Sarah Brightman
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Where in the world is Sarah?
Sarah Brightman
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Thank you to ArtByEclipse for sharing this watercolour portrait of Sarah! Share your artwork in the comments below, and you could have your piece shared by Sarah.
Sarah Brightman
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"It's a fine day to see
Though the last day for me
It's a beautiful day"
Sarah Brightman
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"Elle porte les voiles de l'éternité,
son auréole embrasse les étoiles, ma lune."
Sarah Brightman
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Sarah has been collecting her favourite fan artwork over on her Pinterest page. You can follow her here:
Sarah Brightman
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Sarah is excited to bring her sensational 'Gala - An Evening with Sarah Brightman' tour back to Taiwan this March. Tickets are available here:
Sarah Brightman
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Thank you to Tamiris de Quadros for submitting this creative drawing! If you would like your artwork of Sarah featured, share it in the comments section below.
Sarah Brightman
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"Now there's no more dreamers
For I am happy, oh shine on"
Sarah Brightman
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Make sure to keep checking for news about Sarah's new music, as well as upcoming tour dates.
Sarah Brightman
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Sarah has a busy year ahead. Keep up to date with her travels around the globe by following her on Pinterest .
Happy Valentine's Day! Sarah hopes you have a wonderful day with your loved ones.
"Found the rainbow I was after,
no more dreams with one face missing,
I am certain you're the last man in my life."
"Howl at the stars
Whisper when you're sleeping
I'll be there to hold you"
Follow Sarah on her Pinterest page to stay up to date with her travels around the world this year

Sarah's official website contains all forthcoming Sarah Brightman tour dates. [ Link ]. Any additional Sarah Brightman tour dates which are advertised anywhere else including on third party websites, that are not listed on her official website are not genuine Sarah Brightman tour dates and the advertised concerts will not be...
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"There's an ocean between us.
You know where to find me.
You reach out and touch me.
I feel you in my own heart."
Be sure to follow Sarah on Pinterest, where she has made a board collating her favourite pieces of fan art!
3 years ago today, Sarah brought her stunning 'Dreamchaser' concert to Qatar for the first time!
Are you excited for new music from Sarah? Keep an eye on for news and updates.
Thank you to Wilfredo Chinen for this wonderful portrait of Sarah. For a chance to have your artwork featured, post it in the comments below!