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The March 22 issue of Science Translational Medicine has arrived!

Smartphone app for evaluating semen quality, bacterial characteristics that determine UTI risk, analysis of flu vaccine performance, and more…

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A controversial new study is proposing a radical shakeup of the dinosaur family tree:

T. rex gets new home in shakeup of dino family tree
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Policy experts from AAAS, the publisher of Science, are speaking live about the Presidential budget proposal and what it means for science.

Watch now:
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A forthcoming study reports on air pollution in 18 of the world's "megacities":

Here are some of the world’s worst cities for air quality
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An improved targeting system is making American nuclear weapons more precise -- with risky consequences:

More precise U.S. nukes could raise tensions with Russia
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Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night... will be a problem for self-driving cars, if a new machine learning algorithm is successful:

Researchers teach self-driving cars to ‘see’ better at night
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How can you make the most of your time as a postdoc?

Some thoughts and advice from Science Careers:

Getting the most out of your postdoc
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Researchers have developed a new, more environmentally friendly way of creating vanillin:

A greener way of making vanilla
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On a microscopic scale, keeping track of growing plants can be tough.

Researchers are getting a new look -- in 3D:

Watching plants grow has never been this exciting
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Why is science important to you?

Share your story with AAAS -- you could be published in an upcoming issue of Science:

Share Your Story
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The world's first full-body PET scanner could be ready by the end of 2018:

World’s first full-body PET scanner could aid drug development, monitor environmental toxins
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"It is critical that we scientists engage, communicate our science, and make it accessible to the larger community."

This week's Working Life:

Step out of the lab and engage
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Science Careers shares advice on how to take control of your career:

The keys to career control
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How can researchers, patients, government, and industry come together for the treatment and prevention of cancer?

This week's Editorial:

A new cancer ecosystem
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Just as the atoms in familiar crystals are resilient to changes in space, "time crystals" seem to steadfastly hold their set pulse:

Enter the time crystal, a new form of matter
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A newly designed transparent pad can detect a finger's touch -- even when it's being bent.

Read the research in our open-access Science Advances journal:

Bend, stretch, and touch: Locating a finger on an actively deformed transparent sensor array
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Scientists are getting a bear's-eye view of life in the wild:

Bears are bigger killers than thought, gruesome video footage reveals