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"The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) publishes an annual “red list” of all species that are in danger of extinction. Currently, six of the seven main sea turtle species are listed as endangered or critically endangered... The government of Costa Rica needs to immediately stop the taking of turtle eggs in all parts of the country, and focus their resources on arresting and...
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How the Legal Sale of Turtle Eggs is Endangering the Entire Species – and What’s Being Done to Stop it
Sea Shepherd is proud to have our breaking glass/anti-captivity ads created by Nico Duménil recognized as Best Print of the Week by Best Ads on TV

New Yorkers, don't miss tomorrow night's screening of New York Premiere: A Plastic Ocean featuring Sea Shepherd's Gary Stokes. Purchase your tickets now and stay for the post-screening Q&A where our very own Andrea Gordon (exec producer of the SSCS film Why Just One?) will be part of the speaking panel.
During sea trials, our Chief Engineer is on guard while the captain tests speed and maneuverability of the vessel, making sure the engine works perfectly and as expected.

Chief Engineer Mike Sine

Photo by Mirko De Luca
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The anti-whaling activist organization Sea Shepherd says it spotted a Japanese vessel with a dead whale on board, in violation of international law.

Sea Shepherd claims it caught Japanese fleet with dead whale
Our hardworking crew on the The MV Sam Simon:
Get an interactive birds eye view of the Farley Mowat and Sam Simon patrolling the Vaquita Refuge for illegal gillnets

(Photo Credit: Gringorio)
Air China becomes the first airline in mainland China to ban the transport of shark fin cargo.

Air China bans shark fin cargo, reflecting dramatic shift in attitudes
Captivity kills. Stop supporting marine parks.
CTV Television News coverage of the Death of Tilikum featuring interviews with Dr. Paul Spong and Captain Paul Watson.

SeaWorld's Tilikum dies after years of captivity
Millions of sharks are killed each year for shark fin soup

Man Finds Worst Surprise On Roof Of Building
In 2013, The documentary film "Blackfish" exposed the story of Tilikum, the Orca bull at SeaWorld who was linked to three separate human deaths as a result of being stolen from the Ocean and forced to sire 14 calves for nearly three decades. On January 6, 2017, Tilikum passed away at SeaWorld. He was only 36 years old. His captors insinuated that he was already an "old man" for his age....
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Betrayed by Humanity – Yet Another Sad Death At Sea World

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Tilikum is dead!

Cause of death: Captivity By Sea World.

Stolen from his mother in the waters of Iceland over three decades ago and now dead at a premature age of 36.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society blames Sea World for the untimely death of Tilikum and condemns all captivity...
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