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NZ PM ups the ante with “significant disappointment”??! Seriously? The Japanese whale killers are getting away with murder. Help Sea Shepherd stop the crime!
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#OpNemesis #PoachersBeware #DefendAntarctica

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PM: Japanese whaling 'disappointing' - but Aussie MP says just disappointment 'won't cut it'

If that's how you treat friends, wildlife and taonga Shinzo Abe then you are not welcome here:
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Australia criticises Japan after whaling photos released

#BREAKING: Sea Shepherd Catches Japanese Poaching Fleet with Dead Whale in Australian Sanctuary

After five weeks patrolling the Southern Ocean, The MV Steve Irwin’s helicopter has located the Japanese whale poachers’ factory whaling vessel in the Australian Whale Sanctuary with a dead minke whale on its flensing deck, the first to be documented since the International Court of Justice ruled...
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With Japanese Prime Minister Abe arriving tomorrow into Sydney. We are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to make sure the Japanese Government ends the illegal whale slaughter in the Southern Ocean. "For Mr Abe to enter into Australia while his whale murdering fleet are operating in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary, killing whales, is extremely arrogant and highlights the fact that he feels...
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Malcolm Turnbull accused of turning a blind eye to Japan's whale hunt

#UPDATE from the frontline. #OperationNemesis is off to a good start. Despite harsh conditions and days of heavy fog in the Southern Ocean, Sea Shepherd’s vessels have managed to quickly locate half of the Japanese whale killing fleet despite having twice as much area to cover than in prior campaigns.
#DefendAntarctica #SeaShepherd
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Sea Shepherd - Operation Nemesis Campaign Update

Our ships are all that stands between the whales and the harpoons!
Please continue to support Operation Nemesis, our 11th whale defense campaign in the Southern Ocean: seashepherdglobal.org/nemesis
#OpNemesis #PoachersBeware #DefendAntarctica
The world's coldest, windiest and driest continent but one of beauty beyond compare. This is Antarctica and these are the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, our last true wilderness, that we fight to protect.
This is also where Japanese whale poachers are currently hunting 333 Antarctic minke whales. We are here to stop them. Help us continue the fight, DONATE now:...
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Are the seismic blasting companies PGS and Statoil simply burying the evidence?
"Whales are taonga - our treasures. A stranding is a tohu, a sign. We all love whales and we owe them this much,"
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Call for oil companies to research unusual whale deaths

Capt Wyanda Lublink from The MV Steve Irwin said they had now spotted four vessels altogether - two harpoon ships, a research ship and a refuelling tanker:
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Main Japanese whaler 'nearby' - Sea Shepherd

#UPDATE Operation Nemesis
On New Year’s day The MV Steve Irwin's helicopter successfully located the Yushin Maru #3, just one day after spotting the Kaiyo Maru #7, the Japanese whaling fleet’s krill research and security vessel.
Finding the Yushin Maru #3 in such close proximity is another indication that the Nisshin Maru, the whale poachers' factory whaling ship, is close. In using The MV...
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"Hope Dies Last": Commentary from Captain Adam Meyerson on board The MV Ocean Warrior from the Southern Ocean:
#OpNemesis #SeaShepherd
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Seismic blasting vessels are currently working both sides of the Cook Strait:
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#NEWS: Spanish Supreme Court Surrenders Southern Ocean to Toothfish Poachers
"As the three toothfish-poaching vessels belonging to Spain’s Vidal Armadores crime syndicate continue to sit in detention in Cabo Verde and Senegal, the Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that the owners -- who were charged with falsification of documents, money laundering, environmental crimes and criminal conspiracy...
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Sea Shepherd Global - Spanish Supreme Court Surrenders Southern Ocean to Toothfish Poachers

Disappointing to see Talley’s pimping out one of their trawlers (Ocean Pioneer) to provide support for Statoil’s whale and dolphin torture ship Amazon Warrior. Big fishing in NZ continue to show they just don't give a ****
Over a hundred million tons of rubbish are polluting our oceans. This affects marine wildlife and humans worldwide.
We can do something against it. Together.
Team up with Sea Shepherd and become an official partner of our Marine Debris Campaign: seashepherdglobal.org/marinedebris
#MarineDebris #OceanPlastic #SeaShepherd
The Japanese harpoon ship, intercepted by The MV Ocean Warrior yesterday evening, has been identified as the Yushin Maru #2. It was found with its harpoon uncovered, an indication that the whaling fleet has been actively poaching whales from the Australian Whale Sanctuary, 165 miles northeast of Australia's Casey base.
Whilst The MV Ocean Warrior maintains a watchful eye over the Yushin Maru...
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Well we were all set up at the night markets in New Plymouth.... Unfortunately a rogue gust of wind permanently remodeled our gazebo... we will still be here, just not set up. If u are here and keen on some merchandise, hit us up..
#BREAKING: Sea Shepherd Intercepts Japanese whale killing fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
On Thursday evening at approximately 6:40pm GMT The MV Ocean Warrior intercepted one of the Yushin harpoon ships of the Japanese whale poaching fleet.
"The crews of the Ocean Warrior and The MV Ocean Warrior have been battling through thick fog and ice to protect the whales in the Australian...
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