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At this age, he’s happy to curl up in a ball, lie perfectly still wherever you place him, and quietly drop off to sleep. Ryder looks adorable in his favorite outfits and blankets.

This Newborn Slept Through His Entire Photo Session, But The Faces He Makes Are BEYOND Adorable!
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Wood rot, porcelain stains, and stubborn fingerprint marks… every house has got them. But not everyone knows the simple fixes to the most common household problems.

Handyman shares 14 genius solutions to common home problems that you never expected
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The passengers on this plane were in for quite the treat when a group of elderly men decided to pass the time by singing a song.

Passengers On Plane Whip Out Their Phones The Minute These Elderly Men Do This
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Most little girls always dream of one day becoming a princess. One father made that dream much closer to reality for his little girl: photographer Josh Rossi made his daughter the Belle of the ball.

Dad Travels To Europe To Surprise Daughter With Realistic ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Photo Shoot
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When a homeless man approached this restaurant owner asking for money, she refused to give him anything for free. Instead, she offered to pay him if he took out the trash and did the dishes. She thought that was it. Two weeks later, she walked in to work, and that's when she saw it.

Woman Thinks She's Helping Man By Offering Him Work For Pay, Gets Big Surprise 2 Weeks Later
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“This is having your son sleep with you at night because he is afraid of something happening and being alone, and by something I mean dying."

Heartbreaking Photo Shows The Reality Of Childhood Cancer
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Just as Tara was about to shush Norah, the elderly man stopped and turned to look right at the little girl. What happened next began a chain of reactions that changed the lives of not only the elderly man, but also Tara, Norah, and their entire family…

4-Year-Old At Grocery Store Calls Lonely Widower ‘Old,’ And Mom Is Floored By His Response
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People like her understand two things:

1)Not every home improvement project has to break the bank
2) Reusing material is always a good idea

Woman Substitutes Curtain Rods For $20 PVC Pipes And The Results Are Great
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It’s pretty common to see kids playing kitchen with their siblings, or sports with each other, but what kind of imaginary games can they play when their dad is a uniformed police officer?

Little Girl Tells Cop Dad To Mind His Own Business, Then She And Her Brother Take Off In Toy Car
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If you want to clean your oven pans then you need to stop looking for kitchen objects to do the work. The secret actually lives in your laundry room. Who knew?

Simple Method Makes Even The Dirtiest Pans Look Brand New With Barely Any Work [video]
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This dog ran away from the animal shelter just so he could find the woman that was loving enough to feed him

Woman feeds lonely shelter dog bacon strips. Then dog escapes and tracks her down
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Jeff Dudan is CEO of a cleanup company. He went on "Undercover Boss" to find out what his employees are really like. Jeff met an Afghanistan veteran named Kyle who revealed a heartbreaking secret to him. When Jeff told Kyle his real identity, the veteran was shocked. Then came the unbelievable surprise. Most bosses would never do this.

Undercover Boss Discovers Worker Is A Vet, Then Sits Down To Reveal His Identity
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Having already adopted daughter McKenzie (who has Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect), the Morse family was willing and able to give Ryan the life he so deserved. It’s been one year since Priscilla rescued Ryan, and just wait until you see how different he looks today…

Mom Saves A Starving Orphan Boy. One Year Later, He Looks Completely Unrecognizable
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When she was born with the condition, doctors predicted Ana would never be able to walk. But boy, did she prove them wrong — and then some.

Doctors Tell Mom Her Newborn Daughter Will Never Walk. 17 Years Later, She Proves Them All Wrong
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While a wife stayed home to take care of the kids and chores, her husband worked full-time and ended up resenting her for not earning an actual paycheck. One day, he got so fed up that he prayed to God to let him switch places with his wife so she could know what it was like to "work so hard." But the next morning, he got the shock of a lifetime...

Husband Criticizes Stay-At-Home Wife, Then Sees A Positive Pregnancy Test — But It’s Not Hers
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If there is any time a screaming crowd of fifth graders is a good thing, it's this caught-on-video moment!

She Has No Idea Entire 5th Grade Class Is Behind Life Altering Surprise She’s About To Get
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The human body is an amazing thing, and it can do so many tricks that you probably weren’t even aware of.

12 Things You Did Not Know Your Body Can Do
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Bekah was full of self-hate and doubt for most of her young life. But one day, she looked down at her Starbucks iced coffee and couldn't believe what the barista wrote on the cup.

Depressed Teen Plans To Take Her Own Life When A Barista Writes A Note On Her Starbucks Cup
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Cirila was determined—and she came up with a clever solution to find a match for her daughter!

Desperate Mother With No Other Options Paints A Plea For Help On Her Car