Science Friday
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How accurate are Facebook's assumptions about you?

Chat: How Well Does Facebook Know Us? - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Between stints illustrating ads for Atari and military maneuvers for the Air Force, Rick Guidice was imagining humans living beyond Earth for NASA.

This '70s Artist Painted Our Future in Space - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Science Friday
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Big news: NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced today the discovery of seven Earth-sized exoplanets orbiting Trappist-1, only about 40 light years away. Three of them are in the star's habitable zone.

We'll be discussing more this Friday!
Science Friday
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Lithium-ion batteries have been the culprits behind a string of combusting devices. Could a safer battery be on the horizon?

The Plastic Battery That Doesn’t Explode - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Science Friday
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The orchid mantis looks "orchid-ish" rather than mimicking any particular species.

Unraveling the Orchid Mantis Mystery - Science Friday
Science Friday
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The newly appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has said that “net neutrality is a solution in search of a problem.”

How Will Net Neutrality and Telecomm Fare Under the New Administration? - Science Friday
Science Friday
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The minds behind The Expanse chat about space flight, space politics, and how they keep the show feeling real.

How Humans Might Really Colonize the Solar System - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Electric vehicles may reach price parity with gasoline-powered ones within five years.

Which New Battery Technology Will Take Electric Vehicles to the Finish Line? - Science Friday
Science Friday
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The future will run on batteries – so researchers are trying to find the batteries of the future. #NationalBatteryDay

Booting Up the Search for Better Batteries - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Climate change may have been a factor in the collapse of ancient civilizations in the American Southwest.

Climate and the Collapse of Ancient Civilizations - Science Friday
Science Friday
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Today on Science Friday: The future is full of batteries. Could they be the key to society's energy wasting woes? Will new batteries make electric cars mainstream? Tune in at 2pm ET!
We're making paperfuges with Xochitl and Rachel! #SciFriEdu
Only three females of the species have ever been seen in the wild.

Behold, the Gargantuan Stick Insect - Science Friday
Sorry everyone! Holographic cosmology doesn't mean we're all living in a hologram.

Consider the Universe. Now, Subtract Time and Gravity. - Science Friday
We asked experts on the Flint water crisis what you can do to keep your water clean from lead contamination.

Tips to Keep Your Drinking Water Clean - Science Friday
We got you a tiny something for Valentine's Day.

A Nanoparticle Heart - Science Friday
What better way to celebrate love than with math?

Make a Mathy Valentine - Science Friday