Sanctuary cities are flat out dangerous and illegal, and they pose a huge risk to our communities and national security. That’s why I’ve been fighting to end sanctuary city policies since 2007. Here's how I think President-elect Trump can put an end to them.

How Donald Trump Can Put an End to Sanctuary Cities
President-elect Donald Trump and I agree that electing conservative John Kennedy to the U.S. Senate is good for Louisiana. John Kennedy is pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and there’s a big event in Baton Rouge tomorrow with President-elect Trump to rally voters & make sure John Kennedy wins on Saturday. You can RSVP here: [ Link ]

"Get Out The Vote" Rally with President-Elect Donald J. Trump | Baton Rouge, LA
Throwback Thursday to our 2011 office gumbo cook-off. I have enjoyed sharing Louisiana’s rich and unique culture with my colleagues on Capitol Hill.
Big win for Louisiana families & businesses who rely on this important staple of our economy and our way of life. Glad to see the laughable assault on our crawfish industry end. I don’t know about you, but I’m already looking forward to my next crawfish boil.

Vitter Successfully Stops Attacks on Louisiana Crawfish Industry
On this day, we remember, honor and salute those who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor, as well as the American heroes who took immediate action saving thousands of lives on the date which will live in infamy.
Anyone who knows anything about Louisiana is familiar with the importance of crawfish in our culture, cuisine and state economy. That's why the current petition to shut down Louisiana’s crawfish industry is laughable and all attempts to do so must cease immediately.
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Proposed regulation could hurt La. crawfish industry
Tomorrow is the last day to vote early. Go vote first and then join me, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and lots of others tomorrow at an 11:00 am rally for John Kennedy. We need to elect pro-life, pro-2nd amendment conservative John Kennedy to help President-elect Trump drain the swamp. RSVP for Saturday's Get Out The Vote Rally with Vice President-elect Pence here: [ Link ]
Serving my fellow Louisianians has been the highest honor of my career, and together we’ve been able to secure real reforms to bolster our nation’s energy industry, restore our vulnerable coastline, shore up our national security efforts, and so much more. It sure has been an honor to serve you, and Wendy, the kids and I thank you for the opportunity.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell bids fond farewell to outgoing U.S. Sen. David Vitter
We still have very important races underway in Louisiana, and it’s key to elect a strong conservative leader to make sure Washington gets a good dose of Louisiana common sense. Here’s a great op-ed written by Senator Bill Cassidy on why John Kennedy is the only choice conservatives can trust:

In Louisiana Senate race, John Kennedy is the only candidate conservatives can trust
We still have major elections coming up in Louisiana, and we need your help to make sure Louisiana's conservative voice in heard in Washington. I encourage my fellow Louisianians to get involved and volunteer so that we elect strong, conservative leadership for Louisiana. Most of all it’s important to get out and vote. Early voting ends 12/3, and you can find your parish’s voting information at .

Louisiana Secretary of State
Small businesses sure are a big part of our economy and vital to growth in our communities. Show them your support by "shopping small" today on Small Business Saturday.
#FollowFriday: My friend and colleague - Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy. It’s certainly been an honor to serve my fellow Louisianians with him in the U.S. Senate, and I look forward to seeing his continued work in fighting for commonsense Louisiana ideas in Washington.
From New Orleans to Shreveport, Louisiana is a growing hub for real innovation and entrepreneurship, and an excellent place to launch and grow new ventures. With continued investment into startup resources, Louisiana’s certainly set for a bright future in our 21st century economy.

Louisiana startup hubs get nearly $1 million in federal grants
There is absolutely no reason that any U.S. city should be allowed to ignore our nation’s immigration laws and provide a safe harbor for illegal immigrants. We need to send a loud and clear message to any sanctuary cities that their dangerous policies are not acceptable. We can do that by stop sending federal taxpayer dollars, so hopefully they get a clue.

Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration leaves a lot unanswered for sanctuary cities like L.A.
Today's the last day to register with FEMA for disaster assistance if you were impacted by August flooding. You can apply at or by calling the FEMA disaster assistance hotline at 1-800-621-3362.

Deadline for flood victims to register with FEMA Nov. 14
Congratulations to my brother Jeff on his official investiture as Ole Miss Chancellor. Very proud.
Congratulations to Donald Trump on his impressive win to become our next President.
This is an important election. Make sure to get out and #GeauxVote!
Clinton Foundation didn't disclose a $1,000,000 “birthday gift” from the government of Qatar to Bill Clinton, a direct violation of a 2009 ethics agreement Hillary Clinton signed to be nominated for Secretary of State, and testimony she gave before Congress. She has shown she has no regard for the security of our classified information and this shows she can’t even follow simple ethics rules...
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Clinton Foundation admits it didn't notify State Department of $1 million Qatar gift
Obama is encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. Louisianians won’t stand for this! To vote, you must be registered, to register you must be a U.S. citizen. Period. [ Link ]