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Swinging into Sunday! We hope everyone enjoys their day.
Swinging into Sunday We hope everyone enjoys their day
Save the Children Australia
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We all hear about Yemen in the news, and the terrible situation for children and families there caused by war, disease and poverty. So what are humanitarian groups like us doing about it? [ Link ]
We all hear about Yemen in the news and the terrible situation

Yemen – Tiny fragments of hope
June Quinn
The Syrian War is a complex and often confusing conflict for all of us to comprehend. This video helps break down the history of events which led to the most devastating humanitarian crisis since World War II.

Support our tireless humanitarian team, responding to the needs of children and families in Syria today: [ Link ]
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Millions of children in East Africa and beyond are facing starvation. It's easy to feel hopeless - but you CAN make a difference. Right now, our teams are delivering life-saving aid. Learn about our response and how you can help: [ Link ]
Save the Children Australia
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We're devastated by the latest attack on children and families in Syria who were fleeing in the hope of finding a future outside warring, besieged territories. We must continue to work tirelessly to protect refugees being evacuated from war zones.

As violence escalates in Syria, children are facing increasingly desperate shortages of food and medicine. Help us reach them with live-saving aid:...
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Were devastated by the latest attack on children and families in Syria

Syria war: 'At least 68 children among 126 killed' in bus bombing - BBC News
Save the Children Australia
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We've had a lot of questions from you about the Global Hunger Crisis. Why are millions of people facing starvation? How did war and climate change affect this crisis? Washington Post have published this fantastic explainer, have a read.
Weve had a lot of questions from you about the Global Hunger

20 million people are at risk of starving to death. Here’s how it got so bad.
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Ali*, 9, was seriously injured in an airstrike last year in Yemen. Found bleeding and unconscious, blasted through a second-storey window, he was left deaf and unable to speak. With the help of our supporters, we have given Ali hearing aids and are helping him learn to speak again.

Many Yemeni children still need our help. Find out more: [ Link ]
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Do you love graphic novels? Here's one that will entertain and inform this long weekend.

It's all about aid worker Leila Helal, who certainly doesn't have an easy job. She's working with the World Food Programme in South Sudan, a country facing a Level 3 emergency - the United Nations classification for the most severe humanitarian crises in the world.

Here's the catch: Leila is fictional,...
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Do you love graphic novels Here's one that will entertain and inform this long weekend

Stunning graphic novel shows aid workers fighting famine and fear in South Sudan
Sophie Boucaut
Save the Children Australia's Lily Partland is in South Sudan, speaking with local staff and mothers who are desperately trying to save the lives of children affected by severe malnutrition. Read their stories in The Huffington Post.
Save the Children Australias Lily Partland is in South Sudan speaking with

Time Is Running To Stop Famine In South Sudan
These tiny six-month-old twins have been facing death from preventable illnesses like diarrhoea and malaria. Unfortunately, stories like theirs are all too common in Nigeria, a country facing a severe child hunger crisis. With your help, we can provide urgent medical assistance to keep children healthy: [ Link ]

Watch their story and see how your donation really can save lives.
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War doesn't just hurt children physically. It can destroy hope just as quickly as it destroys houses.

That's why safe spaces for children to learn and play are so important - it gives them the opportunity to come to terms with what they've gone through, without fear.

Our amazing teams are running these spaces for children who've fled the Syrian war right now. Make a difference, support them...
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War doesnt just hurt children physically It can destroy hope just as
In an emergency, it's so important for kids to feel safe and have a sense of normality. That's why it was so fantastic to see our team respond rapidly over the weekend to set up a Child Friendly Space in the Cyclone Cook evacuation centre.

Our staff in Vanuatu are no stranger to natural disasters and together with the National Disaster Management Office, always provide vital support to...
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In an emergency its so important for kids to feel safe and
Sarah Lloyd
It's hard to imagine what it must be like to return to your homeland to find it in the dire state Yemen is in today. Here the BBC News​' Yemen-born Mai Noman reflects on what has become of her country as she films short documentaries there. Powerful stuff.
Its hard to imagine what it must be like to return to

Yemen conflict: How my country has changed - BBC News
No child should have to endure horrific chemical attacks. Enough is enough. Help us bring hope to Syria's children after 6 years of brutal war - support our emergency response team in Syria now: [ Link ]
No child should have to endure horrific chemical attacks Enough is enough
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Appalling and heartbreaking footage from yesterday's chemical attacks in Syria. Medics say one third of the casualties were children arriving at hospitals unconscious or struggling to breathe. Others died in the streets.

This is just the latest horror in Syria, where children have been subject to 6 years of war. Please donate to help our emergency teams in Syria: [ Link ]
Save the Children Australia
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Yesterday’s heinous chemical bombs which killed 60 people, including at least 11 children, shows the horror Syrian children are facing every day. Keep sharing this post until the message gets through: we MUST protect children in war.

Read more from our staff on the ground, via The Guardian: [ Link ]

Give now to support our emergency team in Syria: [ Link ]
Yesterdays heinous chemical bombs which killed 60 people including at least 11
Save the Children Australia
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"‘Teacher, how long are we going to be here?' 'Why are we here?'
'Do all Australians hate us?’... You don’t want to give them a false sense of hope. I just didn’t have the answers.”

Jason was the Education Manager on Nauru, often facing these difficult questions from the children he was teaching. Get a rare glimpse into the heart of the detention faculty, as he opens up about his experience...
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"‘Teacher how long are we going to be here' 'Why are we here'

Nauru: A view from the inside
Save the Children Australia
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We're really looking forward to ABC's Q&A tonight, featuring Save the Children's Global CEO Helle Thorning-Schmidt and a panel of big thinkers. With a focus on global issues, this is the chance to ask your burning questions. You can submit them early via the Q&A website or get involved in the live discussion across social media via the #qanda hashtag.

Q&A airs at 9:35pm AEST on ABC TV, ABC...
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Were really looking forward to ABCs QA tonight featuring Save the Childrens
Save the Children Australia
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In the heartwarming video, a disabled woman who grew up with unsafe water and chronic illness shows how she spends her life giving clean water to help prevent others from getting ill.
In the heartwarming video a disabled woman who grew up with unsafe

Why This Woman Travels as ‘Far as Her Bicycle’ Will Take Her Is Heartwarming