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β€ͺ1.40 today on the show a special Presidential edition of LUNCH TRUMPS. What are you having today? BBC Radio 1 ‬ #makelunchgreatagain
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My new fancy dress BBC Radio 1
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Have you got our podcast lately? It's free HERE: includes a newsreader talking like a dog. [ Link ]

Lunch Trumps 16 Jan 17, Scott Mills Daily - BBC Radio 1
Here's Chris and Tom in his MASSIVE suit from 2012. He's lost 11 stone
β€ͺWant to come and see the UK act get chosen for @bbceurovision this year? You can get tickets here [ Link ]

Eurovision Song Contest - Eurovision: You Decide Tickets - BBC One
Watch me and Ed Sheeran here from yesterday's show. Includes his performance of Castle on the Hill :

New Music Friday, Ed Sheeran is back!
Thankyou Ed for co-hosting with me today BBC Radio 1
LOVED today's show BBC Radio 1
Shearer and Sheeran
Just chillin BBC Radio 1
Thanks for coming in Tom Daley :) BBC Radio 1
New year, new faaaace