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Saturday Night Takeaway
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Surprise Saturdays!
In honour of all the stars that have graced the stage these past seven weeks, feast your eyes upon the ever so aesthetically pleasing Saturday Night Takeaway Hall of Fame!

#SaturdayNightSelfie: Hall of Fame
We asked for your top moments of the series, and you told us loud and proud!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 2016 Saturday Night Takeaway Awards, and THESE are your award winners

The Saturday Night Takeaway Awards 2016
The games may be simple, but when played inside a cube, on board a cruise ship, with the nation watching their every move, things get a bit more complicated.

Ant vs Dec: The Cube
Grab a hanky, and get your eyes around all those moments you'll never forget in the Saturday Night Takeaway MEGA MONTAGE!

Saturday Night Takeaway 2016: The BEST BITS!
Thanks for watching! You guys are the best!
Alright brainboxes. Let’s put that Takeaway knowledge of yours to the test in the great big quiz of this series! Can you get 100%?

The great big quiz of the series!
Who said watching telly wasn’t educational?! Check out the many pearls of wisdom Ant and Dec and co have taught us throughout the series! Onion licking still very questionable...

10 things we've learnt from Saturday Night Takeaway
PSST! Who fancies a nosy behind the scenes of the cruise? Have a look at what Ant and Dec have been up to right here ⬇

Go behind the scenes of THE CRUISE!
Takeaway AHOY! Grab your sailor hat and your finest flip flops. Here’s eight reasons why you need to get excited about tonight’s final show

8 reasons to get excited about the final show!
We’re getting everything SHIPshape for tonight’s final episode! ⛵ Sneak behind the scenes with Ant and Dec and see what we’ve up to here ⬇

Go behind the scenes of THE CRUISE!
Who fancies one last game of Read Our Lips? Hint - the word is associated with either a boat or a cruise. Too easy? There's more on our Twitter & Instagram channels...
Message from our sponsor: What a series! We're super sad it's coming to an end but so proud Suzuki Cars UK have been part of the fun! Thanks for having us and don't miss the big finale live from Barcelona tonight at 7pm. It's time to ditch the land and hit the high seas...
This week we're putting on a show like no other! James Nesbitt takes charge as Guest Announcer, Andy Murray teaches Little Ant and Dec a thing or two about tennis, and there's even more surprises all live on board P&O's Britannia from Barcelona! Make sure you don't miss the final show of the series on ITV