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Are you looking for a salary increase but aren't prepared to leave your current job? Here's how to have both: [ Link ]

How to increase your salary without leaving your job | SEEK Learning
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Absol…er, we mean, yes.
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Ain't no body got time for that.
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Always liked the idea of a 30 second commute? Here's 5 roles with plenty of work-from-home scope to consider: [ Link ]

5 of the best work-from-home roles | SEEK Learning
Don't be afraid to succeed.
It'll come in handy… one day.
Find out why over half of Australian workers say they want to change industries: [ Link ]

Changing Industries: Where You're Going and Why | SEEK Learning
Just sayin', nobody knows your moves but you.
If you took a break for some "me time" in 2016, you have exciting adventures ahead in 2017!

How to use your gap year to benefit your career | SEEK Learning
Gotta believe it to achieve it.
Buckle up!
2017 is your year. We're watching and cheering you on!
Taking an extended break from work can often mean being confronted with difficult questions from co-workers. Here's some tips to help with this tricky conversation:

How to explain your break from work | SEEK Learning
Today you are you, nothing is more true.
Thinking about making a career change? Here's what you need to do.

How to change careers in the New Year | SEEK Learning
Today, we regret nothing. Merry Christmas!
You might not be actively job-seeking, but it's still important to keep your resume up to date while you're employed. Not sure what it needs? Check out these tips:

How to refresh your resume while you're still employed | SEEK Learning
And here we were thinking it would be tricky... ;)