Taking a selfie and smilin' like damn I look good...
Fun Fact: The feathers of the King penguin are waterproofed by an oil secreted by a gland near the base of tail giving it's body a beautiful sheen.
The look you give your colleagues when they eat all the cake and don't save you any.....
Running home on a Friday when you forgot your umbrella and a storm hits...
What lunch hour looks like at Penguin Expedition.
Happy Valentine's Day! Ever wondered what speed dating surrounded by sub-Antarctic penguins is like? Check out the video below. Thanks to Simply Speed Dating for organising this cool event!
Hopeful singles got to 'break the ice' on a special Valentine's Day speed dating event in Penguin Expedition last Friday night.

Read all about here thanks to TenNews

ANTARCTIC speed dating right in the heart of Sydney

Who needs cleaners? We got this!!!

Our penguins poo approximately every 12 minutes, so we are taking all the help we can get
Our dedicated penguin trainers spend hours each day taking care of beautiful penguins and its incredible to be able to capture the special bond that they share.
When everyone else is struggling with the heat and you're just chillin' #smugpenguin ❄
Hello Humans!
Want to help protect my mates and I in the wild from your plastic pollution?
Then donate to Paige’s plastic bottle boat journey and help raise money for SEA LIFE Trust’s Turtle Conservation program
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They say the dugong and the elephant are related - can you see why?
Can you guess what species this striking tropical fish is?
While the kids have been busy learning back at school, our penguins have been busy learning too! Check out our Gentoo playing with it's new enrichment toy!

Photo credit: James Morgan
It's back to school time! We hope the little ones are having a splashing first day back! Mr Ray would be so proud!
It's the Chinese year of the rooster but wouldn't it be cool if there was a year of the penguin? We swear we're not biased!
Hey, Wet'n'Wild Sydney - here's some inspiration for your next slide ❤
Happy Chinese New Year to all our fans who celebrate this festive holiday! Wishing you all lots of lucky red packets! GONG XI FA CAI!
One of our brilliant penguin trainers managed to capture this ever so cute picture of one of our Gentoo Penguins, Marmalade, as she started going into moult.

Penguins moult annually to make way for a fresh set of feathers, and during this process, they actually lose their water-proofing! If you visit the aquarium in the next few weeks you're likely to see a few of these #fluffypenguins out...
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