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Australia’s Islamic communities are leading the criticism levelled at Mr Trad for condoning domestic violence as a "last resort".

Keysar Trad apologises for 'clumsy' domestic violence comments
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An Australian Muslim convert is contesting a Liberal-held lower house seat in the Western Australian election to “stick up for the underdog”.

Bigotry and fear is the new norm, says new Muslim Greens candidate in WA
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Donald J. Trump's chief adviser Steve Bannon, a former Breitbart News executive chairman, says the president is “maniacally focused” on fulfilling his campaign promises [ Link ]
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In a rare joint appearance with Reince Priebus, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told conservatives to expect a daily fight as President Donald J. Trump pushes through his agenda.

White House strategist Bannon: expect a daily 'fight'
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"We are facing a tragedy."

More than $4 billion is needed by the end of March to help nearly 20 million people who risk starvation in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. [ Link ]
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Donald J. Trump said the US officials' visit to Mexico would not be easy.

Trump's envoys get cool reception as deportation plans upset Mexico
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The way sugar acts on our brain helps explain why we want to keep eating it.

Fact or fiction – is sugar addictive?
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A recent study found only 3 per cent of Americans own half of the guns in the US.

5 crazy things you might not know about guns in America
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A Native American scholar of environmental history and religious studies explains what Native American leaders mean when they say that certain landscapes are “sacred places” or “sacred sites".

What makes a mountain, hill or prairie a 'sacred' place for Native Americans?
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"We are here to oppose Australia's support for Israel."

Anti-Netanyahu protesters march through Sydney
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Iraqi forces have entered Mosul airport for the first time since the Islamic State group overran the region in 2014.

Iraqi forces take control of runway at IS-held Mosul airport
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Metropolitan Catholic archbishops have blamed the widespread abuse on a "catastrophic failure of leadership". [ Link ]
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"I went to the Mexico border twice and I purposely crossed the area where Trump is going to build the wall."

'Anybody could be a refugee': Ai Weiwei films global migrant crisis
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Live at pro-Palestinian rally at Sydney Town Hall in protest against the historic visit of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
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"Even if they don't let me, I will take my followers and protest until I'm allowed in to defend Ahok."

Australian imam volunteering to defend Jakarta's Ahok at blasphemy trial
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This man digs up the bodies of gangland murder victims for a living.

Tacking gang violence in El Salvador
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A poor economy and IS fighters are not enough to stop these stylish gentlemen – they’ve been called Iraq’s hipsters. [ Link ]
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Some Muslims shake hands with people from the opposite sex, others don’t. But why?

Why three Australian universities have a Muslim handshake ‘rule’
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The White House has formally moved to roll back yet more LGBT+ rights.

President Trump revokes Obama guidelines on transgender bathrooms