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From Darren Hayes - probably one of the proudest moments of my career, performing with the late great Pavarotti. Such a privilege. Seems like a lifetime ago!
Hey - it's Darren Hayes - (that felt weird typing my entire name but Facebook made me do it!). I wanted to say hello and to let you know I've been busy writing a musical but in the meantime I host a regular movie podcast called We Paid To See This and I wanted to share the iTunes link if you wanted to check it out! It's free and a fun release for me while I'm working on secret stuff. Much...
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We Paid To See This by Darren Hayes and Anthony Armentano on iTunes
Darren Hayes recently had a blast playing the role of a grumpy old Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Screen Junkies roast of Darth Vader. Check out a preview below!

ScreenJunkies Presents: The Roast of Darth Vader
Darren Hayes just released the 20th episode of his movie podcast with fellow The Groundlings Theatre buddy Anthony Armentano. They pay to see new movies every week and tell you about them - spoiler free! It's also a bit funny and confessional. Check it out!

We Paid To See This by Darren Hayes and Anthony Armentano on iTunes
I decided to post a wonderful happy memory - Me wearing a Gaultier shirt and Anna-Maria La Spina as my date to the Much Music awards in 1998. Gaultier used to always let me wear his clothes from the sample room because apparently I always returned them smelling great (I wore his perfume!).
(From Darren) I was a huge fan of Prince. His passing is so sad to me because it was so premature. He was a genius and it's still so difficult for me refer to him in the past tense. Sadly he is gone, but his music is truly immortal. His music influenced me from the very beginning of Savage Garden all the way through to today. As the world is re-discovering and celebrating the work of this...
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Recorded live in the studio. Written by Prince Rogers Nelson. Original version appears on the album 'Lovesexy' by Prince.

Now available worldwide, you can get your copy of The Singles - a collection featuring every released single and previously unreleased track ‘She’!
[ Link ]
SINGER Darren Hayes has weighed into the Australian election with an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Darren Hayes pens letter to PM about gay rights
The CD / DVD special physical edition of 'The Singles' includes all the hits you know, rare demo 'She' and 17 music videos!

The Singles
From Darren's 2012 album 'Secret Codes and Battleships' - the song 'Taken By The Sea'. Available on iTunes [ Link ]

Taken by the sea- Darren Hayes

From Darren - Thank you JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! First time I've seen the end credits with 'I want you' in it. Such a huge honor! Thank you to our Japanese fans for pushing for this! #JoJosbizarreadventure #jojo #japanesefansarethebest

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable Ending (Savage Garden - I Want You)


As many of you know, Darren was a huge fan of Prince. His cover version of a Prince song was recently included in this list of the 10 best forgotten Prince covers. Rest in peace your Purple Highness - may your music always reign.

Ten of the best, forgotten, Prince covers - by Adam Mattera - Interestment
Australian choreographer Claire Mashall first worked with Savage Garden on the Affirmation World Tour and continued with Darren Hayes throughout his solo career. From 'Chained To You' all the way through to Darren's 'The Time Machine Tour' Claire's work has featured in video and on stage. Claire is now a renowned choreographer in her own right, winning many awards and incredible reviews...
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FLAUNT Cut Down - Pour onto a Wire Rack & Serve