Second Cup
03/21/2017 at 11:21. Facebook
maple + walnuts + more maple =

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Second Cup
03/20/2017 at 11:47. Facebook
It's our little secret.
Ask your barista for the secret Maple Flat White

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Second Cup
03/17/2017 at 18:13. Facebook
Sip me, I'm Irish!

#BetterForYou #GreenMangoBoost

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Our #ReCrafted Maple Latte is now made with real maple from the Bernard family farm in Quebec!

#MapleLatte #Canada150 #CanadaSecondtoNone

We're celebrating our Canadian pride with our new cup! Designed by Canadian artist John Coburn it reflects Second Cup communities from coast-to-coast by profiling 13 iconic Canadian landmarks and valued traditions including skating on the Rideau canal, RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina, Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Cape Spear Lighthouse in...
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Filled with 11g of protein, our new Green Mango Boost smoothie is the perfect post-gym treat!

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Sample a smoothie TODAY! If you haven't tried one of our delicious new #BetterForYou #Smoothies yet, today is the day!

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*Sample size is 2oz.
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Smile, there's coffee.

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11g of protein and a little latte love to kickstart your Friday morning!
It's a #FlatWhite kind of day ☕
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The perfect morning pick-me-up! Made with a fresh whole banana, yogurt and an added boost of flax seeds. #StrawberryBananaGlow #BetterForYou

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We ❤U!

The cutest Valentine's Day sugar cookies are available at your local café

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Cold winter nights call for warm winter drinks! ☃

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It's Second Cup National Sampling Day! Visit your local café today and sample our new #BetterForYou #Smoothies!
Sunday mornings are for #breakfast in bed ????☕

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ReEnergize your mornings with our new Egg White, Kale & Feta breakfast wrap!

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Change up your morning routine with our new Overnight oats! Members get +50 points between Jan 31 - Feb 4 on any #BetterForYou item. #Mango #Strawberry
The tragic event in the city of Québec is difficult for all of us from coast-to-coast. We offer our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences to everyone who is affected by this tragedy. Our diverse community is what makes us so proud, inclusive of all and connected. In this difficult time, we encourage sympathy, empathy and courage as we come together as a community, city and country. As our...
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