My 10 Best Practices for losing fat
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If someone had told me this time last year that I would be able to snatch, I never would have believed it. This time last year, I had so many imbalances, weaknesses, and mobility restrictions that I couldn't even squat without knee pain. There are no words to describe the impact that a growing list of physical achievements could have on my life. I'm not the same person I was 10 months ago....
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Here's round 10 of the 17.5 CrossFit Open workout. The thrusters killed me...all 90 of them. Thank goodness for the double unders. I was a very sweaty darth breather with snot bubbles and I talked out loud to myself a lot and found that whimpering and grunting helped... . There were so many times I wanted to quit. But I didn't.

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Holy Chocolate Pudding!!
Armi Fernandez from my #TeamSS just made my CHOCOLATE AVOCADO PROTEIN PUDDING! Would you like some?
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You often see me doing front rack rear foot elevated split squats. With the front rack position, I feel it more in my quads. Today, I did the split squats with 2 kettlebells at my sides. You can see from the side view (when Bean isn't blocking me) how I position myself to emphasize my "buttstrings". It worked. Did 5 sets of 10 per leg. Good times! I give split squats a 10/10 on the NUS...
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Check out the new updated nutrition labels
I like that the serving sizes are now based on the amounts people typically consume, rather than on how much they *should* consume. Read more [ Link ]

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Happy #FlexFriday!

Have you seen my ab wheel rollouts video tutorial? [ Link ]

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Coach Gys taught me the Jefferson today. It's an opener. It teaches hip external rotation torque.
I realize I look like I'm going to explode.
I give it a 9.5 out of 10 on the NUS (numeric unpleasant scale).
I already started editing the Jefferson footage for my next vlog because I know you have questions.
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Holy Muffins!
Armi Fernandez from my #TeamSS just made my protein chocolate chip banana muffins! Her food styling is inviting you to have a muffin, eh?
βœ… Make these muffins too. Kids love them! Here’s the recipe [ Link ] β€Ž
This was tiring #Punderstand?

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Bean is a starboy and I grunt a lot when I train because it helps ... it's called gruntifical force. Try it.
Check out the descent of my air squat ... my hamstrings win the most improved award! Strong hamstrings are the new knee sleeves!

Have you seen this week's YouTube Vlog? [ Link ]
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WAHHHH! TeamSS just got official!

NOW AVAILABLE! But only for 3 weeks!

There are 5 different styles with different colour options (more than what you see in this photo).

So far, the black muscle tank is the best seller. I got it in small, and I also got the sweat shirt in black (medium ... because I like it a bit looser).

It's so hard to decide!!! Which one(s) will you get?

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I ❀ this #BSN outfit!

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Handstands make you better at everything!

It's much easier to do handstands when you're not being terrorized by siamese cats (the cats were napping). The wall walks were brutal... I did 4 in a row and my brain exploded out my ear! Try them and comment below to let me know how many you can do before you brain explodes out your ear.

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My snapchat:...
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I did 64 unbroken double unders in 30 seconds

TRY Buddy Lee's double under challenge! It's a great performance goal! If you can't do double unders, then do your max single unders in 30 seconds.

Learn how to execute double unders β€œthe right way” … watch my quick tutorial on #bodybuildingcom [ Link ]

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In this advanced workout video, I take you through an intense jump rope tabata workout. Only do it If you want to burn all kinds of calories, even after the 4 minute workout is over!

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Log off and go train!
βœ…Do my 5 Minute Bodyweight Workout [ Link ]

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I enjoyed this couplet...

5 rounds of:
β€’ 5 chin-ups
β€’ Deadlifts 135lbs x 10 reps

I don't always train fasted (it depends on my schedule). Sometimes I train in a fed state in the evening, and my post-workout meal is my biggest meal. Lately I've been drinking BSN R3Build Edge post-workout (strawberry-orange flavour), which has BCAAs, glutamine and creatine. So far so good. I love getting...
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Holy Cookies!
Armi Fernandez from my #TeamSS just made my protein flourless peanut butter cookies! Her food styling is inviting you to have a cookie, eh?
βœ… Make these cookies too. Here’s the recipe [ Link ]
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