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Finding time in a busy schedule to exercise can be challenging. But here are a handful of everyday tasks that pack a calorie-burning punch.

That’s exercise? 4 ways you burn calories without thinking - Community
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Experience Signature Formaggi Tortelloni at its best. Extra thin pasta loaded with deliciously bold soft creamy cheeses. Served in a creamy rosé sauce, fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes.
Is your mouth watering yet?

Recipe: Rosé Formaggi Tortelloni with Spinach - Community
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After a long cold winter, of dreary days and frigid nights, spring is a time for renewal, cleaning house and bringing a refreshing change to our homes and our lives!
(I know it is still winter...but let's look forward to spring, k?)

Refresh Your Home This Spring With Colour, Paint - Community
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Save $0.50 on your purchase of any Annie's product, only at Walmart!

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Calm the chaos by turning chores into challenges using these fun ideas.

It’s an uphill battle getting your children to understand that being organized makes life easier. Here are some ways we’ve discovered that can help turn your tornado into a neatnik:

9 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Clean Up Their Mess! - Community
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Now's the time to buy yarn!

Michaels Weekly Flyer -
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What's a party without dip?

Check who has the best deal on your favourite dip before this weekend! - Dip
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I know what I am making tonight!

Hearty Italian Meatball Soup | Metro
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Lots of stores have chips on sale this week! - Search results
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Need cheese for your recipe for the game this weekend?

Black Diamond® - Coupons -
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A lot of Canadians are building snowmen ☃ But not everyone has the white stuff blanketing their lawn!

If you’re a winter person and will be missing out on some of your favourite winter activities due to weather conditions, fear not – there are plenty of fun things you can do.

No Snow? No Problem: Enjoying the Canadian Winter Without Snow - Community
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Been into your local Healthy Planet, lately?

Healthy Planet Weekly Flyer -
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2001 Audio Video is having their January Clearance Event!

2001 Audio Video Weekly Flyer -
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Tuning in on Sunday to watch the Patriots and Packers win and move on to the big game?
We've got you covered!

Football Parties on a Budget - Community
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Anyone see that Packers/Cowboys game yesterday? What a finish!

Sitting down to watch the NFC / AFC games this weekend: Instead of just putting out some chips and dip, get creative with some classic (and not-so-classic) foods for a Sunday night football extravaganza!

Score a Touchdown with Your Game Day Spread - Community
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Buy more = save more, at Lowes!

Lowe's Weekly Flyer -
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JYSK is having a sale!
Save up to 62%!

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