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This week we set out steps to ensure parents have more choice than ever before when accessing free childcare.

Read more about our action to support families since taking office ten years ago.

10 ways we’re helping Scotland’s families

Rhiannon, Glasgow, on why it's so important to have a clear path for the way ahead.

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The SNP has delivered more council homes for our island communities than Labour and the Lib Dems by a factor of 32 and more than double the number of housing association homes.

Read more about our housebuilding action.

7 ways we’re keeping homes affordable

The best performing A&E in the UK, higher exam passes up by a third, free childcare expanded, the lowest recorded crime level in 42 years, and much more.

Here's just some of what the SNP has achieved in government in ten years.

Our record

Guaranteed funding for EU students in Scotland is extended to courses starting in 2018/19.

Scots funding guarantee for EU students extended

NHS IVF access in Scotland is the fairest and most generous in the UK.

Find out more about how we're working to make our NHS services better still: [ Snp.org Link ]
Three quarters of people believe the Scottish Government should have the most influence over the way Scotland is run, new Scottish Social Attitudes Survey findings show.
New findings from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey show 65 per cent of people trust the Scottish Government to work in Scotland's best interests - 40 percentage points ahead of the UK Government.
Parents will have more choice than ever before when accessing their child’s funded nursery provision.

Find out more about our work to expand and improve free childcare: [ Snp.org Link ]
I am determined to seize the opportunity the First Minister has given me, to use it to transform lives for the better and, in doing so, transform the future of our country. That is my agenda for Scottish education.

My agenda for Scottish education

“Today of all days we are reminded that, notwithstanding our differences on political and constitutional issues, we are as one in our dedication to democracy, the rule of law and harmony between peoples of all faiths and none.

May I begin by personally wishing the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary well as they work hard on our behalf with the police and security services to deal with the...
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Benefit sanctions don't work. And Westminster knows it

Mhairi Black MP tackles the Tories’ punitive benefit sanctions regime; which is designed to victimise the most vulnerable in society, costs more to administer than it saves and makes those using it more likely to fall into hardship.
Angus Robertson MP: "If the House of Commons, EU Parliament and 27 member states can have a choice, then why can't the people of Scotland have a choice over their future?" #PMQs

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The Tory government must halt the Universal Credit roll-out that is pushing people into hardship. Read more.

Tory welfare cuts must end

Bruce Crawford MSP: "Let's lead from the front and show respect for each others point of view."

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