When your friends go out to play and don't invite you…
Smiling because it's International Day of Happiness
Wait for it....wait for it...
Whaaat? What do you mean I shouldn't make friends with salad…?
The Moon Jellyfish has a very limited ability to move where it would like to. The current of the water and the wind is what takes it from one location to the next. They look like such graceful creatures
There was something a little ‘green’ about the water this morning with the surprise arrival of two diving leprechauns in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day.
Amazing creatures and highly intelligent. Did you know that two-thirds of an octopus’ neurons reside in its arms, not its head
Dine at Grill'd Sydney city locations this month and help support SEA LIFE Trust ANZ. You know you want to...just look at how tasty the burgers are...

Locations: Grill'd Harbourside Grill'd World Square Grill'd Westfield Sydney Grill'd The Galeries
A worthwhile read by Guardian Australia about the impact the western world is having on plastic pollution and how as consumers you can vote with your feet and wallets to reduce plastic footprints.

It lists organisations in the UK that are helping reduce single use plastic. Wouldn't it be great if Australia followed suit?

[ Theguardian.com Link ]

The west’s throwaway culture has spread waste worldwide | Waste packaging

We love that these cafes will give you a discount if you bring your own reusable cup. Check out the list to start saving some coin!

Bring Your Own Cup, Save Your Own Coin

This is plastic pollution collected from Macquarie Island - 1,500kms from the nearest supermarket. We'd love your thoughts on this..
Ever wanted to attend a disco under the sea? Now you can. Details below thanks to The Urban List | Sydney

[ Theurbanlist.com Link ]

Sydney’s Getting A Silent Disco—Under The Sea!

Hey Sydney FC, we know you're killing it but in case you need another player we have one who is King…
Friday afternoon playtime
Australians burn through 1 billion coffee cups every year! The Chaser's Craig Reucassel's new program The War on Waste will air in May. Choose a reusable coffee cup and help protect our marine life.

Read more at [ Smh.com.au Link ]

Chaser boy Craig Reucassel pulls city stunt to bust huge coffee myth

Did you know? Penguins have special tongues that are lined with lots of little backward pointing spines. This is to assist them with catching fish!
Plastic pollution toll on wildlife expected to rise to 95 per cent. Reduce your plastic footprints and help protect our marine life.

[ Smh.com.au Link ]

Devastating impact of plastic pollution revealed

Merlin Entertainments is proud to support equality no matter your background. Look out for our sister attraction Madame Tussauds Sydney's float at tomorrow's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras #equality #marriageequality #loveislove #CreatingEquality #SydneyMardiGras