Save the Tiger
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Save the Tiger
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Thats Mom Coming With Our Food !
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The Unbreakable Bond Of Mother With Her Cubs

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Still reeling from 99 tigers deaths reported across the country in 2016, the forest department braces for an ominous future with a disappointing 2017 with Jan-Feb figures that are horrifying

21 tigers dead in just 65 days. 2017 could well be a very bad year for India's tigers
The Legendary Collarwali - A record holder for giving highest number of cubs in the wild. And as it goes she has again recently given birth to yet another litter.
On this Woman's Day we salute her for being a good contributer to the vanishing species. Long Live Collarwali

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Learning To Stalk
This is the future I am not looking for
Moms not looking ... Pose Quickly

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Sibling Love.
Pearls of the Forest.

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Road Blocks of a different kind
My plan for Sunday ... Whats Yours ?
Aint I Cute :)
Cause of Death : Territorial

The body of the tiger was found in Chhoi village of Ramnagar in Terai West forest division of Kumaon on Wednesday. A day earlier, a big cat was found dead in the Chidiyapur range of Haridwar forest division.

Subhash Chandra, divisional forest officer, Terai West said. "Findings of post-mortem report clearly indicate towards injuries inflicted in territorial fight...
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Finally.. A good move for protection
Sleepy Head
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