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In less than a decade, NASA will send a spacecraft to Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Here's how we'll avoid contaminating it with life from Earth:

How to protect Europa from Earthlings
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No bigger than a grain of salt, a new type of camera lens can focus the same way an eagle's eyes can:

These tiny camera lenses can ‘see’ like an eagle
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The licensing for CRISPR is complex -- and could hamper scientific discovery.

Our latest Policy Forum:

CRISPR, surrogate licensing, and scientific discovery
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"No one yet knows if Neandertal cannibalism was a ritual practice, reserved for special occasions and imbued with special meaning, or if they were just really, really hungry."

European Neandertals were cannibals
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This weekend, scientists from around the world will be speaking at the AAAS Annual Meeting.

We'll be livestreaming select sessions throughout the meeting -- feel free to tune in!

Remote Viewing | 2017 AAAS Annual Meeting
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Many Himalayan glaciers are receding -- which could leave glacial lakes poised to trigger disastrous floods:

Melting glaciers around Mount Everest may be forming killer lakes
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After a strong public outcry, the USDA has restored some of the tens of thousands of animal welfare documents removed from its website earlier this month:

In reversal, USDA reposts some animal welfare records it had removed from website
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"However the event may be perceived, there’s no question that we need to vociferously remind the world that it makes sense to base policies on data."

In his latest column for Science Careers' "Experimental Error", Adam Ruben gives his take on the March for Science:

Scientists are pro-testing
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A new study has found that citronella doesn't hold a candle to other mosquito repellents:

Want to repel mosquitoes? Don’t use citronella candles
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Organic compounds on Ceres, the business of CRISPR, and how seagrass helps keeps the ocean healthy.

Our new issue is live! [ Link ]
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The Science Data Stories Contest is back!

Wow us with your best data visualization videos -- and check out last year's contest winners:

Fire up your gray matter for Science’s second annual Data Stories Contest!
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The battles behind the creation of CRISPR, Inc.:

How the battle lines over CRISPR were drawn
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A new report from Science Translational Medicine finds that cutting back on food for just 5 days a month could provide meaningful health benefits:

Five-day fasting diet could fight disease, slow aging
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The February 15 issue of Science Translational Medicine is here!

Tracking immunity against HIV, a new way to test cancer drugs for adverse effects on the heart, potential link between a type of epilepsy and a parasitic worm, and more…

[ Link ]
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New flexible blades could lead to more efficient wind turbines:

Wind turbines inspired by insect wings are 35% more efficient
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Since 1990, thousands of children in war-torn South Sudan and Uganda have been afflicted by a severe and puzzling form of epilepsy.

A new study may have found the culprit:

Mystery nodding syndrome may be triggered by parasitic worm
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A once-promising drug for Alzheimer's now appears to have "virtually no chance of success":

Another Alzheimer's drug flops in pivotal clinical trial