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Which of these J-Horror (Japanese horror) classics and their American remakes is your favourite?

What J-Horror loses when it crosses the Pacific
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"I believe if representation were based on population percentages, talent, appeal or vision, we’d see a whole lot more colour in the industry." #FU2Racism | Face Up to Racism

Opinion: Racism in the theatre world is real and it is debilitating
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"This guy asked me, 'What are your passions?' I answered, 'paying the bills no more than a fortnight late'."

Opinion: Is 'What are you passionate about?' the worst job interview question ever?
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“I’m going to be killed because of my job, because I tell the truth. That’s why (mothers) write to me saying ‘you’re an angel sent by God to help us'.”

El Salvador’s Guardian of the Dead
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"Maybe I’m a bit politically naïve, but strangely enough, I believe that it is reasonable of me to expect our campaigning politicians to actually do what they said they were going to do."

Opinion: Politicians - stop bickering and start listening
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Cate Blanchett wowed the crowd at The Stonewall Inn in New York.

Cate Blanchett performs in drag at Stonewall Inn
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Chef Tom Kerridge offers some trade secrets for achieving those tender, pull-apart hunks.

What’s the secret to making tender, juicy pulled pork?
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“I am being polite but I very much want you to keep this short, and please, for the love of God, do not show me photos.”

Scientific proof that no one wants to hear your vacation stories
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"People don’t want to be lectured, but if you can tell a joke…” #FU2Racism | Face Up to Racism

Why you should laugh at racism
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She initially thought the goanna was a dog, because it was so huge.

See this legend of a waitress drag a massive goanna out of a restaurant
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LGBTI groups plan on setting up a legal and support hotline for Eurovision visitors, and to distribute maps of Kiev’s smattering of queer hotspots.

Skinheads vs. sequins: the struggle for LGBTI rights in Ukraine ahead of Eurovision
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On average, at least one police officer is killed every day in Pakistan. Australian Federal Police agent Danny Caruana says enough is enough.

Aussie cop uses cricket to raise awareness of dangers faced by Pakistani police
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Dick Smith says "ridiculous immigration" is compromising Australians' "most fundamental right". Experts think otherwise.

Experts slam Dick Smith for blaming housing crisis on immigrants
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"A half century ago, the KKK burned crosses. Today, extremists are burning up Twitter.”

Trump's comments on anti-Semitism 'too little, too late' as threats spike globally
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Jessie Lloyd wants to turn Indigenous songs into Australian classics, alongside the likes of Waltzing Matilda.

Songstress Jessie Lloyd takes music on a mission
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“I’ll answer my phone for a few select people, but most friends know if they call me they’ll get my answering machine.”

Hate answering the phone? You might have social anxiety
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This might be the coolest thing you'll see all day.
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referenced the "extraordinary" 100-year friendship between Australia and Israel as he touched down in Sydney.