! I feel very grateful to be part of an elite team!
The cats love the commotion and of course, the box.
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Lately, I've been revisiting the basics and doing lighter volume work. Preparing my body for what comes next.

Scapular Wall Slides // Banded Clamshells // Air Squats // BB Back Squats // BB Walking Lunges

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You know you should have green stuff on your plate.
How about a motherload of BS?
BS = brussels sprouts
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I've challenged my TeamSS to learn how to properly execute the air squat! We will be working on this in my VIP TeamSS group! JoinTeamSS.com

#TeamSS #AirSquatChallenge
Filming SA OH reverse lunges and suddenly Coco flings in front of the video camera with a humpty back.
I think this is what is meant by the CrossFit expression "training for the unknown and the unknowable".

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Watch NOW: [ Youtube.com Link ]

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