The number of UFO sightings 2016 is increasing as two more incidences of UFO sightings were reported last week. One was in Japan, while the other report came from Los Angeles, USA.

UFO Sightings 2016: Two More Added To The List Within A Week
Iridium has announced that the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket may have another flight on Dec. 16. The communications company will send 10 satellites on board for the launch.

SpaceX To Have Another Flight This Week
Physicists discovered a rare crystal inside the Russian meteorite.

An Incredibly Rare Crystal On Earth Uncovered In A Russian Meteorite
NASA released numerous GIFs from its archive in its Pinterest and GIPHY pages in an effort to showcase its successful space explorations.

Space News Today: NASA Shared Its GIF Archive On Pinterest And GIPHY
The study of after effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan reveals shocking facts about the severity and the reach of the nuclear radiation leak.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Aftermath Reveals Mind-Boggling Facts
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft commenced its ring-grazing orbits, capturing stunning pictures of Saturn’s hexagon-shaped storm in its northern hemisphere.

NASA Latest News Release: The Cassini Spacecraft Began Its Mission Of Ring-Grazing Orbits
A strange phenomenon happened just outside Israel's border after ISIS attack.

Biblical 'Pillar Of Cloud' Appeared Over Israel-Syria Border Following ISIS Attack
The bad news is that the polar bear numbers could drop by more than 30 percent in the mid-century.

Polar Bear Numbers Could Decline By Over 30% As The Arctic Sea Ice Melts
Allergies can be fatal if they are not treated immediately and correctly.

Little Boy’s Death Gives People Significant Lesson About Food Allergies
Larsen Ice Shelf cracking could cause rise of sea levels.

Massive Rift Found In Antarctica’s Larsen Ice Shelf
As SpaceX is one of the most aggressive company to colonize Mars, are there offers for Elon Musk?

SpaceX Mars Mission News: Does Elon Musk Have New Partner In Colonizing Mars?
UFO hunters claim that frequent USAF and UFOs are trusted allies. USAF is testing the acquired alien UFO technology at the Nellis Air Force base.

USAF And UFOs Have Joined Forces; USAF Acquired Alien UFO Technology, According To UFO Hunters
Salads can make people gain weight if they are eating the wrong ingredients.

Why Your Salads Can Make People Gain Weight Instead Of Losing
Nestle, a Swiss company, has figured out a way to reduce the sugar content of its chocolates by 40 percent without changing the taste.

Nestle Creates Low-Sugar Chocolate To Curb Diabetes: But It Still Tastes Good
Prof. Stephen Hawking was released after being admitted to the hospital for two days for his health check.

Stephen Hawking Released From Hospital, Warns Humans Against Risk Of Destroying Earth