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Now this is woolly wonderful dedication! A huge thank you to Phoebe, who is wearing a different Christmas jumper every day for 12 days in the run-up to Christmas Jumper Day! Follow her festive fashion here [ Save.tc Link ]
Amazing Phoebe is doing this to make a difference for children around the world: “... to raise money for healthcare and treatment against preventable diseases suffered by...
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Save the Children UK
yesterday at 19:00. Facebook
Media reports say that attacks on Mosul could intensify.
600,000 children are still trapped in the city.
Share this post and join us now if you agree: Iraq's children must be protected >> [ Save.tc Link ]
Save the Children UK
yesterday at 12:36. Facebook
Education matters! We provide safe spaces in Iraq for children to learn - a sanctuary for hellish ongoing fighting.
We're helping to ensure children have the protection they need. Will you stand with them too?
Act now >> [ Save.tc Link ]
Save the Children UK
12/08/2016 at 18:30. Facebook
Once again, the UN Security Council has failed to agree a ceasefire in Syria.
Once again, children living under terrifying siege are paying the heaviest price.

The world must act now - before more children are killed by fighting or die of starvation.
READ to find out exactly what we calling for and share if you agree: we must save Syria's children.


Save the Children UK
12/08/2016 at 15:29. Facebook
Play changes children's lives!
For every children's book and toy sold from now until Christmas Eve, the IKEA Foundation will donate € 1 to help support children's development and learning around the world.
Thank you IKEA for your amazing support!
Save the Children UK
12/07/2016 at 18:00. Facebook
WARNING: distressing images.

Did you see Fergal Keane's harrowing report on BBC News last night?
This is what Yemen's children are going through, right now.

You can make a difference. Visit the link now to find out how you can help save children's lives.

Yemen's war leaves children on the brink of famine - BBC News

Save the Children UK
12/07/2016 at 12:00. Facebook
Children are paying the heaviest price for the war in Yemen.
1 in 3 are malnourished; the healthcare system has collapsed.
This is the world's largest humanitarian crisis - and not enough people are talking about it. SHARE this post now to help change that.

We're on the ground, right now, saving children's lives - no matter how dangerous. Donate now to help >> [ Save.tc Link ]
Save the Children UK
12/06/2016 at 22:11. Facebook
As war wages on in Yemen, children are paying the heaviest price: 1 in 3 are malnourished.

We refuse to stand by while this atrocity continues.

Fergal Keane visits a clinic run by our teams on the ground. READ to find out more.

Yemen's war leaves children on the brink of famine - BBC News

Save the Children UK
12/06/2016 at 18:07. Facebook
Need some tips on how to craft a creative Christmas jumper?
Channel Mum have you covered.

SHARE this post and tag your friends to get involved, just in time for Christmas Jumper Day - only 10 days to go!


Christmas jumpers: Christmas Countdown with Channel Mum

Save the Children UK
12/06/2016 at 12:01. Facebook
There's only 10 days left! Don't miss out on the chance to change the world in your woolly: sign up now to Christmas Jumper Day [ Save.tc Link ]

What do Christmas jumpers and kangaroos have in common?
They both help babies survive and thrive!

By joining us for Christmas Jumper Day next Friday, your donations help us incredible team on the ground provide vital kangaroo mother care training...
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Save the Children UK
12/05/2016 at 18:10. Facebook
Already sick of Christmas shopping?
Get some motivation back in your step with these gift ideas - they won't just change your friends' and families' lives, they'll change the lives of children around the world!
Visit our Pinterest board for some inspiration >> [ Save.tc Link ]

Christmas Gifts that Make A Difference

Save the Children UK
12/05/2016 at 13:34. Facebook
One person can change the world!
Happy International Volunteer Day to our incredible volunteers - you inspire us to do all we can for children, every single day.

Want to join and make a difference for children? Sign up now - there are so many ways you can volunteer with us! >> [ Save.tc Link ]
Save the Children UK
12/05/2016 at 12:04. Facebook
It's Christmas Jumper Day on 16 December! Have you signed up yet to change the world in your woolly?
Follow our Christmas Jumper Day Facebook page for all the updates on the day as it approaches - and join us to get silly for a serious cause! >> [ Save.tc Link ]
Save the Children UK
12/04/2016 at 18:01. Facebook
We don't just save children - we save childhoods.
Find out how we're protecting children in war in Aleppo >> [ Save.tc Link ]
via The Times and The Sunday Times
Save the Children UK
12/04/2016 at 12:05. Facebook
'It is so long since they saw anything fresh that her 10-year-old son dreams of a tomato.'

This is life for Fatima and her children in Aleppo, right now. In the cold, in the dark, waiting for death - or something worse - to come.

We cannot stand by while this goes on in the world. READ this The Times and The Sunday Times piece to find out more, and how you can help protect children in war [...
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If you’re still watching in the West, please think of us now

Save the Children UK
12/03/2016 at 18:01. Facebook
Can you spot the suit who forgot Christmas Jumper Day?

Make sure you’re in the loop on Friday 16 December – sign up now >> [ Save.tc Link ]
Save the Children UK
12/03/2016 at 12:01. Facebook
This week's supporter shout out goes to Jana, who raised an incredible £2,251.54 to help child refugees by cycling 2000 miles from Canada to Mexico! Help him raise even more here [ Save.tc Link ]
Jana, a medical doctor with a humanitarian background who enjoys cycling and all things tea, camped along the way and only learnt how to put up a tent and use a gas cooker throughout his...
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“If they fail on this, it is absolutely unforgivable."

The world cannot stand by while thousands of children in Nigeria face life-threatening malnutrition.
It's time for UN agencies and governments to step up.

via The Guardian

Money from Nigeria laundered in UK 'should go to helping starving children'

200 children could die every day from malnutrition in Nigeria - paying the heaviest price for seven years of brutal war.

Watch and share if you agree: we CANNOT let this crisis become a catastrophe >> [ Save.tc Link ]
Think you can't make a difference in the world?
Watch this video and think again.
All these children's lives saved - thanks to you.

Donate now to help us continue to save children's lives whenever disaster strikes >> [ Save.tc Link ]