Don’t forget your canine Casanova this Valentine’s Day.
Happy Halloween! Roger is ready to trick and treat the 10 best dressed dogs with a SCHMACKOS Treat Pack. Simply post a picture of your Halloween hound wearing their favourite costume in the comments below to be in the draw to win. T&C’s apply. [ Link ]
Halloween’s coming!
Don’t forget to treat your fur monsters this year. So whether they’re trick-or-treating with you or greeting the monsters at the door, have plenty of SCHMACKOS treats ready!
Ever wondered how those little dogs dressed in appalling jackets feel about being dressed in appalling jackets? Well, now you can find out. Watch as Glen opens up about a life clad in tartan.
Getting the maximum number of dog treats out of your human is all about timing. And by timing we mean just as they’re settling down to watch Netflix. With a tub of low fat yoghurt. Probably French Vanilla. Yep, that’s prime dog treat time.
Why are some dog’s slower learners than others? Is it because they’re just not that clever? Or is it because they’re actually super genius ‘human trainers’ teaching us to feed them SCHMACKOS STRAPZ?
It’s not that corgis can’t do tricks; they simply choose not to. I mean, why should they? Isn’t being a glorious corgi impressive enough?
The smaller the dog the more intense the rivalry with handheld vacuums. That’s just the natural order of things. Why is that? Well, you’ll have to ask a dog. Or the dust-buster. We asked a dog.
What lengths will an Afghan Hound go to for a SCHMACKOS STRAPZ? Great lengths. One might say ‘wizard-like’ lengths. So watch as a heavily pixelated Allan confesses all.
Congratulations to our Caption This Winner Jenny Ryan for coming up with this stitch-a-roo!
Roger apologises for taking so long.. He has been talking to lots of dogs & convincing them to confess.
Jenny please PM us your address to receive a little treat in the mail!
Ever wondered why dogs love doors? Seems like a weird thing to love. But there’s pretty much never been a door a dog didn’t want to be on the other side of. Strange. If only there was some way we could ask them and they could tell us. Hang on, what’s this video…