Is it pay day? Sat day tickets almost sold out! Here's a caption comp! 2 X Surfers Bar (VIP) Upgrades for the best one!! All comments count! Get typing!!
So it's just sinking in that we're IMRO Live Music Festival of the Year! Thanks to you lot for helping make it a great festival. Let's make 2017 a cracker!!!
We're genuinely humbled and proud that we finally won this!! We wouldn't have done it without you guys!!! We beat the big guys!!!! Unreal!!! Overall festival of the year!!!
This is an iconic photo now!!! And have a guess where it was taken?

This is the story behind *that* iconic photo of Michael D on a BMX
1,494 people interested · 504 people going

Sea Sessions 2017

There's the lineup!! We hope you LIKE it we had to SHARE it, hope you can bring a friend to TAG along!!! Let us know. Couple of tickets 'cause we're sound like that!!! Primal Scream. The Coronas. SIGMA. Foy Vance. All Tvvins. BadlyDrawnBoy Official. Official Mr Scruff. Dreadzone. Little Hours. Brian Deady. Wyvern Lingo. Áine Cahill. Gurr. Talos. Kormac. The Cuban Brothers. Caravãna Sun....
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*****Big announcement this Wednesday!!!***** 10am! Any guesses? A ticket up for grabs if you can name 2 acts!!!! Be realistic as always!! Only one headliner left!!
Shore Shots Irish Surf Festival is a great event for those that want to see some of the amazing new surf edits out there. Heres one from a few years ago featuring one of our organisers Pete Craig
loving this!!!! Can't wait to hear the scream doing it in our big top!!!!
Bundoran doing an impression of Hawaii last week
We had Picture This last year. We've got 2 of these this year!!! Have a guess which ones? All will be revealed next Wednesday!!!

5 Irish acts tipped to make it big in 2017
This is our kind of religion.
Some will do anything to jump the fence at Seasessions.
Try not to do politics but thought this was worth sharing!

At least someone is happy
Last chance to vote for us.. we've already given away a couple of tickets we might have another at HQ!!! Go on we never ask for this sort of thing!!!!

Irish Festivals
Another month another award nomination!!! And you know we wouldnt be nominated without you lot!!! Best Music Festival!!!

IMRO Live Music Venue of the Year Awards 2016 | Shortlist Announced