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'Frog Dreaming' is an Aussie family adventure starring the boy from ET! Sit your kids down with it now on SBS On Demand.

Why you should watch 'Frog Dreaming'
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Here are some of the best movies of the Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival you'll be able to catch soon in Australia.

Look out for these 13 Berlin films heading to Australia
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This mighty film won the Sydney Film Festival's top prize last year and is now screening in cinemas.

'Aquarius': Brazilian story of dirty tricks developers is a treasure
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The 2017 Academy Awards are almost here. Make your picks and share them with your friends.

SBS Movies' interactive Oscar ballot is here
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"[Trump] collects $120,000 a year in his Screen Actors Guild pension fund. He is a Hollywood elitist."

George Clooney: President Trump and Steve Bannon are 'Hollywood elitists'
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Our '80 movie season concludes tonight with 'Flash (A-aaah!) Gordon', a camp classic which no self-respecting B-movie buff can't afford to miss.

'Flash Gordon' I 9:25pm I SBS VICELAND.

More info: [ Link ]
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The German-born composer responsible for the soundtracks of 'The Lion King', 'The Pirates of the Caribbean', and 'Gladiator', talks to SBS German about the art of composing and a rather surprising stage-fright.

Hans Zimmer: "You can either grow up or become a musician"
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Find out if you're going to see Martin Scorsese's new film on us.

Did you win a double pass to see ‘Silence’?
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As 'Rings' opens this week, here's a primer on the major US remakes of J-horror films and what’s been lost - or found - in translation.

What J-Horror loses when it crosses the Pacific
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Sorry, Europeans just do it better.

Why are American directors so bad at sex?
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Donald Glover just can't wait to be king.

Donald Glover to star in 'Lion King' remake
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Want to win a double pass to see Martin Scorsese’s new film 'Silence'? Simply enter your details for your chance to win. Hurry, the competition closes on Wednesday 22 February at 10am (AEDT).

Enter the competition here: [ Link ]
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Actor Paul Capsis chats to Patrick Abboud about playing a gay ethnic character in '90s Aussie drama 'Head On': "We smashed the barricades with that film."

'Head On' I 9:25pm I SBS VICELAND
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With the release of Martin Scorsese’s 'Silence', let's look back at how crises of faith are present in all his movies.

Martin Scorsese’s cinematic acts of faith
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Here are the big winners of this year's TEDDY AWARD at the Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival.

Teddys: Three LGBTQ films were major players in Berlin this year
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This searing Oz film is your Monday night movie on SBS VICELAND.

Ana Kokkinos' 'Head On' is a gutsy take on growing up Greek and gay
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Welcome the new week with open arms, thanks to our top-notch selection of movies screening on SBS Australia, SBS VICELAND, NITV and SBS On Demand.

What movies are screening this week on SBS