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If you haven't done so already, join the facebook group. We're Getting ready to host Game Day Trivia Fridays!

Check out the event for details! and get ready! Friday February 3 2017 is closer than you think! Also this event is only for Saved By The Bell Fans. Whereas No Inviting Anyone who is not a fan.

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Game Day Fridays

Happy birthday to Mario Lopez ... sigh, yet another celeb that doesn't age and has found the fountain of youth ...
Nelson and Kathy Santoni are being recasted for Fuller House. in addition to Viper making a comeback. Danny Tanner's Sister may be coming back into the fold, in addition with Alan Thicke?? And the chance that Elizabeth Berkely is Mrs. Gladstone??

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'Fuller House' Season 2 Is Recasting Two Original Series Roles
i got 40/40 what will you get ... post your results

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Saved by the Bell Quiz
I received a message this morning from a fan of ours, that also manages the Saved By The Bell Restaurant in Chicago. We chatted this morning, and he informs me that the Restaurant will be closing December 31.

Mr. Dewey, Max, Ox, and Mr. Belding have visited The Max! you can see the photos and more on their page

Check out their page: [ Link ]

Saved By The Max - Saved By The Bell Pop Up Shop Diner & Bar
On normal conditions I would NEVER do what I'm about to do. I'm sharing this guys Facebook information with you. Must be a Hater from Valley
So this is the message that was sent to me
Picked this up at GalactiCon
Kelly always had great beach accessories...these 2 hunks by her side! Follow us on our verified Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too! "@sbtbnow"
Number 6 on the list!

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So, this happened...