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“We still talk about what might be the immediate benefits of a manned space mission.”

India has the capability to develop a space station, says ISRO chairman
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“Terrorism is not synonymous to any religion...terrorists are not Muslims or Christians or Buddhists or Hindus...they are criminals,” Asif said at the conference.

Hafiz Saeed can pose a 'serious threat' to Pakistan, says country's defence minister
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This is what happened when the Mumbai-London Jet Airways flight lost communication with the Air Traffic Control.
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Video: This is what the 'Scotland of the East' looks like from the sky.

Watch these stunning sights of Meghalaya that can only be seen from 4,000 feet in the sky
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Militants in Kashmir are facing a cash crunch for a variety of reasons, including demonetisation.

Five heists in 5 months: A cash crunch has turned militants in Kashmir into bank robbers
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Aradhana froze when she saw the WhatsApp video. She nearly threw up at the sight of her naked body.

‘Why did you let him shoot that?’: An Indian woman’s story of ‘revenge porn’
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"The term 'transgender' was unknown to most, but now, my status had changed to 'homosexual'."

How Somnath became Manobi, India's first transgender college principal
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The 'signal school' is doing much more than educating street children in Thane.
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He grew up in a household where his mother ran a street side stall and father worked as a porter at the railway station (via TheField).

A daily wage worker's son, Thangarasu Natarajan, pockets Rs. 3 crore in the IPL auction
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“Those who are asking for votes are not those who give us civic services. Those who provide the necessities won’t come for votes, they don’t need to.”

Residents of Mumbai’s poorest slums know polls won’t change a thing for them – but they vote in hope
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Are some parties more dynastic than others because they are organisationally weak?

Most political parties in India are dynastic. But some are more dynastic than others
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“No parole or interim bail should be granted to them to attend any family exigencies.”

Those killing the innocent should forget their families, says SC, rejects terror convict's bail
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How Arunachal Pradesh was carved out of Assam, 30 years ago.
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Did the media cross the line yet again while reporting on the sexual assault of a Kerala actor?

Where must the media draw the line? Coverage of Kerala actor's sexual assault raises this question
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"The essence of the Gita is also in me / so is an Urdu newspaper."

Who is ‘Hindustani Musalman’, the man behind social media’s favourite poem?
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Mohammed Siraz, whose father drove an auto, now plans to buy him a house (via TheField).

IPL auction: From Rs. 500 to Rs 2.6 cr, Mohammed Siraz's rags to riches story is incredible
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It's not just partisan criticism. The prime minister is adding his voice to a false narrative of a victimised majority.

Modi's electricity discrimination remarks may sound harmless but they are dangerous