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This cupcake shop owner was going through a rough time, so a radio station decided to surprise her

She returns a "stale" box of cupcakes. Store owner has no idea there's a special surprise inside
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At first Lewis didn’t notice anything unusual about the printout she received of her routine ultrasound. It was a friend who pointed out the markings above the child’s legs..

Mom Shares Ultrasound Photo Of An 'Angel' Watching Over Baby
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“How ya doing?” said the voice on-air. Jenna’s jaw dropped, realizing what was happening — and in front of the viewers at home, no less.

Soldier’s Wife Is On Live TV, But His Friend’s Truck Pulls Up The Driveway During The Interview
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Her rendition of the classic Smokey Robinson song blew the judges away

Judge Nearly Collapses When She Hears This Outstanding Performance
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The bride claimed it was the most touching moment she ever witnessed, and I completely agree with her. As Luke sways his mother back and forth to the music, it’s clear just how much this moment means to her.

Mom with ALS is limited to a wheelchair - Groom shares touching dance with her at wedding
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Anthony Woodward was absolutely heartbroken when he learned his home had completely burned down to ashes in a wildfire. Despite his devastation and countless questions that could never be answered, a surprising discovery changed his perspective completely.

Man Is Devastated After Home Burns To Ashes, Then Wife Reminds Him To Search Through The Rubble
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Personally, I plan to live long enough for my children to have children and then call me and say, “Oh, Mom. I had no idea. You were so right about everything.

Parents Live Longer Than Non-Parents, So At Least We Have That Going For Us
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Little did anyone in the family know, what was hidden in this aunt’s crawlspace underneath a sewing machine could be worth millions of dollars today.

Before Aunt Dies, She Tells Nephew To Check Under The Sewing Machine
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“He risked his life for this country and now he’s being discarded. We never in a million years saw this coming. We thought our dad would die in this place.”

Here’s The Excuse Landlord Has For Kicking Out 92-Year-Old Veteran Who Beat Cancer [video]
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A babies’ first moments are obviously monumental for parents. But these firsts are arguably even more precious to the parents of preemies...

Mom’s Preemie Is Born With A Platelet Disorder, So She Begins To Write Down All His Milestones
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This music teacher may have had a stroke, but he still feels the rhythm - so perfect.

They line up in formation with walkers, but the man steals the show with his stunning moves
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Seventeen-year-old Becca Schofield is battling terminal cancer, but she isn’t letting her diagnosis get in the way of her ultimate goal: Making the world a better place…

Teenage Girl With Terminal Cancer Has An Inspirational Message That's Going Viral
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A normal afternoon turned into a moment of panic, then euphoria, for one mom.

Military Son Creeps Onto Living Room Couch, Then Waits Until Mom Walks Through The Door
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Derrick walks around 10 miles every day in order to go to work and go back home again. He needs the job in order to pay for his sick mother’s treatments.

UPS workers learn teen walks 10 miles every day to work. One day, they hand him a set of keys
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Despite being healthy, the shelter refused to let this cat go. They learned that the cat had a special talent for nursing other animals back to health and adopted it!

Shelter Rescues Cat, Later Realizes She Has Special Gift For Comforting Other Sick Animals