Have you met Egbert yet? Head over to Sea World's Penguin Encounter on your next visit. Pic shared by @tygerdawn. #seaworldesort
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From where you'd rather be. Pic shared by @jafox27. #seaworldesort
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Did you know that polar bears are a threatened species? Sea World's polar bears are ambassadors for their species, as we hope to protect their wild cousins. Pic shared by @becoming_turtley_organised. #seaworldresort
Sea World's glass bottom boat venturing out for another trip across Shark Bay. Pic shared by @stephscoullar. #seaworldresort
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We can't get enough of Sea World's stunning penguin colony at Penguin Encounter. Pic shared by @nexlun. #seaworldresort
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They might not be able to sing, but we love the rays in Sea World's Shark Bay. Pic shared by @jessicaloubracey. #seaworldresort
It's that time of the week again. Delicious pic shared by @fisher8026. #seaworldresort
Who's ready for a holiday? Pic shared by @discoverqueensland. #seaworldresort
Patrick is always happy to see you! Pic shared by @wasim_h_. #seaworldresort
We might be a little biased, but we think Hatsuhana is home to some of the best sashimi and sushi on the coast! #seaworldresort
Nothing beats the feeling of the big splash! Pic shared by @stevjosco. #seaworldresort
Make sure you head over to Seal Harbour at Sea World during your next stay. Pic shared by @naja95. #seaworldresort