Save the Children
03/26/2017 at 17:08. Facebook
Tune in as President of Save the Children Action Network, Mark K. Shriver, opens the 2017 Advocacy Summit in Washington, D.C.
Save the Children
03/25/2017 at 22:05. Facebook
All kids deserve a strong start in life. That's why we're bringing our supporters together this weekend to call on Congress to #InvestInKids. Sunday through Tuesday, we'll be training advocates to be an effective voice for children and urge lawmakers to invest in early education and global health. Tune in and follow the conversation!
Save the Children
03/25/2017 at 18:19. Facebook
A love of reading lasts a lifetime! 10-year-old Lucy* settles down with a book at the our after-school program in Colorado. Thanks to supporters within our #Partner4Children community, Lucy is getting a healthy snack and 30 minutes of physical activity every day – plus strong reading skills.

*Name changed for protection
Save the Children
03/24/2017 at 14:29. Facebook
At age 14, Febi she knew she wanted more out of life after spending years on the streets. Unable to afford college, she was unsure about her future until she enrolled in our youth empowerment and employability program where she completed courses in photography and cinematography.

Now she’s gained skills to operate a business and work independently as a freelance filmmaker. She’s already...
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Save the Children
03/23/2017 at 19:02. Facebook
Thousands of Syrian families have fled to neighboring countries for survival— and after 6 years of war, the global refugee crisis shows no signs of slowing. We're doing whatever it takes to give these children hope for a better future— and now through #ChildSponsorship, we can do even more for refugee children living in Egypt. Help us stop the nightmares by sponsoring a refugee child today: [...
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Every last child deserves access to clean, safe drinking water. In honor of #WorldWaterDay, give the gift of clean water: [ Link ]
Girls can spend as many as 6 hours a day fetching water, keeping them out of school and putting them at risk of assault and trafficking. By digging and drilling wells and installing water pumps and latrines, we’re improving the lives of children like 13-year-old Lubabatu* from Nigeria. Learn more: [ Link ] #WorldWaterDay

*Name changed for protection
Six years of conflict have left Syrian children with #InvisibleWounds caused by the ‘toxic stress’ of growing up in a war zone. We worked with award-winning photographer Nick Ballon and conceptual artist Alma Haser to produce a series of animations that visualize the devastating mental health impact on these children. Marking six years since the war began, six Syrian children bravely shared...
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Our nutrition program in Greece supports refugee mothers and their young children by providing a quiet, private and relaxing space to breastfeed babies, along with advice and counselling on infant and young child feeding practices. Read how one mother nursed her baby back to health with help from our team: [ Link ]
Inside Syria, we're doing whatever it takes to ensure children in crisis are safe, cared for and learning. In addition to lifesaving services and supplies, we provide child-focused mental health care, such as Health and Education through the Arts (HEART.) Learn about our innovative, art-based psychosocial program:
Give a gift that can help children who’ve lost everything. A refugee basics bag filled with hygiene supplies restores dignity and hope for families in crisis. Give this life-changing gift today: [ Link ]
President Donald J. Trump's proposed budget cuts will be catastrophic to the future of mothers and children in the U.S. and abroad. We strongly oppose his proposed massive budget cuts to international development, humanitarian assistance and domestic programs that will have disastrous impacts on the health, education and safety of mothers and children at home and abroad. [ Link ]
Virtually travel to a refugee camp inside Jordan & see a 360° view of daily life through the eyes of a child: Amer* -- a Syrian refugee. He’s spent his childhood isolated & coping with the trauma from war inside the camp waiting for a better future. This immersive VR documentary was produced by RYOT. Help us reach more children like Amer & donate. [ Link ]

Witness how we helped Amer...
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"Poverty is silent. But I can't be."

Save the Children US Trustee Jennifer Garner shared her passionate testimony before Congress yesterday, advocating for more funding for high-quality early childhood education programs. Read this great recap from People. #InvestInKids

Jennifer Garner Gives Passionate Speech About Child Poverty While Testifying on Capitol Hill
Join us now for a discussion on the importance of early education programs to help create a brighter future for children in the United States. Jennifer Garner, our US Trustee testifies before Congress in support of early education program.

Hearing: Investing in the Future - Early Childhood Education Programs at HHS (EventID=105685)

The House Appropriations Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Subcommittee holds a hearing on early childhood education programs at the Department...

Syria’s children need help now to heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war. If compassionate people like you support our relief efforts, then we can protect and care for more girls and boys. Please donate to help us save Syria’s children:
[ Link ]
Thank you Cristiano Ronaldo for supporting the children of Syria! How would Omar* cut Ronaldo’s hair? Click here to find out: [ Link ]

*Name changed for protection.
Syria's children have endured 6 years of war and seen horrors no one should witness. Many children have lost friends, homes and loved ones to the conflict and suffer from psychological and emotional trauma. These children are living a nightmare.

Syria’s children need to heal from the wounds of war. Learn how you can help #SaveSyriasChildren. [ Link ]
9-year-old Aseel* has seen so much hardship in her short life. After her home in Syria was destroyed, her family fled to Egypt. To address the unique needs of vulnerable children like her, we’re launching a Child Sponsorship program specifically for refugees in Egypt. This new program will help ensure that children like Aseel are able to get back their lives— and futures. Don’t miss your...
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