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It was one of those days, you wouldn't want to be indoors
The water was crystal clear!
We hope you have a much of a fun weekend as this Australian Fur Seal is having in the water
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Proposed laws that would restrict the sale and supply of plastic bags in Victoria will be discussed at a public hearing in Melbourne.

Plastic bags could be banned in Vic
Well Done Queensland
The discovery suggests all cetaceans can do this, and provides a new clue to how noise pollution may trigger strandings

Porpoises plan their dives and can set their heart rate to match
Beautiful dolphin video taken recently by our very own Instructor Lou
Happy #NationalJellyfishDay!
To all of you looking for Christmas present ideas for your friends and family, why not book them in for an experience!

Christmas time is our busiest, so book in early and reserve your seat on the Maureen for a day of fun, snorkeling with the seals and the dolphins!

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EU and 24 countries sign long-awaited agreement to protect 1.1m sq km of water in Southern Ocean, ensuring that fewer younger fish will be caught

World's largest marine park created in Ross Sea in Antarctica in landmark deal
Help end Whale slaughter - Please sign

Sayonara Whales -- hours to go
It's time for a new season of adventures on the Port Phillip Bay!

Tours will start running again from this weekend forward

Our Dolphin and Seal friends are excited to see you all out on the water

To book call (03) 5258 3889
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Sea All Dolphin Swims Online Public Tour Availability Bookings