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If you're thinking about making a career move but are worried it's too late, think again! Here's some tips on how to change careers at any age: [ Link ]

Changing careers at any age | SEEK Learning
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It helps us think better, right?
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Whether it's your first day as a manager in a new company or you've recently been promoted, here's some tips to help you build confidence in a managerial role: [ Link ]

I’m a manager… Now what? | SEEK Learning
It pays to consider your lifestyle when thinking about education. Read on to find out what course you're best suited to: [ Link ]

Choosing the right course for your lifestyle | SEEK Learning
Friday goals.
How is your state trending against others in 2017? We reveal all.

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Some of the best things happen when you least expect it.
Take a look at how your state is trending against the others in 2017

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You have to believe it to achieve it.
Interested in where the major job growth is this year? Take a look at our highlights from the top 20 fastest growing roles, state by state:

Hot jobs - what's on the rise for 2017 | SEEK Learning
Time to rock 'n' roll, Learners
Fly high.
Miracles do happen!
Always wanted to be your own boss but unsure if you have what it takes? Here's 6 essential qualities you'll need: [ Link ]

6 essential qualities you’ll need to be your own boss | SEEK Learning
Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button.
It's logic.
There's a few key changes that you can make to give your career a boost. These 7 are a must: [ Link ]

7 ways to optimise your career | SEEK Learning