Learning handstands has been a slow process for me... it's easy to get discouraged and is sure does require tremendous patience. Some days are better than others. Instead of focusing on what I can't do, I'm focusing on what I can do! I'm pleased that I'm able to kick into a free-standing handstand (no wall) and hold it, even if it's only for 6 seconds.That's progress! Plus, handstands are a...
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Search for the GOLDEN SHAKER!

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Interesting read...
Fasting diet 'regenerates diabetic pancreas'

Fasting diet 'regenerates diabetic pancreas' - BBC News

Think you have to give up pizza when dieting? NOT ANYMORE!!! Thanks to my...
This is a great way to trick yourself into wanting to eat more vegetables!
Just 4 ingredients! So easy & good! You have to make it!
It's 250 calories and loaded with 37g of protein!
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Make your bed. Especially on #SelfieSunday!

Still loving intermittent fasting and flexible dieting. I like that it works conveniently with my schedule and that it's sustainable because I'm not hungry and I don't have to give up chocolate or bread. Plus the health benefits are a nice bonus.

My system fatlossfastsystem.com
Have you ever used portobello mushrooms instead of hamburger buns?

Don't prejudge the mushroom buns! Check out my recipe ideas
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Aha! I found a beauty trick to make it look like I make an effort ... well, cuz, I don't make much effort when it comes to makeup... especially because I train every day... so my hair and make-up is pretty much a messy ponytail and some mascara.

I'm not willing to get lash extensions (sorry, just not my jam). But I compromised and got a lash lift. They are all my lashes... only more luscious....
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When I do my split squats (these really make me grunt and sweat) I start with my weaker leg. If I can only do 65#x8 on the weaker side (even though I could do more on the stronger side), I stop at 8 reps on the strong side. Sometimes I'll do an additional set with the weak side to help fix the strength imbalance.

I've been working on positive self-talk during training. It's really helping me...
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I've made these every day this week! If you haven't made my protein chocolate stuffed strawberries yet, you are missing out BIG TIME!

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I totally nailed #FlexFriday!

Air Squat Guide: [ Drsarasolomon.com Link ]
What are the 5 best supplements to help you kick butt with strength, power and endurance?

I'm currently taking numbers 3, 4 and 5 in this list. I'm not yet taking 1 or 2. How about you?

Here's the list [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Fruit Parfait!

Satisfy your sweet tooth and your "crunch" tooth.

High in Protein & Fibre!

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I discovered how to slow down time

If you think a minute goes by quickly, then try holding a hollow or arch body hold for 60 seconds.
It will be the longest minute of your life.
It's a 7 out of 10 on the NUS (numeric unpleasant scale)
But I do it anyway 3 sets each...it's like eating broccoli... it's good for you.

Today's accessory training: hanging lat push downs // air squats (bare...
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I used to love peanut butter and banana sandwiches when I was a little girl.

I just recaptured my childhood with:
โœ…a whole wheat bagel
โœ…a sliced banana
โœ…Peanut Butter Cookie flavoured protein powder (I used BSN Syntha-6 Edge)

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Negative self talk ... the first step is awareness. I'm aware I have been doing this during my training sessions. I am going to break this habit! This week, I've been focusing on saying positive thoughts to myself during my training sessions... and I've been really enjoying my training this week! I'm getting stronger!

youtube vlogs: youtube.com/sarasolomon
snapchat: drsarasolomon
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OMG this purse looks like my Protein Chocolate Bar Recipe!

See for yourself!
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OMG this purse looks like my Protein Chocolate Bar Recipe!
Because I did it even when I didn't feel like doing it.
Because disliking it was subordinated to the strength of its purpose.

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It's #TeammateTuesday ... although this could also be a #WomanCrushWednesday or a #ThrowbackThursday!

Fellow @bodybuildingcom athlete, @ashley.horner is a phenomenal athlete, businesswoman and a mother to 3 boys. We snapped this photo a few years ago at the Olympia... we had a contest to see who could eat more protein bars in 2 minutes. It was pure chewicide for us . If I recall correctly, I...
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