Scott Morrison MP
02/17/2017 at 01:53. Facebook
It was great to meet New Zealand Finance Minister Steven Joyce this morning. We discussed the TPP, infrastructure and the global economy.
Scott Morrison MP
02/16/2017 at 07:11. Facebook
Labor needs to come to terms with the responsibility they have to sit in Parliament and consider savings measures. We've made it crystal-clear how this Budget can come back to balance by dealing with the expenditure challenges that we have, and to make sure that government lives within its means. Australian householders live within their means, businesses live within their means, but Labor...
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Scott Morrison MP
02/16/2017 at 06:37. Facebook
There are 100,000 small businesses, employing 2.2 million Aussies we want to give a tax cut to this year to boost jobs and wages - what's your plan, Bill?
Scott Morrison MP
02/15/2017 at 06:22. Facebook
At the election the Coalition Government took to Australians our plan to take the Budget back into balance by 20-21, and included measures that are part of our omnibus bill announced this fortnight.

Labor’s plan to increase spending and increase debt and deficit is intergenerational theft. We think that the generation that is incurring the expenditure has to be the generation that pays for...
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The PaTH program will help young unemployed Australians off the path of welfare and on the path to a job.

From April 2017, jobactive PaTH will help young Australians by getting them ready, giving them a go and getting them a job.
Some of Adelaide’s best known businesses in Canberra today meeting with the Government, Opposition and crossbenchers.
ENERGY SUPPLY & TAX top their list of concerns. The Coalition Government is focused on secure, affordable and reliable energy. We’ve also introduced a plan to cut business tax and support SA jobs.
The Turnbull Government is delivering a $3 billion boost to responsibly fund the NDIS.

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Today Christian Porter Simon Birmingham and myself announced the Turnbull Government will commit $3 billion in funding to the NDIS, taking an important step towards fully and responsibly paying for the scheme, which will transform the lives of around 460,000 Australians living with disability, their families and carers.

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This week the Coalition Government has introduced the Combating Multinational Tax Avoidance Bill 2017 into Parliament to ensure multinationals pay the right amount of Australian tax and comply with their tax disclosure obligations.

Maximum penalties for large multinationals who fail to lodge tax documents on time will be increased a hundred fold, taking the maximum administrative penalty for...
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Labor has run out of excuses to justify their hypocritical opposition to the Turnbull Government’s plans to drive more jobs and higher wages through lower business taxes, following the independent confirmation by RBA Governor Philip Lowe that reducing the burden of tax on employers will help employees and make Australia more internationally competitive.
This week the Coalition Government introduced legislation to implement the new Diverted Profits Tax, which will prevent multinationals shifting profits made in Australia offshore to avoid paying tax.

Due to commence on 1 July it’s expected to raise $100 million in revenue a year from 2018-19 providing a powerful new tool to the tax office to tackle uncooperative taxpayers, and reinforcing...
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Worth a read. My meeting with the UK's Housing Finance Corporation was very useful and informative.

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Sensible reform to finance affordable housing deserves cross-party support
Australian businesses need affordable energy in order to remain competitive. Coal plays an important part in a sustainable and more certain energy future for Australia.
There are 100,000 businesses, employing 2.2 million Australians who we want to give a tax cut to this year. We are pursuing our Enterprise Tax Plan in the Parliament to ensure that these Australians get the best opportunity for job security, more hours and better wages.
Around one million families will benefit from our child care package and new parents will get 20 weeks paid parental leave to spend more time with their newborn babies
The Turnbull Government has introduced legislation to give more support for families when they need it most.
✔More time with their children for almost 100,000 new parents (20 weeks of Paid Parental Leave)
✔Increasing Family Tax Benefit by $20 a fortnight
✔Simpler, more affordable and more flexible child care for more than 1 million families
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The Enterprise Tax Plan is due to be debated in the Parliament today. Our plan will boost Australian wages and secure jobs.
This week our Enterprise Tax Plan will be debated in the Parliament. This is a plan to attract investment, create jobs and remain competitive in a global environment.