Hola! Dora and Boots can't wait to meet you. Pic shared by @astaridds. #seaworldaus
Did you know that polar bears are vulnerable to extinction? Climate change is melting away polar bears hunting grounds, with over half a million square miles lost in just 25 years. The good news is that you can help, making little changes in your own environment to be environmentally conscious could help #SaveOurSeaIce. Pic shared by @matias.gonza. #seaworldaus
International day of the Seal
Our talented Jet Stunt Extreme riders having a ball. Clip shared by @standup_nation. #seaworldaus
Egbert is now too big for the “chick” scales, and is climbing onto the big scales for the regular weighing. Now over 7.20kg, Egbert has started eating the odd fish from keepers during feeds, as well as getting fed by mum and dad. Pic shared by @_neera93. #seaworldaus
Check out this post by our Sea World Research, Rescue & Conservation team! Meet Jill, and tune in to our page this Wednesday for International Day of the Seal. #seaworldaus
Stunning snap of Shark Bay shared by @withonefilteratatime. Share your pics below! #seaworldaus
Penguin Point is perfection. Pic shared by @ron_riko. #seaworldaus
Did you know that Polar Bear Shores is based on an Arctic Summer? With misters, pools, streams, waterfalls, wind machines and an off-exhibit area with a large exercise yard with pool and a foraging pit and individual air conditioned dens each containing its own chilled pool, many people would be surprised to hear that, even though our bears have the option to choose where they want to be, one...
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Check out Egbert! Currently weighing 6.03kg and is spending more time exploring the creche away from Mum and Dad. Pic shared by @sumo.nt. #seaworldaus
We hope the second half of your week goes by this quickly. Fun clip edit shared by @lllxflllvl. #seaworldaus
Our favourite time of day - Churro Ice Cream Sandwich time! Pic shared by @james_ltk. #seaworldaus
Nothing beats the feeling of radical moments with your favourite turtles. Pic shared by @karmsy_t. #seaworldaus
It's always #cheatday at #seaworldaus. Pic shared by @jedcyrus.
Did you know new King penguin mums and dads share the job of looking after chicks? While one goes off and enjoys a swim or a walk, the other will keep the chick tucked in close! Pic shared by @emily_huth_. #seaworldaus
Some things are best left to the professionals! Awesome clip shared by @michael_ratti. #seaworldaus
Our cheeky Sea Lions are too cute for words. Pic shared by @sarahbearzphotography. #seaworldaus
On Clean Up Australia day, we teamed up with Parkwood Heights Scout group and removed approximately 45kg of rubbish from Wave Break Island. The types of rubbish we found included plastic bags, cigarette butts, a tent, a hammock, a bag of cement, a pillow, a rusted bike and building materials. We could all help reduce the amount of rubbish in the environment by recycling, correctly disposing of...
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Did you know; 3 tonnes of snow and ice is placed in Polar Bear Shores every day as an enrichment tool for our bears. Pic shared by @rayoatomico. #seaworldaus
Boots and Dora love meeting their fans, both kids and kids at heart! Pic shared by @ashley_tgn_ats. #seaworldaus