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Beyond his cinema and his detective fiction, the auteur-author also made your blood run cold with some of his stories.

Why we should remember Satyajit Ray (also) for the horror stories he wrote
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Why do publishers go weak at the knees at the thought of signing up film-stars who cannot even read a script?

Why publishers shouldn’t love movie stars (or, how Bollywood is turning books into BS)
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The Indian Council for Historical Research has announced that it plans to conduct an 'independent' study to find if it is man made.

Hey Ram: Within days of reviving the Ayodhya temple debate, the Ram Setu too is back in news
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In a largely informal economy, why are only we being singled out for compliance by the new administration, ask Muslims in Uttar Pradesh.

'BJP is taking revenge on Muslims': UP's crackdown has left the meat industry panicked and scared
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‘Give him a chance’ and six other meaningless arguments about Yogi Adityanath, Supreme Court's Ayodhya evasion, and more.

A rebuttal to Reza Aslan’s critics and other stories that you may have missed this week
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A reminder that the government is violating a Supreme Court ruling on ID programme.

As Aadhaar becomes mandatory for driving licences, hilarious #AadhaarMemes flood Twitter
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Many of the airports in the ban list have state-of-the-art detection systems.

Banning laptops in cabin luggage won't prevent terrorist attacks on planes
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It still has not told the university whether it will continue funding these positions.

35 staff at Mumbai's TISS are fired because of UGC funding ambiguity
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The rarest pigment in the world actually came from the urine of mango-eating cows.
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Wanting a positive experience constantly is a negative experience. Right?

New self-help mantra: Don’t give a f*** about anything. Here’s how not to
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Instant shocks are better survived than long-term threats.

Who is Pakistan's enemy number one?
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On this day in 1971, the Pakistani army launched Operation Searchlight on East Pakistan. This eventually led to the formation of Bangladesh.
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Netflix has a big battle ahead to win subscribers in India (via The Reel).

India isn’t Netflix and chilling as happily as Hollywood
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Since 2007, participation has spread to 7,000 cities in 172 countries.

In photos: Landmarks across the world go dark for the 10th Earth Hour
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Looking at social media accusations about Scroll's meat-ban reporting.

The Readers' Editor writes: Journalists need to check their facts, but so do the fact checkers
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Do you know the story behind your PIN code?