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A premature baby’s smile is a beautiful thing to behold. Little Freya Vinje was born on Thanksgiving in 2014, following a complicated pregnancy by her mother, Lauren, battling preeclampsia. But her little face could light up a room that gave her parents endless joy - and today?

Premature Baby With Dazzling Smile Gives Hope To Worried Parents
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Today I saw a man standing on the side of the road with a sign! And God told me to give him my card and hire him to do some labor work for my business!

Lady reads man's sign from car. After she helps, he gets a text that shocks her
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As much as we try to protect our kids from a world that seems to be growing darker and angrier by the day, we can’t control what they hear and see in school or on the playground. But we can expose our kids to people who have done great things in order to make the world a better place. Who's your hero?

7 American Superheroes Who Don’t Wear Capes But Will Still Inspire Your Kids To Change The World
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A man was driving on the freeway when he saw this cat in the corner near a fence. He stopped his car, walked over and took a closer look. That's when he saw it.

Man Notices Cat Near Fence On Highway, Quickly Realizes There's More To The Story (Video)
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When it comes to our keys, we’ve all got embarrassing stories about locking them inside the house, leaving them in the car, or just losing them altogether. It happens to everyone and it’s inevitable: keys are pretty small, after all, and they’re easy to lose or misplace. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Did you know that with a little bit of masking tape, a screwdriver, and some ingenuity,...
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Wrapping String Around Your Keys Seems Strange, But It Could Be A Real Lifesaver
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Danielle was advised by his doctors that he would likely never come out of the coma and they recommended that she pull the plug. Danielle, however, refused to give up on her husband...

Wife Refuses To Pull The Plug On Her Husband — Then He Wakes Up And Utters Two Words
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Northern India has been thrown out of balance due to a severe snow situation. The residents and tourists in Shimla are having to adjust to temperatures dipping below the freezing point, roads blocks, and electricity shortages. Amid all the chaos and cold however, comes a story that is sure to warm your heart involving the rescue of a mother to be and her new baby.

Cops Carry Pregnant Woman To Hospital After Walking 6 Miles In Snow
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Mere days after a massive fire in Tennessee killed four and caused thousands of dollars in damage, people are beginning to salvage what they can. One man was cleaning up in the area that was destroyed by the flames when he spotted something under a bench...

Man Who Is Cleaning Up Tennessee Fire Coals Makes A Chilling Discovery Under A Bench
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There was something written on those business cards that shook Mark to the core. Once he figured out the elderly man’s true identity, his mission completely changed.

Deputy Responds To Drunk Driving Call, But The ‘Business Card’ In Glove Compartment Floors Him
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The gift of sight: it’s something that many of us take for granted on a daily basis. Imagine never getting to see what’s around you, or more importantly, who’s around you. Take this husband and father, for example, who hasn’t gotten to see his family for 21 years — until one fateful day when it all changed.

Blind Dad Has Never Seen Wife And Son Before, Loses It When He Looks At Them For The First Time
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He begins by asking her if she’s aware that there have been “several cupcake thefts,” to which she brazenly responds. This had me cracking up!

Dad Confronts His Daughter About Missing Cupcakes, Her Reaction Has Me In Stitches [video]
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When you became a parent, little did you know you’d also landed the job of quasi-life coach. That’s right — you’re not just there to dish out food and do laundry. You’re there to pick a falling kid up off the ground, and then make sure they have the confidence to get up on their own someday. It’s not easy, but it’s totally worth it as you watch your child grow into a confident young adult.

The 11 Most Important Pep Talks To Have With Your Teen
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You won't be able to get enough of this warm, delicious dessert!

Can you guess this slow cooker dish? It just uses 4 ingredients
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I love how he looks at his partner as he starts to dance to make sure his silly jig isn’t caught. Too bad he forgot to look up at the roof to make sure he wasn’t being filmed with a CCTV camera. He was and now his dance and joy is spreading across the internet like wildfire.

They Had A Security Camera Setup Outside Their House To Finally Catch The UPS Guy [video]
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Eighteen years ago, a police officer risked his life to save this little girl. His only wish for her at the time was that she make the most out of her life and not squander the opportunity she had been given. He always wondered what happened to her. Well, this week, he got his answer.

Cop Finally Learns What Happened To Little Girl He Saved 18 Years Ago (Photo)
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For mom Tracy Anderwald, a typical day at the pool with her daughter turned disastrous when she started having a seizure. Luckily, an unlikely hero was nearby!

5-Year-Old Girl Dives In And Saves Mom From Drowning When She Has A Seizure In The Pool