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Worrying reports are coming through from our humanitarian team following the United Nations warning this week that more than 120,000 people, most of them children, are at risk of starving to death next year in areas of Nigeria affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.

As farmers and herders flee the violence, their removal from the economy has led to an acute malnutrition crisis - without...
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Major famine imminent in Nigeria as Boko Haram attacks cripple economy

Aunty Joy and our playgroup kids were ecstatic following a special performance from Minya Nana Magic group during Children's Week.

Weaved into the beautiful performance was the message that children learn from imagination, reading, song, dance and that they need parents and carers to get involved in this playful learning.

Our research and experience has taught us how important play is for...
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This Christmas, your gift could save a life. Supporting our work will help prevent children like Bishara from ever waking up hungry again. Donate now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
In this video the BBC visited one of our educational facilities near Mosul, Iraq.
It's inspiring site to see children playing and learning after such incredible hardship in a war zone.

[ Bbc.co.uk Link ]

Jedda refugee camp: ‘They get used to being children again’, In Short - BBC Radio 5 live

Whilst our 2016 Youth Ambassadors’ adventure in the halls of Parliament has come to an end, we’re super excited to see their innovative ideas become a reality.

Thanks to all the politicians who met with them, discussed the big issues, and heard what they had to say. We look forward to watching them create positive change in our world!

A huge thanks to Lilly, Cameron, Genevieve and Habiba –...
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Save the Children Australia's Lily Partland saw our life-saving work in Iraq recently, spending time with inspiring kids who have escaped the nightmare of living under the Islamic State - and are now finding a reason to smile.

Finding a reason to smile in Iraq

When the Prime Minister grabs your phone for a selfie and nails the pout. Priceless.

You've probably noticed that we've taken over Save the Children Australia's social media this week! Don't worry, we're legit. We're their 2016 Youth Ambassadors. And today, Malcolm Turnbull demonstrated his support of youth participation in the halls of Parliament - and the uptake of the selfie!

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Gingerbread Demolition. Not two words you hear together often. But after a smashing success in 2015, it’s back, bigger and tastier than ever!

So what’s it all about? Well, some of our creative fundraisers have purpose-built giant gingerbread houses destined for you to destroy and eat. The event will be hosted by our ambassador Stephen Curry, there’ll be live music, a dessert bar and...
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We're joining the United Nations-led global movement to end violence against women, which affects 1 in 3 Australian women. These words from Kristie – a survivor, a mother and a nursing student – are based on years of experience trying to make her family work. It was a Save the Children-run refuge in Brisbane that helped change her life.

“When I left it was very dramatic … I had to leave my...
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Today is the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, so we’re joining their call to break the silence of domestic violence in Australia. This is Taliah’s story.

1 in 3 Australian women have experienced physical violence, and in Taliah’s case when home was no longer safe she was forced to sleep in her car with her two children. “It was actually life and...
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“I want to fight for a world in which girls have power over their own decisions…Every girl should be allowed to decide her future."

Child marriage is robbing millions of girls of the childhood and education they deserve. Read how two young girls from Rajasthan, India, stand defiant in the face of an age-old tradition.

Defiant young voices

This clever little packet has been saving children's lives for 20 years. Find out how.

20 years of saving lives

Even war has rules. Civilians and children are being targeted in Syria and Iraq, with heinous consequences like this one - a child attacked by a chlorine bomb while walking home. World leaders must step up and protect children from bombings which flaunt international humanitarian law, and give families a safe escape route out of cities like Aleppo and Mosul.

A safe place to play seems like such a simple thing to ask for, yet many children don't have one. Play is vital for children to learn new skills, socialise, cope with stress and heal after traumatic events.

That's why the IKEA Foundation is teaming up with Save the Children Australia for their 'Let's Play For Change' campaign. For every children's book and toy sold from 20 November - 24...
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It’s Universal Children’s Day and there’s plenty to celebrate. We’ve made huge progress for children. However, millions are still missing out on basic healthcare and education simply because of who they are or where they live.

As a global team, we’ve committed to work tirelessly to ensure that the world’s children are safe, happy and healthy. With your help, we’re going to reach every last...
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Toilets. While we complain about cleaning them, we can’t imagine life without them. Yet 2.4 billion people don’t have them.

A lack of toilets and sanitation quite literally stunts children’s future. A tap, a toilet and soap prevents children from getting sick. Healthy children are better able to concentrate at school and can reach their full potential.

That’s why we work around the globe to...
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Zika is a hot topic and one our colleagues working across Latin America are busy educating the community on, particularly to protect children and expectant Mums. These kids in El Salvador are happily participating in our Zika awareness campaign.

In El Salvador, the Ministry of Health has documented 20,348 suspected cases of Zika since December 2015, among these, 270 suspected cases of Zika...
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Want to find gifts for Christmas that are sure to go straight to the pool room? Let Dale Kerrigan (aka Save the Children Australia ambassador Stephen Curry) let you in on some top deals!

Find your nearest op shop at [ Bit.ly Link ]
Meet the children who went to schools run by ISIS.

We’ve setup temporary classrooms for children who've been living under ISIS rule, our Media Manager Lily tells the story from Iraq.

[ Huffingtonpost.com.au Link ]

Meet The Children Who Went To Schools Run By ISIS

The @Malcolm Turnbull Government’s resettlement agreement with the United States is an opportunity to restore hope and provide a pathway towards a safe and prosperous future for the refugees who have spent years languishing on Nauru and Manus Island.
We celebrate for the children who will finally be given the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Many will go on to do remarkable things,...
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Australia announces one-off refugee resettlement deal with US