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We’re proud of our partnership with HMSHost, and to have been the birthplace of Starbucks® airport operations. We look forward in the future to making Starbucks at Sea-Tac a showcase spot for coffee lovers from around the globe who want to taste that very famous Pacific Northwest brew. ☕
These nice folks in the blue jackets have donated more than 135,000 hours of volunteer hours so far in 2016, helping out travelers. Give our volunteers some love, including volunteer of the year Tom Williamson! Want to be part of our program, give us a shout!!!

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November’s #avgeek gallery is up! Good stuff USA TODAY Travel!


What’s on your wish list this holiday? Via Travel + Leisure, the #avgeek in us loves this LEGO airport terminal!

These Will Be the 10 Most Popular Gifts This Holiday Season

If you’re picking up travelers tonight, think about meeting them at a location away from the airport. Try taking the Link light rail to Angle Lake or Tukwila stations. It’s going to be a busy night.
Thank you KING 5 for highlighting one of our more subtle charms at the airport. Which art display at Sea-Tac is your favorite?

Sea-Tac Airport named one of best for art lovers

Make going through TSA security checkpoints smoother by emptying liquids before you get into line. Look for these liquid drains near security checkpoints. #TravelTip
Via Q13 FOX: “The airport knows how to prep for it,” said Hogrefe. We do indeed. We’re ready for passengers with improvements to help your Thanksgiving travels.

Sea-Tac Airport makes improvements for busy holiday travel week

When you arrive at Sea-Tac, check these monitors for the wait times at each TSA security checkpoint. While a line might look long, it can move rather quickly. Remember, times vary. #TravelTip
Looking for the fastest security checkpoint line? Not sure where you’re gate is? Ask a Pathfinder! We’ve added more customer service “Pathfinders” working more hours through the holidays. #TravelTip
Thanksgiving travelers – tomorrow will be busy. Please consider taking public transit options like Link Light Rail, King County Metro Transit or Sound Transit.
We’ve made enhancements at Sea-Tac to make sure you’re comfy during your holiday travels. There’s new seating with built-in power and USB outlets, including work stations near gate areas. We upgraded our LED lights that are twice as bright and only use half the energy. To help you find your way, we have additional customer service Pathfinders who are working more hours, volunteers and a team...
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When driving to Sea-Tac - think opposite! Dropping off passengers? Try using the arrivals drive. Are you picking up family? Try meeting them at the departures drive. The departures drive is busiest in the morning and the arrivals drive is busiest in the evenings. #TravelTip

Traveler Tip: Think opposite on the drives

The busiest times at TSA security checkpoints typically are between 6-9 a.m., while increased flights during the evening create another busy period between 6-11 p.m. #TravelTip
Thanksgiving travelers - we recommended arriving two hours prior to domestic flights and three hours for international travel to allow time to park, get through airline ticketing/bag drop and security checkpoints. #TravelTip
If you're flying out of Sea-Tac for Thanksgiving, consider some alternatives before driving our way. We’re going to be busy during the holidays. Consider taking public transit options like Link Light Rail, King County Metro Transit or Sound Transit.
We’re upping our customer service game to prepare for your holiday travel plans. We have additional customer service “Pathfinders” working more hours of the day, volunteers to help travelers along with an additional team of college interns, and more traffic control staff to keep the driveways moving.
We’ve made several comfort enhancements at Sea-Tac in time for your Thanksgiving travel including adding new seating with built-in power and USB outlets, and upgrading LED lights that are twice as bright while using half the energy.

New amenities ready at Sea-Tac Airport

Is that cologne you're wearing? Why yes, yes it is...direct flights to the German city begin next year on newly announced airline: Eurowings We're up to 5 new airlines announced in 2016!

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Welcome Eurowings to Sea-Tac