#ThrowbackThursday to the time I was a #DarkAngel in a BeDazzler bikini that was so BeDazzling it would have seared your corneas right off. #HatersBackOff

p.s. I inconsistently snap on snapchat, so if inconsistent snappers are your jam, then I'm your gal: drsarasolomon
ThrowbackThursday to the time I was a DarkAngel in a BeDazzler bikini
Trapper Getliftn Jones
Burrell A. Jackson
I'm learning how to breathe and keep my obliques braced "at the same once" . So the strategy is to talk. So what do we talk about? Cereal & Pizza! Favourite guilty pleasure cereal? for me it's Frosted Flakes and for Coach Gys it's Fruit Loops. We both like our pizza crust as thin as a bat's ear. How about you? Thin or thick crust? Guilty pleasure cereal? Comment below!

p.s. I don't diet. I...
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Carey Hummel
Kathy Pearson
Lissa Jay
This past year, I completely rewrote my entire Fat Loss Fast System from scratch, and it’s finally ready and packaged into 1 e-Book

This is the ultimate guide to learning the HOW and WHY of intermittent fasting and flexible dieting. You will learn a sustainable way to improve your body composition (increase muscle and decrease fat). You will also learn why you should NOT diet and how to...
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This past year I completely rewrote my entire Fat Loss Fast System
Heather Gabriel
Lindsey White
Stephanie Bucolo
Cauliflower Mashed Fauxtatoes!

My favourite recipe, EVER! #Gamechanging

[ Drsarasolomon.com Link ]
Cauliflower Mashed Fauxtatoes 

My favourite recipe EVER Gamechanging
"I don't think it's the win that feels good. I think it's the hard work paying off that feels better" ~Mat Fraser, Fittest Man on Earth.

I have been glued to this "Mat Fraser: The Making of A Champion" series on #Bodybuildingcom. I've watched all 10 episodes, and even re-watched a few. Fabulous motivation! Wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!!!

#TeamBodybuildingcom Bodybuilding.com #BestSelf...
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I dont think its the win that feels good I think its

Mat Fraser: The Making Of A Champion

Today's front squats felt uber. It's 'cuz my hamstrings and obliques are getting stronger. Can you see my hammies working? p.s. Coco was napping on the bench behind the rack (can you see her?). Bean was in the window pod snoring like a truck in low gear.


#TeamBSN #TeamBodybuildingcom #Bodybuildingcom Bodybuilding.com #BestSelf
Kelli Avant
Jure Bolotin
It's hard to detect progress from day to day, but when I look at my older collages, I can see the incredible progress I have made with my strength and mobility. I really recommend making a photo diary like this. #CollagesAreCool


#TeamBSN #TeamBodybuildingcom #Bodybuildingcom Bodybuilding.com #BestSelf
Its hard to detect progress from day to day but when I
Trapper Getliftn Jones
Gina Bono
Gorav Agarwal
Check out my homemade decline bench for decline bench press. I'm giving my weak & tight pecs on the left a makeover. This week I have dramatically less tingling in my left fingers (my tight pec minor was giving me thoracic outlet syndrome) and I have improved shoulder mobility. Last week I couldn't lock out my left elbow during single arm OH presses, but this week I can do it! And the journey...
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Duran Daniel
Joanne Mamola Bovino
Natasha Shcherbatyuk
Best Jump Rope Song EVER! I was testing one of the new ropes designed by @buddyleejumpropes for me and my #TeamSS and I ❀ it! I like that Buddy Lee designed a bunch of ropes to cater to all my favourite jump rope training styles. The rope I used in this video is great for free-style and tricks (it's light and has long handles). Plus, it's pink! I'll continue testing the ropes over the next...
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Best Jump Rope Song EVER I was testing one of the new

Instagram post by Dr. Sara Solomon ???????????????????? β€’ Jun 19, 2017 at 6:54pm UTC

Deborah Sprouse
Yuri Azambuja
YAS! Productive and FUN session. Deadlift PR: 240# x 4 . And in other news, my left pecs are jerks. Currently following an anti-jerk pec plan

My training youtube vlogs: youtube.com/sarasolomon
My silly cats: [ Instagram.com Link ]

#TeamBSN #TeamBodybuildingcom #Bodybuildingcom Bodybuilding.com #TeamBSN #BuddyLee #BestSelf
Maria Ortiz Jauregui
Every day I figure something out about my the way I move that helps me figure out what I need to do next.

p.s. in case you missed it, here's this week's VLOG: [ Youtube.com Link ]

#bodybuildingcom #TEAMbodybuildingcom Bodybuilding.com #BestSelf #TeamBSN
Floyd Garner
Armi Fernandez from my #TeamSS made my chocolate and cheesecake stuffed PROTEIN strawberries! Looks so good!!!

Make 'em too! Here are the recipes:
[ Drsarasolomon.com Link ]
[ Drsarasolomon.com Link ]

#Bodybuildingcom #TeamBSN #TeamBodybuildingcom Bodybuilding.com BSN #BestSelf
Armi Fernandez from my TeamSS made my chocolate and cheesecake stuffed PROTEIN
Kelli Avant
Hillary Clarke
Jure Bolotin
This was fun . @bilalrasheed and I get bonus points because we were fasted for 17+ hours and already trained. I was also sporting my #FannyPackWeightVest. @Ronaldtsang was disqualified . Thanks @deryahyla for filming and judging. We're doing this again next week, right?

#crossfit416 #pushups #fasting
Jessy Ali
Whenever I try something new or challenging ... I create fear in my mind. I get anxious before I snatch. Today, however, I decided to just friggin snatch the damn thing without any annoying internal deliberations. Holy molar, it worked! I felt no fear. I just friggin snatched. My plan, going forward, is to recognize when I create fear, and then put on my big girl panties. My goal is to stop...
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Joe Antonio
Aileen VanBoven
Jure Bolotin
Oh the things I did. Makes for great #FlashBackFriday photos. Those shoes though... ☠

p.s. my new VLOG is up! [ Youtube.com Link ]
Oh the things I did Makes for great FlashBackFriday photos Those shoes though ☠️
Trapper Getliftn Jones
Tina Paloukos
Trapper Getliftn Jones
NEW VLOG is up!
[ Youtube.com Link ]

#bodybuildingcom #TEAMbodybuildingcom Bodybuilding.com #BestSelf #TeamBSN
NEW VLOG is up

bodybuildingcom TEAMbodybuildingcom Bodybuildingcom BestSelf TeamBSN
Charlene Hernandez
Al Lynne
Today was epic. My right medial hamstring woke up from its 40-year coma!
Those sandbag circuits... it's too hard to talk ... so I just give Gys some nasty side-eye. I call it "the sandbag side-eye".

New vlog coming tomorrow to YouTube.com/SaraSolomon

#bodybuildingcom #TEAMbodybuildingcom Bodybuilding.com #BestSelf #TeamBSN
Trapper Getliftn Jones
Dee Rand
Jason Harrington
OMG who's the gymbecile getting onto the decline bench??

p.s. no hashtags today ... not convinced I want this to be searchable.

p.p.s. New training VLOG is officially coming tomorrow to YouTube.com/SaraSolomon.
Trapper Getliftn Jones
Kat Hebert
Catherine Davies
I can't believe I did 10 pull-ups for my 5th set. I had to message Coach Gys right away because of explosive exciterrhea. AND my right oblique is no longer collapsing like a broken accordion during my Left Z press. Bean and Coco aren't in this video because they were napping so hard.

β€’New vlog coming tomorrow-ish to YouTube.com/SaraSolomon
β€’My cats (they're epic): [ Instagram.com Link...
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Ashley Duncan
Saudamini Kumar
Trapper Getliftn Jones
What the what? I didn't even know I could do this! New party trick! Improving my mobility has made it surprisingly comfy to hang out in my end ranges. I'm not passively splatted on the floor: I'm actually torquing like mad at my hip joints. I love it when Bean & Coco help!

β€’My training: YouTube.com/SaraSolomon (new VLOG coming this week!)
β€’My cats (they're epic): [ Instagram.com Link...
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Aly Wylde