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12/04/2016 at 17:01. Facebook
Planning your holiday look already? Get hair inspiration and look gorgeous this Christmas!
12/01/2016 at 23:10. Facebook
Keeping your woolly hat on because your hair is all dry and frizzy? Treat it to some extra care this winter: Schauma Repair & Care will regenerate your hair whenever you need it to.
11/29/2016 at 19:10. Facebook
Winter time is care time – Give your hair the special treatment it needs to protect it from dry heat and the cold winter air.
Are you ready for the holiday season? With Brillance 860 Ultraviolet, be sure to outshine the winter !
November blues? These hairstyles will cheer you up!
Get stronger, smoother and shinier hair – Palette Intensive Color Creme is more caring than ever before. Indulge in the most delicious nougat or mocca shades. Can you say no to chocolate?
Say NO to greasy hair! With proper care your hair can look freshly washed, super-healthy, and very, very shiny – every day.
It‘s #Friyay - and Glam Force is here to give you the power to rock out all night long. What are you up to tonight?
Create your freezestyle with got2b glued for a scandalously strong hold. Show us your freeze hairstyle! Create your freezestyle with got2b glued for a scandalously strong hold. Show us your freeze hairstyle!
Get the full healthy look, from body to hair. With Schauma Sea Buckthorn, revitalize and refresh your hair after the Gym. What´s your favourite workout?
We’ve all been there, haven’t we? How do you deal with unexpected rain?
It‘s that beautiful time of year again. As it gets colder outside, the trend colours are heating up. What do you like most about fall?
Achieve luxurious prêt-à-porter beauty with our essence ULTÎME Omega Oil+ Repair Expert.
Rain forecasted? What do I care! With the right style, you can defy the elements. What‘s your secret against bad weather?
Fall days are colourful but cold, so be prepared to enjoy this beautiful season with got2b Oil-licious. What do you love most about fall?
From blond to ombre to brown – fall is definitely the most colourful season and has many shades to offer. Which one is your favourite?
Who is going to a Halloween Party tonight? But why should it be all about the costume? Go wild with a crazy, wacky Halloween hairstyle. You’ll be the most bootiful person at the party. Grrr!
Let your hair shine just as beautiful as the leaves in the autumn sun. Which Palette autumn shade would you choose?
Strength, elasticity, bounce, suppleness and healthy hair – discover all these 5 dimensions of youthful hair with essence ULTÎME Caviar+ Hair Renew.
What are you up to this weekend? Nothing? Get your best friends together, go out there, and get all eyes on you. What are you waiting for?