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Scott Brown
12/01/2016 at 13:05. Facebook
Had a good time in Wilkes Barre, PA. Heading home now.

I had an opportunity to speak with Boston Herald Radio yesterday and spoke about a host of issues. The one issue that is getting the most attention is the question of voter fraud and whether it happens in NH? People may know that there have been many Bills sent to the Dem. NH Gov. by the Legislature on this issue. Clearly, the...
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Scott Brown
11/28/2016 at 02:09. Facebook
On Broadway in Nashville with Ayla singing and representing the Patriots after the tough win against the Jets. The Pats don't make it easy. Having a little fun before we grab some more great TN BBQ.
Scott Brown
11/27/2016 at 20:51. Facebook
In Nashville with Ayla, Gail and Gracie getting ready to go to a Patriots viewing party. Should be fun. Go Patriots!!!
Going to see Ayla in Nashville. First road trip with Gracie in her carry bag. So far so good. Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving. Ayla is cooking. That should be VERY interesting. Go PATS this weekend. Don't eat too much.
Had a good meeting with Pres. Elect Trump yesterday in NYC. More to follow.

I'm attaching a link from my good friend Freddie Wheeler about out State Police. Share it around.

[ Goo.gl Link ]

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How cool is this? Having dinner and talking football with a living legend. Roger Staubach is someone I have wanted to meet my whole life. Very friendly, informative and encouraging.

I'm in TX for a housing meeting, then back for the weekend for Fall cleanup. Have a good day.
Heading to TX for a meeting, then home and getting ready for Turkey Day. For those of you in mourning, just look at this face. One of our highlights each day is when Gail and I take Gracie to the beach and play ball for an hour. Talk about laughs and having energy. Total day readjustment after we do it. Remember, there is more to life than just politics.
With Fox News anchor Martha McCallum at an event in Philly called SoldierStrong. This group raises money to put exoskeleton units at a cost of 118k into the VA. These units allow soldiers with spinal cord injuries to stand and walk again. Truly remarkable. If you are looking for a year end donation and tax deduction please consider this group. The unit is only in half of the VA facilities.
Bureaucratic nightmare, too much red tape, people dying and those responsible can't or won't be fired and then things like this. [ Cnn.com Link ]

While there are thousands of wonderful people doing the work of angels at the VA, time for change.

VA executive running 'shameless' charity to retire with full benefits

Well, the election is over. First time in a long time that the Republicans have all 3 branches. Looking forward to getting to work. I was honored to have been the first past or present US Senator to endorse Donald Trump. I got a lot of grief from people and I will admit, it was challenging to hang in there at times, but I am glad I stayed firm.

Now the hard work begins.
I'm on Fox a bunch this weekend,Monday and Tuesday. But taking a short break to be at parents weekend with my daughter Arianna at Cornell vet school. A great day so far.
Here is a story with the video where Kara Kelley is mocking Trump. Send it around. [ Vimeo.com Link ]

11012016 trump dance pkg

The article below is an example and is typical of the intolerant and liberal bias in our schools today. Before class begins, Kara Kelley, a teacher at Portsmouth High always asks kids what they did over the weekend. Some kids say that they went to a concert, had fun with friends etc...

Well, don't ever tell her that you went to a Trump rally over the weekend. A young man did just that and...
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Our family watching another Pats win
Here is my friend and a great American running for State Senate. Get out and take back MA. [ Facebook.com Link ]

Tony Schiavi for State Senate Cape and Islands

Got Gracie a haircut today. It was sooooo traumatic for her that she has been "resting" all afternoon. It has nothing to do with the fact that she wakes up like an alarm clock at 5:30am each day and wants to play for 24 hours straight. Ha.

Rained in buckets last night and the dreaded "s" word has been discussed on the news. "Snow". Yikes. I'm not ready yet.

Have a good weekend.
Wrapping up in Vegas. Up at 3am ugh to appear with Maria Bartiromo. On Fox and Friends and then hitting the airport. After last night, it is even more clear that this election is not over. Trump had by far his best debate performance. She had no answers for many of the question. Finally, a moderator that actually asked great questions. Would love to hear your thoughts.
Wrapped up a long day. A good day though. Met and had a cool conversation with Wayne Newton and his wife. Told him I loved the Vegas Vacation movie with Chevy Chase. He said it was a ton of fun to be in it. Grabbing some chow, then buckling in for the debate. Drinking helps I think. Ha. Enjoy.
Had an early and fun morning and then hit nicely on roulette on the way to the gym. Went to the big boy table this time. Gail will be pleased I won some fun money. Thankful I'm leaving tomorrow. People have been friendly and a lot of interesting thoughts about the election. Tough to get an accurate feel for what will actually happen. Grabbing a nap before the afternoon appearances.
In St. Louis at Washington Univ. for the 2nd debate. Got to hang with one of the official Clydesdales and the official dog of AB. Finished Fox and Friends and going to watch Brady and the Pats, then the debates. On FOX later and then Fox again in AM