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Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee led by perennial anti-gun Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California made it clear in their opening statements Monday in…

Judiciary Dems Confirm Animosity toward 2A in Gorsuch Hearing

“...Unreasonable Search And Seizure?”
When an innocent young man is murdered in his home after all of the officer’s mistakes, it might not be “clearly illegal,” but it certainly appears that...

COURT RULED: A Cop Can Shoot You In Your Home For Doing Nothing If You’re Holding A Gun

The 1996 Australian gun confiscation program took 600,000 guns away from the citizens of Australia. Seems that wasn’t enough as they’re back for....

Australia Back For More Citizen’s Guns Starting July: New Amnesty Program Announced

Blumenthal — confirmation hearing questions for Judge Gorsuch about gun control, consumer protection and abortion.

Anti-Gunners Fearful Of Gorsuch On Gun Rights

Gun control proponents were just handed a setback by Politifact via newspapers in Tampa Bay and Miami, Florida and it cuts right to the heart of their arguments for…

Politifact: New Data Refutes Old 40% Background Check Claim

Something Is Definitely Amiss In Seattle . . . Again.

What Is Seattle Hiding About Gun, Ammunition Tax?

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, who survived a 2011 assassination attempt in Tucson and left Congress to form, with her husband, a…

Giffords Again Gabbing About Guns, Announces ‘New Coalition’

Controversy Erupts As Veteran’s Second Amendment Rights Are Upheld...

BREAKING: House Votes To Stop VA From Placing Veterans On No-Gun Lists

Happy St.Patrick's Day from Charlie Cook and the Second Amendment Foundation!
Stoned Playing Russian Roulette? Or "The Gun Just Fell?"

Pot, A Handgun and Two Teens: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Do you think states should limit which model of handgun you can have? These are the oral arguments against the handgun roster in California. We want to hear from you!

15-15449 Ivan Pena v. Stephen Lindley

Plaintiffs, individuals and organizations promoting the right to bear arms, appeal from a summary judgment in a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 action challenging the ...

SAF was in San Francisco today for oral arguments in our Pena case. Here are Alan Gottlieb and Alan Gura with some more information. Like and share to #Make2AGreatAgain
Too bad they won't think before they open their mouths . . . or after!

Antis Overboard Again in Newest Huff About Silencers

Some Americans think it’s a good idea to invite more unvetted refugees into their country . . . until they find something like this.

WARNING: 10,000 Weapon Terrorist Arsenal Seized

U.S. News and World Report promoting more gun laws and fewer firearms alleges that “the daily toll of gun violence is no less…

Does CDC Data Support Another Backhand Slap at Firearms?

While Americans Are Fighting For Their Second Amendment Rights… US troops fighting to liberate Mosul found a revealing ISIS textbook at an orphanage titled…

‘G’ Is For GUN: US Troops Find ISIS Textbooks Used To Brainwash Children

There’s a new wind blowing in the Windy City as law-abiding Chicagoans are reportedly arming up because they are…

Chicago Citizens Arming Up Against Crime as Murders Continue