Fixing Pain, Weaknesses & Imbalances
If you have nagging injuries and/or you are struggling to get stronger, then this VLOG is for you. Learn about imbalances and how to fix them. Thanks for subscribing!
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NEW VLOG Fixing Pain Weaknesses Imbalances If you have nagging injuries andor
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I've spent the past 2 weeks working on my next VLOG and it's releasing tomorrow (Sunday). It's for people with nagging injuries and/or who are struggling to get stronger. I think it's my most important VLOG to date. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

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Ive spent the past 2 weeks working on my next VLOG and

Dr. Sara Solomon
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⚠ My new VLOG about identifying & fixing muscle imbalances will launch tomorrow (SUNDAY) on my subscribe so you won't miss it! #BestVlogEver

I'm thrilled that my posterior chain is getting stronger. My back squats look significantly better than last week. No knee pain either! And my left scapular stability is improving ... my floor press no longer looks like a train...
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Arlene Hansen
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Jure Bolotin
Happy #FlexFriday! Get after your split squats!!!
Happy FlexFriday Get after your split squats
Chelsea See ChuLeta DeMaria
Kareem Waziry
Feeling stronger and more balanced. Makes sense considering they are related. I knew my muscle imbalances were holding me back. My new VLOG about muscle imbalances will launch this weekend on my subscribe so you won't miss it!

How funny was Bean at the beginning of this video? He's doing StrongCat training . You can follow Bean on his instagram [ Link...
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Heather La Palme
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I keep showing up. That seems to be working for me.
Trying to drag a rubber tire on rubber mats is like trying to ride a tricycle with square tires uphill.
Oh, I worked on editing my new training youtube VLOG about muscle imbalances. It's loaded with tons of unsexy exercises. I'll be releasing it later this week so subscribe or else _________????

My training youtube vlogs:...
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Sarah Harrett
This is my favourite version of my Protein Candy Bar Recipe!

It tastes like Reese Peanut Butter Baking Chips. It's high in protein and you can eat it all for ~250 calories!

Make it today! [ Link ]

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Michelle Lyru
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Very proud moment for me... It took me a year, but I met my goal... to be able to do 10 strict pull-ups.
My handstands are improving, and I was able to do 3 strict handstand push-ups today. Deadlift form felt good at 185 lbs.

⚠ I feel that this video is very misleading. It's filled with all the sexy stuff I did today, but what you didn't see was all the unsexy stuff I did. I spend way more...
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Ashley Duncan
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Armi Fernandez from my TeamSS (best Team Ever!) made my

Protein Nachos & Chocolate Dip!

This is a delicious way to sneak more protein into your diet.


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Armi Fernandez from my TeamSS best Team Ever made my
Trudy Moore
Zee Hal
All the posterior chain work is paying off... my knees feel much better. I'm making an effort to think of loading my posterior chain (when squatting and even during my activities of daily living) to take the pressure off my knees. I'm concentrating on initiating my squat by shooting my hips back first, and then I'm concentrating on using my hamstrings as I descend, and not letting myself...
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Jennifer Decker
Trapper Getliftn Jones
Nutra Saúde
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Kerrie-Lynn Christie Webb
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Fitness Strike
Had a blast training with my mom and the cats. We are working on fixing our imbalances together.
I worked on my weak point training today: stiff leg deadlifts and split squats to target my posterior chain. Also seen in this video are banded pull-aparts and shoulder openers. I filmed a bunch of stuff for my next VLOG about my weak point training . The good news is that I'm no longer hiding a...
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Sandi Nibarger Bassett
Robert Tengler
Star Balt
Social media...the place where everyone shows their highlight reel. I'll show you the real reel.

I'm in the process of correcting 40 years worth of movement patterns that created imbalances. What's weak? My right hamstring/glute and my left lat/oblique. For 40 years, I compensated in deleterious ways ... basically, my quads ate my ass and my upper traps ate my lats . The result was knee pain...
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Aileen VanBoven
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#FlashbackFriday and #FlexFriday all at the same once

p.s. I'm on snapchat: username is drsarasolomon
FlashbackFriday and FlexFriday all at the same once
Deborah Sprouse
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Jonathan Weisgerber
Today's session: Stiff Leg Deadlifts, Landmine Rows, Deadlifts and Chin-ups. I have imbalanced strength, so I'm working on getting strong in the right places. For me, that's my glutes, hamstrings, lats and obliques. Do you know where your weak points are?

air squat tutorials: [ Link ]
intermittent fasting tutorials:
youtube vlogs:...
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Trapper Getliftn Jones
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Try my Peanut Butter Cups Recipe!
High in protein, low in carbs and very easy to make.
Get the recipe here [ Link ]
Get my intermittent fasting system here [ Link ]

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People who stick to their goals don't let their emotions dictate their actions.

air squat tutorials: [ Link ]

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People who stick to their goals don't let their emotions dictate their actions
Sometimes it's not about doing more than last time. It about doing it better.

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Just created an Instagram account for my silly cats: Follow here

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Nancy Bonet
Gaining weight is cool
2014 ~120 lbs
2017 ~145 lbs
It wasn't until I shifted my goals towards performance and away from aesthetics that I was actually able to significantly change my physique. Performance goals, in my opinion, are more sustainable. Speaking of sustainable, I eat double the amount of calories I did in 2014. And yes, I'm still an intermittent faster.

Here are some of my...
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Gaining weight is cool 2014 120 lbs 2017 145 lbs It wasnt
Curtis Smith
Cindy Malec Garwood
Christiana Marie
I was on the struggle bus for the past 2 workouts. But I know all of my work adds up. Looking forward to tomorrow's workout.

air squat tutorials: [ Link ]
intermittent fasting tutorials:
youtube vlogs:

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