It has been argued recently in the media that child protection agencies are justifying leaving children in unsafe environments because their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is more important than their safety.

But Gerry Moore from Family Matters, a national campaign to reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care, is...
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Safety comes first for at-risk Aboriginal kids
These are real stories, from real people - who have real hopes and dreams for their children. Get to know the faces behind the global hunger crisis.

The face of famine - BBC News
Julia is the newest Muppet - and the first with autism. The spirit of acceptance and understanding Big Bird and Elmo are showing has sparked a heartwarming, positive response from parents, teachers and children alike.

A great read from Washington Post.

Meet Julia, a Muppet with autism — and the newest character on ‘Sesame Street’
Our thoughts are with all those affected by the terror attack in Westminster, and all who are affected by senseless violence across the globe. We must continue to work towards a world where our children can live in a safe, peaceful environment – free from fear.


London attack: Five dead in Westminster terror attack - BBC News
Today, more than 663 million people do not have access to clean water. Instead of turning on a tap, they must spend countless hours trekking to sources of water, which are often contaminated. Water-related diseases account for 3.5 million deaths each year - more than car accidents and AIDS combined - according to the World Water Council.

The global water crisis has led to famine in South...
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World Water Day 2017: 60 powerful photos to make you think twice about leaving the tap running
Have you heard about our Emergency Health Unit? Our dedicated staff (like nurse Martha, pictured) are treating children for some of the biggest child killers in the world - malaria, respiratory infection and acute diarrhea. We're also making sure children have their vital vaccinations for deadly diseases like polio and measles.

On this day our mobile clinic in Bidi Bidi refugee camp in...
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It's International Day of Happiness today, and we can't help but smile when we see Nora! She's playing in one of our Child Friendly Spaces on the Syrian border. Here Nora has a safe space to play, learn and receive psychosocial support to recover from the trauma of fleeing her home.

Thanks to all our incredible supporters who help us make sure that happiness is a part of every child's life!
Neima's* family used to have 170 animals between them. Because of drought in Ethiopia, now only 17 remain.

Thanks to your help we are already on the ground - providing nutrition support to children and families facing shortages, as well as intervening early to save livestock and crops.

However the drought situation in Ethiopia is deteriorating at an alarming rate, millions of children are...
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Six Syrian children's harrowing stories of war, survival and the toxic psychological impact of their experiences is visualized in a compelling photo series by award-winning photographer Nick Ballon and conceptual artist Alma Haser.

Watch the animations that interpret haunting audio of children and their family members revealing how the war has made them feel.

Haunting Animations Reveal Pain Of Syrian Refugee Children
UPDATE: Babies are starving to death - so hungry they do not even have the energy to cry. Despite being classified as the world's worst humanitarian disaster, Australia currently gives no direct aid funding to Yemen.

You can help, illnesses are easily curable with the right medicines. Increased aid deliveries can save millions. Children on the brink of death need your help: [ Link ]

Babies starving to death as Yemen calls for aid
Thank you to our global ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo for supporting the children of Syria and marking the six-year anniversary of the Syrian conflict. Cristiano and his son are holding a picture of Omar*, a Syrian refugee who is part of our art therapy program and wants to be a barber.

We asked Omar* how would he cut Ronaldo’s hair? Click here to find out: [ Link ]
For the past 6 years, Syria’s children have seen loved ones killed or injured, right before their eyes. As a result, millions are suffering the pain of #InvisibleWounds—and their chances of recovering fully are dwindling by the day.
Inspiring women proving that you are never too old to learn!

Millions of children never get the opportunity to read and go through life with a profound disadvantage. We believe that every girl deserves an education, a healthy start in life and the chance to go further than they ever dreamed possible.

These 28 Grandmothers Can’t Read or Write — But They’re Working to Change That
"Toys are hugely important in terms of providing a guide as to what girls are expected to be when they grow up," Maia Weinstock who submitted the Women of NASA idea to Lego.

We love this from LEGO - a great way to break down gender stereotypes. Every girl deserves a bright future. At Save the Children, it’s our task to make sure nothing gets in their way.

#GenderEquality #BeBoldForChange

Lego Immortalizes NASA Women With Our New Favorite Toy
Moving interview from Dr. Isaac Bot, resident physician at Save the Children’s stabilsation centre for severely malnourished children located in north-east Nigeria.


A doctor on the front line of the north-east Nigeria hunger crisis | Every Last Child
The extreme trauma of war is leading not only to psychological scars in Syria's children, but also developmental issues and other #InvisibleWounds.

Hear from Save the Children's Director of Media, Communications and Advocacy in the Middle East, in her blog post for the HuffPost Australia.

Millions Of Children In Syria Have Invisible Wounds
So great to see all the support for International Women's Day yesterday! Here's one of our favourite videos by Global Citizen.

We'd love to know, what do you think is the hardest thing about being a girl in Australia?

#IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange
Happy International Women's Day!

Meet these inspiring incredibly strong girls and women we are lucky enough to work with. Let us all follow in their footsteps and #BeBoldForChange!

Save the Children Australia
As many as 78% of children surveyed say they feel grief and extreme sadness some or all the time. This war is ruining children.

Save the Children and our Syrian partners spoke with more than 450 children, adolescents and adults in Syria over the past 3 months. Read more on these frightening numbers and the impact of the war on children.

Invisible Wounds: The impact of six years of war on the mental health of Syria’s children
Israa’s children have not been to school for 2 years. ISIS took control of all the schools in their village, and used them to store weapons. It's the horrifying reality of a ISIS controlled town, in the midst of the Mosul offensive.

Having no option but to flee with her children Israa came across a camp in Qayyara, where Save the Children is running 8 temporary learning spaces. Four of them...
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