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I don't know about "kills" but I'll take it ????
Sarah Bäckman
03/21/2017 at 23:04. Facebook
Sarah Bäckman
03/21/2017 at 17:43. Facebook
Due to immigration related issues, Heidi Cordner's and my super match scheduled for May 27 in Toronto had to be cancelled. But we are doing it in New York on April 8 instead! It will be broadcasted LIVE on Facebook. A lot of less time to prepare, but I will be ready!
Sarah Bäckman
03/20/2017 at 00:50. Facebook
Today I had an amazing armwrestling practice for 3 hrs in Wesley Chapel, FL. Feeling stronger every day! My new workout routine made by Ivan Dobrorezov along with Artem Taranenko from Russia is really paying off. Very excited for the future! ❤
Tonight I will be on Hand Control World Wide and it will be LIVE... You can watch it on their FB page or the Youtube channel. You may ask any questions (go to their post, comments on here will not be brought up). Starts at 9pm EST - see you then! :)
Awake early to watch my friends compete at the Swedish Championships! Love to watch it and can feel the energy and adrenaline all the way to Florida! All the best to you guys! ❤@malin_kleinsmith_armwrestler @sarasofianyberg @armbrytning @armedbyeklund @perssoneliina @feliciarydstedt89 @fiareisek
Här kan ni lyssna på podcasten om min comeback som jag gjorde med mina favoritkillar Andreas & Alex på häromdagen!

Sarah gör comeback!
What do you think about my new table?❤
Amazing practice today in Palm Harbor that lasted + 3hrs!
17 guys and myself divided on 5 tables. There is a great variety of hands and styles but what makes it so epic is the atmosphere - I can't stress enough how important it is with the atmosphere. ❤The positivity, motivation, work ethic and sportsmanship is just fantastic! Thank you for helping me getting back in shape, guys. I'd say I'm...
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Let's do a Q&A for 30mins shoot...
So far we have received $112.16 in donations. WOW! That's amazing guys .
If you missed my previous posts, here it goes again;

If you guys want to see me in a supermatch, best of 5 with right arm, against the WAL +149 Champ Heidi Cordner, who's also the current best female arm wrestler in North America, I need your help. If around 650-700 of you 600,000 followers, donate $1, you can make it...
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Pay Sarah Rotunda using PayPal.Me
What an amazing response from my last post you guys!

In order for me to go to Canada to determine who is the best female arm wrestler in North America, I need your help. Together we can make this happen. All I’m asking is for around 800 people of you to donate $1 each. I will let you know as soon as I have reached the goal. This is simply to cover the flight.

This is not only a supporting...
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Pay Sarah Rotunda using PayPal.Me

Would you like for me to do my comeback against the WAL Champ Heidi Cordner from Canada in a best of 5 supermatch, right arm?

If yes, it would take place in Toronto where she lives, sometime in April. And if yes, would you consider donating funds for me to go to Canada to make it happen? Out of almost 600,000 followers, I'd need around 800 of you to donate $1 for me and my...
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Today I had an amazing practice in Palm Harbor, FL! Just me and 10 men a Sunday morning in a park... we pulled nonstop for close to 3 hours! I love when I have a good armwrestling day, there is truly no better feeling. All day since, I've been euphoric. There was a great bunch of guys, all respecting and supporting each other, with one common goal - to improve as armwrestlers. That's it. No...
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Sad to say no women showed up at today's WAL (World Armwrestling League) qualification tournament in Orlando, FL. So I'm automatically the "winner". My goal is to make it to the WAL Championships in Vegas in June so I had to show up to this one for qualification purposes, so it's all good, but.... I'm trying to think of what I have to do in order to get more women to the sport here in Florida...
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If you are in Daytona!
If you are in the area! #WALstrong
Training 2017 in full effect! How many of you have trained already?