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The Supreme Court of Appeal recently ruled that when married in community of property, your pension falls into the joint estate and will be divided upon divorce. Read more:

Court rules that exes must share pensions | IOL

Some doctors don’t have the necessary professional skills, which may result in you getting hurt when you need their help. AZIKHIPHI! Don’t let them put your life in danger. Make a case for negligence and let Scorpion Legal Protection help you to strike back! SMS “Like” to 34453 to join today!
Your claim for professional negligence can be rejected if you don’t follow the correct processes. Check with the professional governing body concerned to make sure that you have grounds to claim professional negligence and follow the right processes. #StaySmart
Doctors have a responsibility to take care of your medical needs. If you feel worse or sustain more injuries after seeing a doctor, it could be a case of negligence.
New regulations from the National Credit Regulator (NCR), effective 11 November 2016, now stipulates that all credit providers who charge interest need to be registered. Read more here:

Creditors must sign up to NRC

When you want to submit a professional negligence claim, it should be to the appropriate governing body. The governing body is the board that handles malpractice in the field, for example: the HPCSA for medical malpractice.
If you want to claim professional negligence, you need to be able to prove that the professional had a duty of care that they neglected to do.
Instead of getting medical aid, John* was given medical insurance. When he found out, he cancelled the policy within the cooling off period and demanded a refund. They refused. That is when John decided to strike back!
Scorpion lawyer Chrystal sprang into action and contacted the insurer on his behalf. She got hold of the recording in which John cancelled his policy. Faced with the evidence,...
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Did you know? You need to inform your insurer of any changes that may affect your cover. This includes a change in the regular driver of the car, if the car is parked at another location, or if it is now used for business purposes.
Your claim can be rejected if your insurer finds that your car isn’t roadworthy! Make sure your car is in a roadworthy condition at all times. #StaySmart
Look out for Scorpion at the Cherry Jazz festival tomorrow.
When Andrea* was involved in a car accident, she never imagined that it would take nearly 6 months for her claim to be processed and paid out! Luckily, she had Scorpion on her side to keep the ball rolling to help her strike back legally.
Siphesihle continuously followed up with the insurer to ensure that the paperwork was being completed, and that the assessment was done, even when he kept on...
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Did you know? Your insurance company doesn’t need breathalyser or blood tests to prove that you were under the influence of alcohol. If they have reason to believe that you were drunk at the time of the accident, they may legally refuse your claim. Don’t drink and drive!
The Merafeng Primary School in Winterfeldt, Mabopane, was given a much needed cash-boost by Scorpion. We donated R15 000 plus 150 schoolbags to the learners of the school.
Your claim may be rejected if you are involved in an accident and your insurance company finds out that your car wasn’t roadworthy. Even worn wipers can jeopardise your claim. Make sure your car is roadworthy at all times! #StaySmart
Did you know? When taking out vehicle insurance, the higher your monthly premium, the lower the excess amount you’ll have to pay is likely to be. Your premium will also be dependent on your risk profile, including your previous claims, where the vehicle is parked, and who the regular driver is. Talk about all the options when taking out insurance to ensure the cover you choose best suits your...
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Some insurers try to hide behind unclear terms and conditions to get out of paying claims. Azikhipi!
Before signing an insurance policy, make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions. If anything is unclear, ask them to explain.
Some towing companies will do anything to get your business, even if they’re not authorised by your insurance company. Azikhipi! Make sure the towing service you use obtained prior authorisation to tow your vehicle by checking with your insurer before you let them take your car. If you are a Scorpion Policy holder, you can tell them to leave your car alone, or they will have legal trouble from...
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