When was the last time you experienced antarctica on the Gold Coast? Pic shared by @zarakphotography. #seaworldaus
This year our team has already assisted in the rescue of 10 sea turtles. Including 2 hawksbill turtles, a species that is globally listed as critically endangered. Unfortunately 7 of these turtles were injured due to either fishing line ingestion, entanglement or boat strike. Even busy areas like the Gold Coast Broadwater are home to a variety of animals including dugongs and sea turtles as...
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Introducing Our World of the Dolphin presentation
As part of International Polar Bear Day coming up on Monday 27th February we would like to call all kids aged 5 to 12 to participate in our art competition! Find out more here - bit.ly/2kkQLgS. #SaveOurSeaIce #PolarBearDay
Another stunning Gold Coast summer's day! Pic shared by @hirumybaby. #seaworldaus
Henry update: The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat has sent us an update of Henry and Ganukโ€™s first winter access to the worldโ€™s largest enclosure for polar bears in human care. This was the first time captive polar bears walked on and interacted with natural ice of this thickness and size.
The lake, which is frozen over for approximately half of the year due to Cochraneโ€™s sub-arctic climate, is...
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We're proud to announce that our very own Royal family of King Penguins have hatched some cute chicks! And we want your help to name them! Hit the reaction that matches your favourite name and we'll announce the winning name in a couple of weeks. #seaworldaus
Wiggle on down to Penguin Point on your next visit! Clip shared by @hienn.v. #seaworldaus
Happy Valentine's Day from all the love birds at Sea World! #seaworldaus #valentinesday
Did you know; The whitespotted eagle ray is born at approximately 20cm disc width and grows to at least 3.3 m disc width?! Pic shared by @fabioribeiro72. #seaworldaus
Who's ready for SpongeBob's Boating School Blast? Clip shared by @troydevine. #seaworldaus
It's swim time at Penguin Encounter! Stunning pic shared by @sasika_alwis. #seaworldaus
There's no safe place to hide from the water cannons at Castaway Bay. If you can't beat 'em? Drench them! Pic shared by @owen_langton. #seaworldaus
Jump aboard Jet Rescue and help the Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation save a sea lion! Pic shared by @faits_jnr_t_daman. #seaworldaus
Check out one of our trainers checking on Jinx and her stunning calf Dusty. Pic shared by @nigel_hallett_pics. #seaworldaus
Start your week off on a good note with a Churro Ice Cream Sandwich! Pic shared by @wldbskim. #seaworldaus
Dive head first into Shark Bay! Pic shared by @latte4rb. #seaworldaus
Come face to face with the antarctic. Pic shared by @henrykusumacolton. #seaworldaus
Did you know Sea World is home to some of the world's largest sandy bottom lagoon systems? Pic shared by @kodismoleyy. #seaworldaus
The perfect summer treat! What's your go-to theme park indulgence? Pic shared by @sariellis. #seaworldaus