We love the Daily Telegraph's video on why penguins are so awesome - we think so too! Happy Penguin Awareness Day!
It's Penguin Awareness Day!

By 2050, scientists predict that almost 99% of seabirds will have plastic in their guts! We're calling for Aussies to say NO to single use plastics to help protect penguins.

Photo: Marine debris, including fenders and plastic containers, collected on Macquarie Island by expeditioners © Barry Becker/Australian Antarctic Division
Our Penguin Expedition is based on Macquarie Island and tomorrow is Penguin Awareness Day.

An Australian Antarctic Division scientist from Macquarie Island will be answering penguin related questions from 1-2pm. Will you join in?
Our trusty Junior Penguin Reporters, Matt and Will, are back again with the final installment of Penguin Watch! This time, sharing some handy hints on penguin feeding.
Our penguin trainers have one of the coolest jobs in Sydney.
Think you've got what it takes? Have a read here - [ Bit.ly Link ]

Could this be Sydney’s coolest job?

Do as our gentoo is doing by drinking lots of water to stay hydrated during this crazy Sydney heat!
It's going to be a scorcher in Sydney today! The best place to be is Penguin Expedition where it's a cool 6 degrees

Photo: James Morgan
Our Junior Penguin Reporters, Matt and Will, are back again with another installment of Penguin Watch! This time, discussing the all-important topic of Conservation.
We've got the kids covered these summer holidays with this awesome holiday fun bucket list at some of Sydney's best attractions!
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Holiday Fun Bucket List | SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Best fishes for an incredible 2017 and we'll see you soon!
2016 has been no doubt a splashing year for us at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium with many highlights including the launch of Penguin Expedition and the arrival of our new King and Gentoo penguins!
We’d like to thank you for choosing to visit us to create your magical memories and we look forward to 2017 for even more amazing discoveries!
The summer sun is out and it's hot! But our penguins know how to keep cool!
Our Junior Penguin Reporters, Matt and Will, chat with bird manager, Dani, all about caring for penguins. #PenguinExpedition
Penguins are curious, intelligent birds, so it's important that our fab team of penguin trainers keep them stimulated and engaged.

Look at this cool (pun definitely intended) video taken by Patty, one of our trainers - aren't our King Penguins just adorabubble...?!
If you're out and about in Sydney these holidays, remember to dive in for a visit! We're open everyday, public holidays too! ;)
HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our adorable colony of sub-Antarctic penguins! We wish you a safe, magical and festive holiday season!
Welcome to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's Junior Penguin Reporters, Matt and Will. Let's meet the penguins! #PenguinExpedition
The Australian's Alex Cameron and James Tindale got to meet our penguin friends last week. Check out their video below.
Scrubbing the tank floor is just one of many day-to-day duties to ensure our animals have the cleanest possible home !