Shifting climate patterns in North America could hit U.S. crop production hard, possibly even halving the production of corn by the end of the century, a new study finds.

U.S. Crop Harvests Could Suffer with Climate Change
Trump’s appointment to oversee America’s parks and federal lands has pledged to protect them and public access while undoing federal regulation.

Public Lands and Environment under Interior Nominee Zinke: A Mixed Bag
Here are five of the major moves made by the president-elect that many see as hostile toward science.

Trump's 5 Most "Anti-Science" Moves
Four charts illustrate the government that Trump inherits as it relates to science and research, and explore how the new president might seek to take things in a different direction.

How Trump Could Unravel Obama's Science Legacy
What's causing so many galaxies in the universe to die before their time?

Galactic Murder Mystery Solved by Gas Stripping
Dr. Francis Collins will remain NIH director for the time being.

NIH Director Francis Collins to Stay On Under Trump, For Now
A new proposal from the FDA would address CRISPR and other cutting-edge technologies.

Gene-Edited Animals Face U.S. Regulatory Crackdown
Ocean temperatures in a natural warm period 125,000 years ago were indistinguishable from today—but sea level was six to nine meters higher.

Ancient Warm Period Hints at Future Sea Level Rise
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Donald Trump’s presidency begins today, giving him the ability to act on numerous pledges he has made related to global warming.

Trump Day 1: Global Warming's Fate
What happens to an amputated body part?

What To Do With Your Amputated Leg
Al Gore and the filmmakers of ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ discuss the movie at its world premiere. #TruthtoPower
Children are looking to the adults in their world to understand what is right but also who to like or approach and who to avoid or distance from.

How Kids Catch Our Social Biases
From California to Pennsylvania, local leaders, health officials and researchers are advancing measures to protect children from the toxic threat.

U.S. Cities Move to Curb Lead Poisoning
Viruses called phages hijack bacteria and use them to produce more copies of themselves. Now researchers have found they can also communicate.

Do You Speak Virus? Phages Caught Sending Chemical Messages
NASA is now building the rover that it hopes will bring back signs of life on the Red Planet.

The $2.4-Billion Plan to Steal a Rock from Mars
Why don’t hours spent on a treadmill translate to pounds lost? Learn the surprising evolutionary reason why exercise alone won't help you lose weight and what to do about it in the February issue. [ Link ]
Studies show that when individuals felt a sense of power, they were more likely to anchor on their own viewpoints and less likely to take others’ perspectives.

Think Trump Will Be More Inclusive After Winning?
A billion-dollar initiative aims to pre-emptively develop and stockpile vaccines to combat potential epidemic threats.

Billion-Dollar Project Aims to Prep Vaccines before Epidemics Hit