While auditioning for Scarface, Michelle Pfeiffer cut Al Pacino by throwing plates at him.
Scarface™ 05/12/2017

Michelle Pfeiffer on Her ‘Scarface’ Audition: ‘There’s Blood Everywhere’

Breanne Donelle Limas
Vanessa Gelista Torrez
Sandra Fitzpatrick
Universal’s reboot of Scarface will hit cinemas on Friday, Aug. 10, 2018. The studio had already RSVP’ed the date under untitled event film. The Coen Brothers are behind Scarface. It…
Scarface™ 02/10/2017

Universal’s ‘Scarface’ Reboot Will Say Hello To Moviegoers In August 2018

Spencer Sexton
Paul Baker
Jason Goodman
Vital lessons on the power of ambition from one of cinema's most determined opportunists
Scarface™ 10/18/2016

7 'Scarface' Lines For When Your Ambition Knows No Bounds

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EXCLUSIVE: Antoine Fuqua, whose upcoming Western The Magnificent Seven will serve as the Gala Opening Night Film of the Toronto Film Festival next month, is in talks with Universal to direct a re-i…
Scarface™ 10/02/2016

Antoine Fuqua Circling New ‘Scarface’ At Universal

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(…) Pacino reportedly responded quickly, saying that he's fine with the developing re-do, and that he actually finds the studio's plans to be "interesting." He added, "It's part of what we do. We remake things. I may remake a movie I saw recently. I can't say what it is. It's about 50 years old."
Pacino reportedly responded quickly saying that hes fine with the developing

How Al Pacino Feels About The Scarface Remake - CINEMABLEND

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Remakes are certainly not a new phenomenon in Hollywood, In fact, a person’s eyebrows are probably more likely to go all Groucho Marx when a film is released
Scarface™ 09/26/2016

5 Actors to Play Tony Montana In Scarface Remake | BLKDMNDS

Hassan Ryal
Rob Brown
Daniel Gilson
Nathan Barber
Jimmy Conway II
Wullie Sweeney
Samuel Ramirez
Antonio Aurelio Solana Díaz
Daniel Barrett
Angela Kennedy
Christopher González
Dennis Lemieux
Phillip Sanchez
Morris E. Brown
Jacob Mashinyana
Hollywood is planning to revive one of the biggest characters in cinematic lore: Tony Montana.
Scarface™ 08/11/2016

'Scarface' Remake: Five Actors That Should Be the Next Tony Montana

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Sanjay Sharma
Pater Piemelbrie's Pure Positiviteit
Robert Kemenj
Oliver Metcalfe
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Josineide Priori
Michael Matteo Rossi
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