Today Arianna received her White Coat at Cornell Vet School. The ceremony signifies that she has finished class and starts her clinical rotations at the hospital. We are very proud of her and how she loves to help animals.
Heading down to the Cape to play guitar with James Montgomery and his all-stars Saturday night at the LOFT. Sunday I'll be watching ayla.

[ Link ]

There are only 20 or so tix available for both shows. Come on down and have some fun. See you there.

Ayla Brown Live on Cape Cod
Gail and I are hitting the Celtics game tonight. Should be fun.

In a couple of weeks we are heading down to the Cape to hear Ayla perform again. She had a sold out show last week and a lot of old friends came. Hope you can join us.

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Ayla Brown Live on Cape Cod
Ayla Brown had a great sold out concert on Friday. Our friend Ernie Boch was there, David Josef and his husband and many old friends and family. Great to see them all. Arianna and her husband surprised us and drove in from Ithaca to attend. Busy, but good family weekend. Hitting the gym after dragging their butts out of bed. Ha
Honored to be back at the Pentagon today to be at the promotion ceremony or my former boss and friend General Rofrano. Great to see my old colleagues. Well deserved for him and his family.
Happy Valentine's Day to all. Hit the gym with Gail, working on taxes (ugh), making lunch, doing FOX and then a great dinner out with Gail.

We are helping Ayla celebrate the release of her new Valentine's Day single #takeyourname being released in iTunes today. Download it and share with your significant other. [ Link ]

Would love to hear of your plans today. Enjoy.

Take Your Name - Single
Had some Wayne Gretzky Ice Wine at Niagara on the Lake. $99 Canadian per bottle. I'm not a big wine guy, but it was really great. A Canadian legend.
Had a great time for a couple of days with Gail, Arianna and Jimmy at Niagara Falls. Cold as Sh-t. Had fun at the Casino. Took some good Canadian money back the the US. Getting ready for the Pats game. Go Pats. I love Matty Ice from our BC days. Matt's wife Sarah was the Captain when Ayla played hoop there. He is a super nice guy. Nonetheless, love Brady, Edelman and the team way better.
Some nice photos from yesterday. Fun day. Now the work begins.
If you like Rock and Roll then you will over this show that my good friend Ted Poley from Danger Danger is putting together. A can't miss weekend to once again enjoy our youth. It should be called legends of Rock. I either listen to or have played guitar with some of theses bands. I am attaching the link, so treat yourself and join me.

[ Link ]
We are excited to have Ayla return to New England and perform in Franklin, MA. Gail and a lot of the family will be there. Come join us for a fun night. It sold out last time she appeared here. Please forward to your friends.

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Here is a great story that my wife did about one of the toughest players in the NFL. Enjoy.
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New England Patriots' Edelman talks about new children's book 'Flying High' | NH1
As usual, our animal alarm clock (that I got Gail for Christmas last year) got "me" up again at exactly 6:53am. Funny as hell. Same time every day. I wake up to the face seen below staring at me. The minute I open my eyes, it is lick city til I get up. Really funny. Great way to start the day.

I came downstairs and cleaned the downstairs area for 2 hours. Ugh You know, things we always put...
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Heading to the swearing in of Gov. Elect Sununu today with Gail and some friends. Congrats. Glad they will finally fix the "residency" problem in NH.

Yesterday, Gail interviewed one of my favorite and toughest players in the NFL - Juilian Edelman and got his autograph on
my official Pats helmet to go next to my other favorite player Doug Flutie. Going on fireplace mantel. I don't care if u r...
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I want to thank the 99.9% of you that pushed back against the mean-spirited haters and sent supportive and positive messages to Ayla Brown. The remaining .1%, I will pray for you.

Arianna just made a great breakfast and now we are getting ready to open some presents. After that I'm going to play a little guitar, we will watch some tear jerker Christmas movies, and then family and food....
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Ayla Brown "Spend Christmas With You"

Ayla Brown performs "Spend Christmas With You" on the Hard Rock Stage during Today in Nashville airing weekdays at 11am on WSMV-TV or streaming live at today...

How is this for patriotism and Christmas spirit? My daughter Ayla Brown was asked whether she would like to sing at the Inauguration. She was also asked to comment about entertainers that are snubbing the historic event. See the article below.

As a result of the article, a lot of her "so called" friends on Facebook are unfollowing her. Not only small
minded, but on Christmas Eve? Really?...
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Ayla Brown offers to sing at Trump’s inauguration
I hope you all enjoy a nice Christmas jingle. My friend Allison King from NECN did this fun report. Enjoy. Remember, the more you drink the better we sound.[ Link ]

New England Politicians Sing 'Jingle Bell Rock'
If you are looking to make a great year end contribution to a superior charity that helps our wounded heroes then see below.

This Holiday season please join me and support the Ride 2 Recovery Research Institute for Mental Health to combat PTSD and TBI-related mental health issues among those who serve our country. Ride 2 Recovery helps reduce prescription drug use, a leading cause of suicide...
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Join Scott Brown - Ride 2 Recovery
Had a good time in Wilkes Barre, PA. Heading home now.

I had an opportunity to speak with Boston Herald Radio yesterday and spoke about a host of issues. The one issue that is getting the most attention is the question of voter fraud and whether it happens in NH? People may know that there have been many Bills sent to the Dem. NH Gov. by the Legislature on this issue. Clearly, the...
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On Broadway in Nashville with Ayla singing and representing the Patriots after the tough win against the Jets. The Pats don't make it easy. Having a little fun before we grab some more great TN BBQ.