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Hungry for more adventure after taking a ride on our award-winning Scenic Railway? Try the Old Ford Reserve. Not far from the heart of Scenic World, the reserve offers a tranquil picnic or camping environment, local walks, swimming areas, and wildlife that can't be found at the top of the cliffs.
Who's that handsome man you ask? None other than the Scenic World founder, Harry Hammon. With the help of his sister Isobel Fahey, they bought the lease of the Katoomba Colliery in 1945 to repurpose the old coal mines and surrounding area as a tourist attraction. The rest, as they say, is history!
Ever heard of a living fossil? The Wollemia nobilis or simply 'Wollemia' is part of the 'Araucariaceae' family of trees that first grew over 200 MILLION years ago! It was one of the most recent flora discoveries in the area having only been spotted in 1994 by a bushwalker. Be inspired to explore the wonders of the Blue Mountains National Park - you never know what ancient wonders you may find.
Don't forget your camera! We're about to enter prime scenic season, and the Scenic Skyway is just one of the many places here to capture some incredible imagery. #ScenicWorld #VisitBlueMountains
You might already be lost in its eyes, but take a closer look at the feet. The appropriately named Powerful Owl or 'Ninox strenua' uses its intimidating talons to hunt prey such as full size possums! The owl can only be found on the east coast, and is the largest member of the Australian 'hawk-owl' family, with territories stretching across 1,000 hectares or more.
"Awe inspiring." We couldn't have put it better ourselves, Matt - and we certainly couldn't have captured it better. What an incredible sunrise seen here taken from behind the Three Sisters themselves. It's all a matter of perspective!

Credit: Matte Photographics #VisitBlueMountains
Our cableway is the biggest cable car in Australia. It can hold 84 passengers at once - far more than a typical NSW bus, which on average holds only 54 passengers! #VisitBlueMountains
Spent a long day exploring the ancient rainforest on the 2.4km Scenic Boardwalk? Or perhaps you preferred the bird's eye view of the Skyway? However you spent your day in Scenic World, Station Bar is the perfect place to wrap it up for dinner. With a selection of locally sourced wine, wood fired pizza and live music, the eclectic atmosphere provides the perfect setting to hit peak relaxation,...
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This could be you! Another fantastic shot by Simon Ward capturing the sheer size and scale of our incredible Three Sisters lookout. #FeelSmallAgain
To celebrate Locals Month here at Scenic World, we’ve decided to give you the chance to meet some inspiring people who call the beautiful Blue Mountains home. This week it’s Jarrod Wheatley, the founder of Street Art Murals Australia.
To share the love, we are offering our Blue Mountains neighbours a 25% discount on our fully priced Adult Unlimited Pass and 30% off our Annual Passes. Check our...
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The commonly called narrow-leaved geebung is a shrub native to NSW. Blooming in summer and autumn, the coming months are the best time to keep a look out for the distinctive yellow flowers and green fleshy fruit known as drupes. These fruits are consumed by the currawong, possum and even kangaroo! #VisitBlueMountains
It's your final chance to submit work to be a part of Sculpture at Scenic World 2017! Apply here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Artist: Lucy Barker, Pixel Premise; Image: Keith Maxwell. #ScenicSculpture #ScenicWorld
Our Skyway is the highest cable car in Australia. Suspended 270 metres above ancient rainforest, that’s taller than the Rockefeller Centre in New York! #VisitBlueMountains
Spend your Sunday in Glenbrook trying to track down this cheeky cockatoo! This great shot was taken by Bec Cameron at the Euroka Clearing, and we hear it's looking for more modelling opportunities! #ScenicWorld #VisitBlueMountains
Just keep strolling! Spring is the perfect time for impromptu bushwalks along our 2.4km boarded walkway. Treat yourselves to a picnic if the weather is right, and finish the day by stopping in at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre 'As far as the eye can see' is the BMCC's latest exhibition, featuring works by prominent Australian printmakers investigating their surrounding landscapes -...
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And they're off! We've come a long way since our inception more than 70 years ago! #VisitBlueMountains #ScenicWorld
We’re celebrating Locals Month by giving you the chance to meet some inspiring people who call the beautiful Blue Mountains home. This week it’s Justin Morrissey, co-founder of not for profit organisation Toolo and Exhibition Manager of Sculpture at Scenic World.
To share the love, we are offering our Blue Mountains neighbours a 25% discount on our fully priced Adult Unlimited Pass and 30% off...
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​Grevillea rosmarinifolia is commonly known as the Rosemary Grevillea due to its leaves being reminiscent of rosemary. Blooming pink clusters from winter through to spring, these flowers are rich in nectar and attract nectarivorous insects and birds, imperative to local biodiversity! #VisitBlueMountains
​Be a part of the incredible rainforest transformation that is Sculpture at Scenic World 2017! Artist submissions are now open, apply now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Artist: Jane Gillings, Parasite; image: Keith Maxwell. #ScenicSculpture #VisitBlueMountains
​Leura cascades turning it up for summer... The perfect spot to stop and cool off after a rainforest walk in the Mountains! Thanks for the shot Simon Ward Images. #VisitBlueMountains #ScenicWorld