If you are in the city come down and welcome The MV Steve Irwin into Dunedin! Birch Street Wharf, today Thursday 23rd about 9 to 9:30am!!!
Ship Tours this weekend!
Speculation that the Yushin Maru #2 returned to port has been mounting since a satellite update on public vessel tracking site Marine Traffic had them positioned off the coast of Japan on February 14th.
However at approximately 21:00 (AEDT) on February 20th The MV Ocean Warrior once again located them firmly within Australia’s Antarctic Territory, around 110 nautical miles north east of Mawson...
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#OpNemesis: welcome The MV Steve Irwin into DUNEDIN!!
FREE ship tours this weekend Sat & Sun 25-26th Feb: 10-5pm
Birch Street Wharf!! You heard it!
Come along and support the Shepherds back from Antarctica!
If you want to greet the Steve in, ETA is 0930 Thurs 23rd.
#PoachersBeware #DefendAntarctica
Operation Nemesis update:
After 75 days at sea The MV Ocean Warrior and The MV Steve Irwin continue to chase Japanese whale poachers in the Southern Ocean as part of our 11th Antarctic whale defense campaign.
READ the latest update from Sea Shepherd Global CEO Captain Alex Cornelissen:
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#OpNemesis #PoachersBeware #DefendAntarctica

Sea Shepherd - Nemesis Update: Day 75

Neurosis are on tour and coming to Auckland. We'll be there in support tonight (Weds Feb 15th) at the The Kings Arms Tavern. Come and say hi, bag a Sea Shepherd tee and enjoy the show!
#neurosis #kingsarms #fortheoceans
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Neurosis (USA) Aus/NZ February 2017

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#UPDATE >>> MORE rescuers needed for early Sunday morning.
Hightide:11am. Our crew on the ground tell us this is NOT going well. With a completely new pod stranding with the survivors of the first pod. Exhausted dolphins and rescuers. BRING a wetsuit.
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200 whales have stranded again, says DoC

#UPDATE Unfortunately it appears another large pod of Pilot whales are heading into Farewell Spit.
Thoughts are with the dolphins and all the volunteers on the ground including our Wellington crew. Strong hearts everyone!
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Hundreds more whales head for Farewell Spit

#CallToAction >>> STRANDING ALERT!!!
Volunteers needed urgently to help DOC in re-floating the surviving Pilot whales at high tide @ 10:30am (Friday 10th). Golden Bay Farewell Spit.
***BRING >> buckets, towels, wetsuit and warm clothes
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Mass whale stranding at Farewell Spit

When governments lack the political will or economic means to uphold international conservation law and protect the marine environment we stand at the front line, often as the final frontier in defense of wildlife.
In the world’s coldest, windiest and driest continent The MV Steve Irwin and The MV Ocean Warrior continue to hunt for Japanese whale poachers, intent on killing 333 minke...
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Great prize winning story about belonging to the oceans from James Balston 10 of Auckland:
"I belong in the waters of Aotearoa.
.... just like Hector's dolphin, known to Māori as Tutumairekurai, or 'special ocean dweller'"
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James' tale of belonging takes out top award

For over a decade we've been protecting whales in the Southern Ocean from Japanese whale poachers but this is no small undertaking. It costs an average 8,000 EUR per day to keep The MV Ocean Warrior and The MV Steve Irwin at sea and we need your support now more than ever.
While continuing to search for the Nisshin Maru, the whaling fleet's factory whaling ship, Sea Shepherd remains the last...
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Great to see such a change in attitude towards our sunbathing surfing NZ sharks!
"Some young sharks surf the waves, they are having as much fun as everyone else."
#Sharkwater #RobStewart
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Sharks spotted sunbathing in warm waters off Ruakaka - National - NZ Herald News

Sea Shepherd NZ now has an online store with great local postage rates. Check us out and support!
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Sea Shepherd NZ Shop

New Plymouth has turned on a cracker of a day for the seaside markets. We are here until 2.00 this afternoon at Ngamotu beach, come down and show your support, we would love to see you!
Sad news and a huge loss in the fight to save the oceans and ultimately ourselves. Thoughts are with his family and friends.
Our fleet is spread across the globe tackling everything from whaling, illegal fishing to protecting marine reserves. Crewed mostly by volunteers and run with donations, it is the size of a small navy. Thanks to all our supporters who keep us in the frontline, defending oceans worldwide.

You can donate to the current anti-whaling campaign Operation Nemesis here: [ Seashepherdglobal.org Link...
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The insanity that is Wellington's Birdman! Another great leap from the Sea Shepherd Wellington crew! Wellington Anniversary Day 2017.
Support! seashepherdglobal.org/nemesis
Finally Taranaki turned on a day that almost resembled summer, so Murray and I took the opportunity to chuck in a few laps of the harbour and the Sugar Loaf islands in the Sea Shepherd thunder cat. We had a bit of company along the way, a few of the local resident fur seals come along to check on us... Hopefully if the weather plays along, we will do it all again tomorrow..
Every Austral summer whales migrate from the warmer climate surrounding Australia to their feeding grounds in the frigid waters off Antarctica. Within the Australian Antarctic Territory these whales are protected by the Australian Whale Sanctuary but on Sunday January 15th 2017 the Japanese whaling fleet were caught red-handed, with a dead minke whale on its flensing deck, poached inside...
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Join me to Stop Whaling now! #OpNemesis