Science Gallery Dublin
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From Ex Machina to Terminator, artificial intelligence, ‘synths’ and robots have invaded our cinemas. But how far from reality is the depiction on the silver screen? Join us for a free lunchtime discussion about how ‘machines’, both good and bad, are portrayed in contemporary film and the real science and technology behind AI as portrayed in popular culture.

Our guest speaker for the...
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Science Gallery Dublin
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Looking for something to do over the Easter break? Learn how to build Android apps from scratch with MAKESHOP - no experience necessary!

Apps After School: Easter Special
Science Gallery Dublin
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Philip Lymbery, author of the bestseller Farmageddon: the True Cost of Cheap Meat, joins us next week to launch his latest book - Dead Zone - about the effects of industrial farming, and how we can save the world's most iconic and endangered species. Free tickets at [ Link ]
Wondering what to look out for at HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY? Our mediators Aleksandra Amaladass and Ryan Coyne spoke to about some of their favourite exhibits: [ Link ]

Aleksandra Amaladass and Ryan Coyne : Humans need not apply
Linda Doyle is the Director of CONNECT and Professor of Engineering and The Arts in Trinity College Dublin. She was also the Director of CTVR, the precursor to CONNECT. Her expertise lies in the fields of wireless communications, cognitive radio, reconfigurable networks, spectrum management and creative arts practices.
Adam Rutherford of BBC's Inside Science, scientific advisor on Ex Machina and new release LIFE, talks to us this Friday lunchtime about the portrayal of robots in film. See [ Link ]

The robots of HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY are taking a well-deserved break for the bank holiday — the gallery will be closed on 17th March, St. Patrick's Day, reopening on Saturday, 18th March from 12 to 6 as usual.
Graham McLaren and Neil Murray were appointed as joint Directors of the Abbey Theatre in 2016. Both came to the Abbey Theatre from the National Theatre of Scotland, Graham as Associate Director and Neil as Executive Producer. Together, they are responsible for the Abbey's programming from 2017 onwards.
The most striking images from the year in science are now on display upstairs at Science Gallery Dublin — from photography and illustration to super-resolution microscopy and medical scans, the Wellcome Image Awards finalists use a variety of methods to capture the imagination and bring complex concepts to life. More info here: [ Link ]
FastCo's Infographic of the Day features 5000times. An exhibit in our current show HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY.

Exposing The One Part Of Apple Design You'll Never See
Speaking of robots who don't act as we expect; Dunne & Raby's Technological Dreams Series from 2009 pushed the envelope in imagining how we might interact with our future assistants, and what they might expect from us...

Dunne & Raby
The big sister of our Antisocial Swarm Robots is operational and avoiding all human contact in the desert and challenging our traditional perception of our automated future.

Anti-Social 'Shybot' Rolls Around the Sonoran Desert, Running Away From Humans - Motherboard
Linda Doyle, expert in wireless communications, cognitive radio, reconfigurable networks, spectrum management and creative arts practice takes to the First Up stage next week on Wednesday 22nd at 1pm. You can see her TED talk here. Tickets at [ Link ]

Republic of Radio: Linda Doyle at TEDxDUBLIN

TEDxDublin was hosted by Science Gallery at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on September 8th, 2012. Republic of Radio: Sharing Spectru...

This morning we're featuring lightning talks as part of WERK* - the careers event with a twist supported by Hypatia and Expect Everything. Speakers include: Jennifer Cleary, RTE presenter and biochemistry; Niambh Scullion, Women In Tech and CoderDojo; Dylan Coburn Grey, playwright and theatremaker; Elaine Burke, managing editor of Silicon Republic; STEM ambassador Miriam Harte; science...
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What does the future hold? With robots poised to transform today's society as completely as the internet did twenty years ago, can we predict what is coming down the line? From intelligent homes to driverless cars and robotic helpers, intelligent agents have the potential to usher in a new age of affluence and leisure — but what will the transition look like?

Brian MacNamee, lecturer in the...
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As part of Engineers Week, join us for an evening of expert talks focusing on astronomy and the engineering behind space exploration. Or how we are going to get them there? What materials might be needed to withstand the rigors of space exploration? And how engineers are designing systems so settlers can survive on arrival? Engineering pushes the boundaries of what is possible. With David...
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Happy International Women's Day from all in Science Gallery Dublin! There are just a handful of tickets left for WERK, our careers event this Friday for secondary school students. We'll be exploring issues like the ones addressed here.....if not enough women participate in designing and creating Artificial Intelligence, will AI will become the ultimate expression of masculinity? [...
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Are robots sexist? The danger of the lack of women in AI
Got some time to give to research? Probe: Research Uncovered at Trinity College Dublin participant Giovanni Frazzetto is interviewing participants next week at the gallery for his latest project on intimacy. Book a slot here [ Link ]

RESEARCH STUDY: What is intimacy?