“We’re on the verge of a catastrophe similar to 2011 – or worse...250,000 lives were needlessly lost then, and we know that action at this stage can make a difference. The international community must step up to ensure that tragic moment in history isn’t repeated." Hassan Saadi Noor, Save the Children’s Country Director in Somalia.

Drought and brutal conflict have left 1.4 million children at...
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Cyclone Winston. 1 year on. 28,501 people reached. 19,725 of those children. 290 provided with Psycho-social First Aid. 109 schools supported. 86 toilet blocks. 40 hand washing stations...

This is just a small summary of the emergency response to the devastation caused by the category 5 cyclone in Fiji. Take a look at our report '12 Months On' for more stories from the ground: [ Bit.ly Link...
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The f-word.

Learn more about famines, what defines them and why they occur.

Why are there still famines? - BBC News

"This is the grim choice for children in western Mosul right now: bombs, crossfire and hunger if they stay; or execution and snipers if they try to run," Save the Children Iraq country director, Maurizio Crivallero.

An estimated 350,000 children are trapped in siege-like conditions under ISIS control in the western part of the city, risking summary execution by militants if they try to flee....
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Mosul assault: Iraq troops make headway against IS - BBC News

Happy World Day of #SocialJustice! While social justice means different things to different people, we believe at its root, social justice is about promoting human dignity. Why not celebrate it by stepping up for the rights of children?

Stand up and demand change on asylum seeker policies in Australia: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Or tell us what social justice means to you?
Malcolm Turnbull has again turned down an offer from New Zealand to resettle asylum seekers currently on Manus Island.

The Prime Minister appears to be putting all hopes on the US resettlement deal, but this continues to create uncertainty and confusion the longer that it takes.

These innocent people want what all Australians want – they want hope and a brighter future for their children....
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NZ offers to take refugees from Manus Island detention centre

Big shout out to two green thumbs Monique & Jameson who teamed up to plant our seed pack and DIY paper pot! You guys rock! #loveoursupporters #growsomethingwonderful
Humanitarian emergencies leave children at their most vulnerable to exploitation, psychological and physical harm - and last October's devastating Hurricane Matthew in Haiti was no exception. Gilles Franckel, teacher of L’Abondance Primary School, told us a story of a 4-year-old girl who became orphaned after her mother died in the hurricane. As she was left with no other relatives, Gilles...
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Save the Children Australia's Dr Unni Krishnan is a man on a mission. He isn’t satisfied with just making the world a better place. He wants to change the world.

Unni describes himself as a 'possibilist'. 25 years of saving lives and finding solutions in some of the world’s most desperate situations has taught him not to dwell too much on blind optimism. Nor does he waste time on the...
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Man on a mission

After 25 years of reports, recommendations, inquiries, policy shifts and policy changes, it is time for a genuine partnership with Australia's First Peoples. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices are not being heard, and their knowledge not being utilsed. A relationship with goverment for effective, co-designed policy is needed. Sign our petition to show your support for the...
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Too many governments of the past have failed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Avenues we have travelled previously have not worked. Today, we have an unprecedented nation-building opportunity to commit to a new approach. Sign our petition to show your support for the #RedfernStatement: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Famine is looming in four different countries across Africa and the Middle East, threatening unprecedented levels of hunger and a global crisis that is already stretching the aid and humanitarian system like never before.

Find out what humanitarian experts have to say about this crisis via The Guardian.

Famine looms in four countries as aid system struggles to cope, experts warn

Yemen is one of 7 countries on President Trump’s travel ban list. This is a country currently enduring a devastating civil war that's a mystery to most of the world, and is killing thousands of children.

Find out what our Yemeni colleauge Anas Shahari has to say about the issues and solutions for this humanitarian emergency via The Huffington Post.

We Can't Ignore The Hell That's Been Created In Yemen

Far too often, negative stories of juvenile offenders and struggling communities are all we hear from the media. Armadale in Western Australia has been taking a beating in the media recently, but our team know there's another story to be told - of determination, resilience and hope.

We're so proud of our colleagues who've taken the fight all the way to Canberra. Follow the Youth Partnership...
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Did you know that you don't have to wait until election time to have your say?

Right now, the Government is deciding on the future of Australia's role in the world through foreign policy planning for the next decade. By answering a few important questions, in less than 60 seconds you can tell our leaders what you want our contribution to the world to be.

Come on, it's up to us to make a...
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Have Your Say | Save the Children

In recent weeks, our Facebook feeds have been dominated by one topic: the new US president. But, if we don’t look up once in a while and see what else is happening, we could miss something big… like the severe drought in East Africa and looming famine affecting Somalia.

Find out what our team have to say about one of the largest humanitarian crises facing our world today.

Famine is looming in Somalia – and nobody is talking about it.

The situation on Nauru and Manus Island has reached crisis point. Today we joined forces with a coalition of organisations, publishing an open letter to Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten MP, calling for an immediate end to the humanitarian crisis Australia has created for people seeking asylum.

We're proud to stand with Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA), Human Rights Law Centre, GetUp!,...
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Elaha is a wife and mother of two beautiful kids, a two-year-old girl Rana and a one-year-old boy Tariq. She fled conflict in Afghanistan and is now in a refugee camp near Athens, Greece. Elaha and her family are suffering freezing winter temperatures and have no hope for the foreseeable future in terms of a pathway to emigration elsewhere. This is her story in her own words.

“The heating...
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