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Maharashtra is struggling to keep its power looms running.

Demonetisation breaks the back of Maharashtra’s textile industry
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China is still a black hole as far as our understanding of its society, culture and politics goes.

Small-town India is waking up to China, but there's still little understanding of its ways
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Kolkata has often celebrated its queer voices – but it has shown lack of understanding as well.

A new café in Kolkata hopes to give voice to the queer community (across languages)
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In Colombia, protestors demand that bullfighting be stopped.
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Video: A foreign tourist learns to love the state, aided by Tagore and...

Watch: Guess who's lip-synching to Tagore and declaring Bengal the 'sweetest state in India'
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The Reich-ruled states have swastika flags and posters celebrating the purity of blood.

TV show ‘The Man in the High Castle’ imagines an America ruled by Nazis and governed by racism
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The story of income inequality between India's rich and poor, as Oxfam puts it.
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We are live again from Rutharpuram in Mylapore, where last evening fisherfolk reported property burnt and allege being assaulted by the Tamil Nadu police.
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Turning the spotlight on our vast and vibrant tribal and folk music scene (via National Geographic Traveller India).

Photos: Songs and Stories of the Vanishing Musicians of India
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Rocks are the history books of the planet, and if you can read them, it’s the greatest story ever told. (via National Geographic Traveller India)

Third Rock From the Sun: Exploring Ladakh with the NASA Crew
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Ethnic Indian two-year-olds born and raised in the UK are taller than children raised in India.

It's not just the genes: Ethnic Indians grow taller in the UK
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The silences in the judgment, coupled with the problems of implementation, leave much of its future interpretation to speculation. (via The Caravan Magazine)

The Supreme Court’s Judgment Barring a Political Candidate’s Appeal to Communitarian Identities Leaves Much to Speculation About Its Implementation
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What do we see when we look closely at media coverage of female politicians?

Five ways the media hurts female politicians – and how journalists everywhere can do better
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Dakshina Kannada groups have called for a pro-kamabala protest on January 28.

After Tamil Nadu’s jallikattu victory, Karnataka wants to bring back buffalo-racing sport kambala
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“The people of Goa demand that we should send Parrikar back to Goa,” Amit Shah said.

Next Goa government will function under Manohar Parrikar's leadership: Amit Shah
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Fans of both stars should come together to celebrate the yin and yang of Bollywood as one. (via The Reel)

There’s a Bollywood script in the friendship between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan