Saturday Night Live
02/23/2017 at 19:16. Facebook
Next month!
Friday before a long weekend mood.
Looking back at last week's SNL with Alec Baldwin!

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Still haven't picked a place for tonight? Not to worry, Stefon is here with some recs.

Stefon on Valentine's Day's Hottest Tips
In case you need some mood music for today.

Weekend Update: Garth and Kat Sing Valentine's Day Songs
On this Saturday's Update, Senator Elizabeth Warren had a few simple yes-or-no questions for Colin.
Make it through that Monday afternoon slump.

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Weekend Update on the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling.

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"It's about giving America what it wants." — Leslie Jones​

Leslie Jones just played Donald Trump on 'SNL' and it is everything
Leslie Jones has a huge idea for Lorne.

Leslie Wants to Play Trump: [ Link ]
Kellyanne Conway will not be ignored.

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The verdict for Trump v. the Ninth Circuit Court judges is in.

Trump People's Court: [ Link ]
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Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) returns to introduce AG Jeff Sessions to the White House press corps.
President Trump calls on a character witness at his The People's Court trial.