The detention of children for immigration purposes violates the rights of children under international law and is never
in the best interests of the child. It is a practice that offends the sacred and shared duty of all people and institutions
to nurture and protect children. It is also extremely expensive to government, when compared with the alternatives.

Unlocking Childhoods is a new...
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The detention of children for immigration purposes violates the rights of children

Child refugees held in 'harrowing' conditions across south-east Asia
Around the world, hundreds of thousands of children, including babies and toddlers are in indefinite detention. Some are held for years at a time. These children are not criminals – they have merely crossed a border in search of safety.

We know immigration detention is harmful to children. Those in detention often receive no formal education and healthcare is poor. Detention takes away...
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There are now more refugees and displaced people on the planet than have ever been recorded in history. Over half of them are children.

While the reality of the refugee crisis can be brutal, confronting and desperately sad, it’s something – as adults – we should be prepared to talk about with our children.

Read our suggestions on how to get the conversation started. - [ Link ]...
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Ben Brown
Jason Vella
Coralie Denney
There are 65 million displaced people in the world today. This is the story of one.

To mark World Refugee Day, we asked children from around the world to place themselves in the shoes of Zainab*, an 11-year-old girl from Syria. Please watch this film and share Zainab’s story.

*Indicates names have been changed.
Lyn McGregor
Do you know the difference between a refugee and someone seeking asylum? Or where the largest number of refugees come from? Want to know more about the current crisis?

As part of World Refugee Week, our experts Lisa and Claire will be answering your questions. Lisa Button is a highly qualified human rights lawyer with extensive experience working on issues affecting refugees and people...
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Do you know the difference between a refugee and someone seeking asylum
Save the Children Australia
Save the Children Australia
Lyn McGregor
"It's time to start talking openly about miscarriage, both among our own community and in wider society. If we continue to hide and ignore the reality of what one in four women will experience, we continue to force women into silence during their most vulnerable times, by treating miscarriage as though it is something that should not be acknowledged."

We believe that no mother should suffer...
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Its time to start talking openly about miscarriage both among our own

Surviving A Miscarriage Takes The Love And Support Of A Village
Sharon Stevens
Susan Blackburn
Rosemary Lynch
"Delivering life-saving aid is about to become more difficult... soon, large parts of the country will be inaccessible to all vehicles but helicopters."

In South Sudan 270,000 children are currently malnourised and urgent aid is needed now if they are to survive.

The Child Hunger Crisis has left nearly 1.4 million children at imminent risk of starvation across Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria and...
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Delivering lifesaving aid is about to become more difficult soon large parts

No food, no money: conflict and chaos as South Sudan grapples with famine | Gethin Chamberlain
The Inflatable Refugee was developed to highlight the global refugee crisis, constructed of the same material as the boats that carry refugees across the Mediterranean Sea. All over the world refugees are fleeing and we are there to help them whether that be in the Mediterranean, the Middle East or right here in Australia.

If you are in Melbourne over the weekend make sure you go down to see...
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The Inflatable Refugee was developed to highlight the global refugee crisis constructed

Inflatable Refugee global art project to float down the Yarra
Inge Pia Thomasen
Is she or isn’t she. One thing is for certain she will be giving birth in a safe environment. Unlike many mothers around the world, we are working to change that. Find out more here - [ Link ]
Is she or isnt she One thing is for certain she will

Speculation Beyonce is in labour sends the Beyhive into a frenzy
Emma Latham
After years of denying it, this settlement is a belated acknowledgement from the Australian Government that offshore detention causes physical and psychological harm. We saw this first hand when we worked on Manus Island and Nauru, where the impacts on children were especially dire.

Hopefully this will put an end to the fiction that the fate of these unfortunate individuals is not the...
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After years of denying it this settlement is a belated acknowledgement from

Australia agrees to pay A$70m to Manus Island detainees - BBC News
Lorna Horton
Anne Churchill
Pete Reay
In March, the UN described the famine in north-east Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen and Somalia as the worst humanitarian crisis the world has faced since 1945.

Listen to Save the Children's Ethiopia Country Director John Graham speaking to ABC News about the Child Hunger Crisis in East Africa about how the situation in Ethiopia is close to disaster.
In March the UN described the famine in northeast Nigeria South Sudan

Ethiopia set to run out of food aid for 7.8 million people as drought continues
Lorraine Pollock
"His eyes had rolled back into his head and I thought, 'I've lost my child! He's dead, dead'."

That's something that no father should have to think about their child. But it is happening everyday in Yemen. A cholera epidemic has killed more than 800 people so far and many more are at risk.
His eyes had rolled back into his head and I thought Ive

One person dying every hour in Yemen's cholera epidemic
Marie McErvale
Amy Muller
Wendy O'Brien
In Afghanistan millions of children are forced to work in dangerous and low-income jobs to support their families. Save the Children runs a vocational program in Jalalabad that helps children learn a trade so that they can go on and find better jobs that will give them a better future.
Save the Children has found that at least 700 million children worldwide and possibly hundreds of millions...
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Milly Mazzei
Natalie Chait
Robert Pask
We rely on the support of generous people like you to help us improve the lives of children around the world and make sure that every donation counts.
Here are five places that your money went towards helping last year. Want to find out more, take a look at our 2016 Annual Report [ Link ].
Think Child Marriage is only a problem for the developing world? Think again.
Think Child Marriage is only a problem for the developing world Think again

Opinion | 11 Years Old, a Mom, and Pushed to Marry Her Rapist in Florida
Ruth Little
Ellen Gaggin
Annabelle Barnett
Every day the boys in this village spend hours digging down to find water. It’s very hard work and often there is little reward. This is because in South Sudan an estimated 4.9 million people, (which is about 42% of the population) lack access to enough food. One million children are suffering from acute malnutrition with more than 270,000 severely malnourished. We are working to change this...
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Every day the boys in this village spend hours digging down to
Line Louise B. Smith
Vikki Power
Joyce Golding
Ahlam* is only 12 years old. She has been forced to flee twice. Her childhood has been stolen from her because of conflict in Iraq. During their escape Ahlam* and her family of seven had to walk through the mountains during the night and hide during the day, fearing that they would be caught. They finally reached a displacement camp in the town of Qayyara and now live in tent in the camp. She...
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Rowena Mann
Colin Joseph Oldham
Lucy Forgione
Being a refugee is tough, let alone if you are pregnant or carrying a newborn. Yet there are women who have to bear the normal concerns about their pregnancy and maternal health, along with being in a crowded and under-resourced refugee camp. Some may also have other children to look after.

We won't let these women do it alone.

Save the Children's Mother & Baby Areas are stocked with...
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Shannon Dixon
Lee Buchanan
Anne Caisley
Imagine losing your children. Not seeing them for 2 years, unsure if they are alive or dead.

This heart-wrenching video shows our team reunifying a mother and her two daughters after war in South Sudan tore them apart. It's emotional watching, but shows how your support helps us change lives.

So, thank you.
Melissa Burke
Eliza O'Halloran
Pauline Boyd
"I never expected a child’s birthday party to be a trigger, but at that moment I was sad, jealous and in a daze. I never had that beautiful moment, where your life becomes complete as you welcome a baby into this world. As a parent who experienced both premature birth and child loss, I was robbed of that Kodak moment."

A powerful piece on the pain of losing a newborn baby at birth, something...
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I never expected a childs birthday party to be a trigger but

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Karen Kellington