Science Friday
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Science Friday
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Try making your own soil mix for your next garden.

Make Your Own Soil Mix - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Why does the sound of an erhu—a two-stringed Chinese fiddle—differ from a cello?

Visualizing the Beauty of Vibrato - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Happy World Poetry Day! Did you know you can use poetry to introduce your kids to scientific concepts?
Science Friday
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In New York 2140, we'd be underwater right now. #SciFriBookClub kicks off with Kim Stanley Robinson and Ira at the Strand Book Store.
Science Friday
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According to legend, this mutant green rose marked the yards of conductors for the Underground Railroad.

The Green Rose - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Let's do some Sunday science and play with Miura folds!

Tessellation and Miura Folds - Science Friday
Science Friday
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In Kim Stanley Robinson's latest novel, the city that never sleeps goes aquatic.

Kim Stanley Robinson Tackles How to Keep a Drowning City Afloat - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Lower quality breakfast staples could be on the horizon.

How Climate Change Threatens Your Breakfast - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Science Friday
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Today at 2pm ET: Author Kim Stanley Robinson's latest book, New York 2140, imagines a Manhattan drowned by climate change. Tune in!

Making It in a Futuristic, Flooded New York - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Science Friday
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Science Friday
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The new administration has already begun an expansive effort to chip away at environmental policy.

What to Expect From Trump's Environmental Policy - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Did you know you can estimate π by dropping sticks?

Estimate Pi by Dropping Sticks - Science Friday
Let's celebrate Pi Day in the best way possible.

Kitchen Math: How to Eat π Pies - Science Friday