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Otters of unusual size once roamed the river valleys of China:

Enormous otters once roamed southwestern China
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As a new semester starts, some tips from scientists on how to read a research paper:

How to (seriously) read a scientific paper
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"Stone entitled his memoir based on a quote attributed to U.S. President John F. Kennedy, 'One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.'

We should all recognize the impact that individuals can make and strive to do our part in the coming year."

Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Berg writes this week's Editorial:

Everyone should try
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A coalition that aims to develop new vaccines for emerging infectious diseases has nearly half a billion dollars in its coffers -- and its first three diseases in its sights:

A half-billion-dollar bid to develop vaccines against the next viral threat
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One researcher describes the rewards -- and challenges -- of a career that spans continents in this week's Working Life:

The transcontinental scientist
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Is it worth it to spend time as a postdoc?

The price of doing a postdoc
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A majority of the world's primate species are threatened with extinction as a result of human activities.

Read the research in our open-access Science Advances journal:

Impending extinction crisis of the world’s primates: Why primates matter
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"We've still got an awful lot to learn about what one generation gives to the next."

A mysterious method of gene control sheds its secrets
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New in Science Immunology, how the mosquito immune system fights malaria and insights into the development of arthritis.
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How much do you know about the history of science in the White House?

Our new Science Quiz looks at science breakthroughs of presidencies past -- and some of the future's biggest scientific challenges:

The Science Quiz: All the president’s scientists
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How metagenomics is helping to reveal the structures of hundreds of proteins:

Hundreds of elusive protein structures pinned down from genome data
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Reducing corruption with smart cards, the history of sea-surface temperatures, and tracking 3 billion years of enzyme activity.

Our new issue is live! [ Link ]
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If you have a Ph.D., when do you go by "Doctor"?

A light-hearted look at "the 'doctor' question:"

I’m not a doctor, but I play one on my CV
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There's a lot we're still learning about the incredible diversity of animal genitals: [ Link ]
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"At 1 a.m. on 4 June 2016, Gustavo German, a doctoral student in biomedicine at Harvard University, heard a knock at his door.

It was three police officers."

How a dispute at Harvard led to a grad student’s forced mental exam and an extraordinary restraining order against a prominent scientist
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The January 18 issue of Science Translational Medicine is live!

Tracking engineered immune cells in brain tumors, a robotic sleeve that assists the heart, cells that fight against HIV, and more…

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