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“I hope the film helps open up a conversation," says director Mira Nair of our Saturday night movie on SBS VICELAND.

'The Reluctant Fundamentalist': The film bridging the divide between east and west
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"Just as I was thinking that Moonlight’s coronation could change everything, [..] I received this bracing reminder of how far we still haven’t come."

Via SBS Sexuality.

Will 'Moonlight' finally change the way white people see black men?
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War is a bore in 'Three Kings', the movie that changed modern warfare on screen.

'Three Kings' I tonight 8:35pm I SBS Australia and later SBS On Demand.

'Three Kings' is Friday night movie
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Double Oscar-nominee will tackle the story of a flood in a small American town.

'Silence' cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto to make directorial debut
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James Gandolfini as The Godfather? Why not. Ewan McGregor playing Forrest Gump? You got it. See for yourself. Amazing.

'Walking Dead' star Ross Marquand is ridiculously good at celebrity impressions (Watch)
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"Probably the most important film about drag ever made, 'Paris is Burning' is a must watch."

Via SBS Sexuality

Let's take a moment to reflect on the importance of 'Paris Is Burning'
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Writer/director John Butler talks to SBS Sexuality about his coming-of-age comedy 'Handsome Devils', screening at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

School fairy tale 'Handsome Devil' asserts queer friendship over sex
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This stylish and ambitious disaster film by the director of 'Hell or High Water' is streaming now at SBS On Demand.

'Perfect Sense': Tainted love
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The trailer for the Netflix live-action adaptation of anime series 'Death Note' has been accused of whitewashing.

Via SBS PopAsia

Pens at the ready because the 'Death Note' trailer is here
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Did we need a 2017 'Power Rangers' reboot? Here's our verdict.

'Power Rangers': The mighty heroes morph onto the big screen
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The Oscar winner is entering the presidential race (on screen, at least).

Brie Larson to play first female U.S. presidential candidate in biopic
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Episodes 1 & 2 of 'The Night Manager' are now available at SBS On Demand.

Oscar-winner Susanne Bier on tackling spy thriller 'The Night Manager'
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Don't miss David Cronenberg's disturbing (and hilarious) sci-fi thriller tonight on SBS VICELAND.

'eXistenZ' I 8:30pm (no catch-up)

Watch 'eXistenZ' tonight on SBS VICELAND
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“Margaret, have you had your bioport fitted?” - David Stratton.
Our huge Movie Show archive houses so many treasures, like this 1999 review of David Cronenberg's 'Existenz', plus an interview with the man himself.
Catch 'Existenz' on SBS VICELAND, Wednesday. (All details: [ Link ]
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The new Power Rangers film will portray a character questioning their sexuality.

The new Power Rangers film will feature a gay superhero