In Honor of Earth Day 2017, Sea Shepherd wants to shed light on Operation: Ice Watch. Michelle Rodriguezjoined the Sea Shepherd crew in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Eastern Canada in search of solid sea ice. After 2 days of searching, the crew finally found a solid patch of ice. Once Michelle and the crew landed, they encountered a small nursery of seals. Along with global warming destroying...
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George Pomroy
Glen Harrington
Steve Durnford
Matt Reid
Pamela Dehnel
Sarah Paveglio
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been on the forefront of direct action marine conservation for forty years by enforcing conservation laws and saving countless marine species worldwide. We are now also making a strong effort towards preventing climate change and plastic pollution.

As the world heats up, our oceans heat up. This causes coral bleaching, as well as a reduction in our...
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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been on the forefront of direct action
Vali Audet
Hindya Rachel Dupont
Richard Simon
Sea Shepherd salutes first grade student Alina Zieman who saw that her school's use of styrofoam was harmful to the planet so she decided to do something about it. This 7-year old has passion for such issues as captive whales and dolphins, shark finning, overfishing and more. Alina: You're welcome to join Sea Shepherd any time you like and we appreciate all that you do to defend, conserve and...
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Sea Shepherd salutes first grade student Alina Zieman who saw that her

Letter from first-grade student spurs James River Day School to switch from Styrofoam to paper
Kerry Greenfield
Kent Karlsson
Bob Wickham
On the 17th of April the crew of M/V Farley Mowat retrieved an illegal net with 22 cownose rays entangled inside. 21 of the rays we could release alive, sadly one was already dead when we pulled out the net. Every life counts, and every net out of the waters is a success in protecting the biodiversity of the Gulf of California. #OperationMilagro #IfTheOceansDieWeDie
James Elger
Roxana Gallego
Tracy Oppenhuis Simmons
An international marine conservation group probing the living conditions of seven dolphins once housed at Underwater World Singapore (UWS) is asking for more transparency from marine attractions here.. Read more at
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 04/21/2017

3 dolphins cannot be accounted for
Tiggs Benoit
Jim Oei
Anwar Cato
Alan Buchanan
Kim Gary
Kitty Finnigan
Nancy Lee
Leslie J. Deering
Alana Denham
Kaz Edwards
Over Sea Shepherd's 40 year history, many of those who have volunteered on campaigns have been so impacted by their experience, they have gone on to create their own place in the conservation world. Here is the story of one such man. We salute you Peter Wallerstein and the extraordinary work you do with the Marine Animal Rescue!
Over Sea Shepherds 40 year history many of those who have volunteered

LA County marine worker rescued 5,000 animals in his 30-year career
Lise Cutter
CY Elvina
Constantin Pittner
The East Coast seal hunt has another celebrity foe: X-Files star Gillian Anderson.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 04/20/2017

Gillian Anderson calls on prime minister to end East Coast seal hunt
Connie Linton
Scot Piquette
Tanya Forrest
Come join us for this year's Earth Day Texas Events!! Friday April 21st - Sunday April 23rd at Fair Park in Dallas, TX. Together we can make a difference in the world! #earthday #earthdaytexas #seashepherd #iftheoceansdiewedie #ocean
Come join us for this years Earth Day Texas Events Friday April
Kathy Olinger
Darryl Schnellenberger
Blanca Fernandez Martinez
Governor Hogan will begin signing bills passed by the Maryland legislature tomorrow!

Please write and/or call him TODAY to ask him to sign HB 211 into law: [ Link ]
410-974-3901 or 1-800-811-8336

Let's make this happen! More information about it is at: [ Link ] Thank you for helping the rays!
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 04/17/2017
Fish Feel
Paige Nelson
Big Sea Shepherd shout out to Michelle Rodriguez for holding the #1 spot at the box office on the opening weekend of 'Fate of the Furious'! Together we make a difference in the world!! Captain Paul Watson Michelle Rodriguez #SeaShepherd #furious8 #f8 #fateofthefurious #letty #iftheoceansdiewedie
Big Sea Shepherd shout out to Michelle Rodriguez for holding the 1
Josalyn Elliott
Matt Reid
Cheryl Sipe
MarEx spoke to Captain Paul Watson, Founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to get his views on misconceptions about the organization. Is
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 04/15/2017

Top Ten Misconceptions About Sea Shepherd
Lee Horrocks
Mike Christian Denz
Manuel Rosendorf
The fifth issue of LAIKA Magazine, which published a feature on Sea Shepherd titled 'The Defenders,' won a Merit Award from the Society of Publication Designers in the category of "Independent Magazine: Photography, Entire Issue."

The photographs published alongside the article were taken by Simon Ager, a longtime Sea Shepherd photographer who is often found on the frontlines of Sea...
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The fifth issue of LAIKA Magazine which published a feature on Sea
Kitty Finnigan
β€œThere are no Chinese boats [involved in cetacean hunts], they are actively buying these animals from Russia or Japan," said Captain Paul Watson. According to Watson, China gets only 20 percent of their cetaceans from Russia, and the other 80 percent come from Japan.
There are no Chinese boats involved in cetacean hunts they are actively

The Rise of Whale and Dolphin Captivity in China
Michelle Taylor
Benjamin Draimin
Maggie Coles
On April 11, 2017, the The M/V John Paul DeJoria traveled through the Galpagos Corridor where it was greeted and escorted by the marine life which is protected in this area.
Deep Blue Com
Mario Mechteridis
CY Elvina
From December 12 to April 6, the crew of the M/V Farley Mowat has retrieved 71 totoaba nets and 93 of all types of illegal fishing gear.
From December 12 to April 6 the crew of the MV Farley
Roger Bryenton
Beverley Fenton
Way Astro